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T H E   C O N S P I R A C Y   O F   O R C S








Mr Rauno Mokka, the former chairman of Finnish ice-hockey club Rauman Lukko, has influenced in the Rauma region for centuries. He told me that life before electricity was nicer. I think he was bullshitting me. He should live in this time without electricity if it is so nice.

Rauno Mokka is not a human. He is hundreds, if not thousands, of years old satanic creature, who just seemingly appears to be a human. He represents an evil species that travels from planet to planet exploiting their inhabitants.

I call these creatures orcs, for many of them share the appearance of evil orcs in J.R.R. Tolkien's famous fantasy novel Lord of The Rings, and the Peter Jackson's movie trilogy of this novel.

Orcs are everywhere on Earth. They have infiltrated into all countries, cultures, and societies. They have leverage among the bourgeoisie as much as within hippies and the working class. They are a huge conspiracy and still growing.

Where do they come from? How? And why?

They are from all around the galaxy, traveling by means unknown to me. Perhaps they are on Earth because living in here is easy for them. Humans are a subdued life form and the status quo seems to embrace passiveness regarding the biggest problem of humanity, satanism. There is a lot of debate in the mainstream media about climate change and globalism, but no-one dares to discuss satanism or orcs.

The lack of coverage on orcs is understandable. For an ordinary citizen of any country, the whole thing does not exist. Satanism, known in the colloquial as the Club, is a different thing. There are sources of information and signs are clear, but the mass media never discusses the Club. It is a taboo. One eye signs and triangles are everywhere, but no one ever asks what they mean?





The appearance of different orcs varies hugely. Most orcs are ugly and some even totally disgusting or just disturbing. That said, many orcs do not resemble LOTR – orcs at all. Some look like Mystique from X-men comics and movies. Some look like Teletubbies or Kung Fu Panda. Some look like Cthulhu, the ancient godly creature created by writer H.P. Lovecraft. Orcs of this kind are significantly competent. The same goes to the like which resembles an owl. A bird of prey known to be a satanic symbol.

Examples mentioned above are just a scratch on the surface. There are numerous kinds of types, from clowns body painted in multicolor, to creepy fang-mouthed monsters. There are bird-faces and dog-faces. There is also the kind portrayed in Stephen King's The Library Policeman: A creature with an elongated snout, resembling an anteater or an elephant.

It is unclear to me, how age affects on their health? At what point of a life span of some 200 000 years they begin to get old? However, it can be concluded that older the orc, the uglier he looks like. Many of them remind you more of a zombie – a living dead. Supposedly orcs' face starts to come down in some ten thousand years.

So their kind varies a lot. Can we talk about a species, is a good question? Lacking better terminology and specific knowledge, I discuss them as one species.

This species is portrayed roughly in John Carpenter's film They Live. Samuel O'Neill told me that because of its sensitive subject matter this kind of movie would never have been made in big budget. As a b-movie, it flew under the radar of Illuminati-level satanists and those influential Hollywood orcs that happened to call the shots at that time, in the late 1980s.

When the film was in distribution, it was too late to censor it. Had it been banned, cut or drawn from the market, it would have become a sought after piece. Now it is merely a curiosity, albeit an entertaining and watchable movie.

There are many issues of the orc-phenomenon that are not tackled in They Live. One is bodysnatching. Representers of orc-species hijack a human body, suppress the human soul in it, and use it as a shell. Their whole existence is based on this modus operandi. Without bodysnatching they are just ghosts in etheric form, invisible to those who cannot vibrate in higher frequencies. That means most of us people, who are poisoned with sodium fluoride, aluminum and other substances. People's pineal gland, the third eye, has been calcified and suffocated. Thus we cannot vibrate or perceive vibration beyond what is considered normal in the world of today.

Many times an orc seeks for a person, a shell, who is presentable and of wealthy background. But only the strongest and most capable orcs can keep the best shells. Among orcs there is a hierarchy that sets the weaker individuals looking for their shells from people more ordinary and common. Orcs fight one another.

Orcs have a network, but there are millions of them on Earth and they are from all around the galaxy. They don't know each other. When an orc calls someone on the phone he might ask “are you still you”? By this he means, is the person still the original human? Or is there an orc controlling the body?

Orcs live as the person they hijack. They adapt to the role of the person, leading it to directions they wish to. Still, very often they are incapable or perhaps just too bored to strive and are forced to settle for a mediocre life. Life bores them and makes them indifferent. They are not busy to succeed in life since they keep moving on for centuries and millenniums to come. When the human body they snatched dies or turns out unwanted they leave it and find a new one. Perhaps in the same family or town, perhaps somewhere else.

Usually orcs don't want to live human childhood. Still, many of them enjoy teenage years; faking the angst and mingling with other teenagers. A nice role for some orc to play. Still most of them skip the first 20 years of human life and hijack someone starting his/her twenties. After the last shell has died, the orc has been hovering around in a ghost form looking for the next target. Finding one, the orc follows it and waits for the right moment to attack. Orcs are hunters.

It would be concluded that orcs stay long periods in the same region, once they have settled in. On the other hand, they are known to seek for their kind and move to big cities. They can be found all around the world. Also in the poorest countries, where life is more simple and possibilities different. For some orcs paucity or basic rural life is more attractive than the procedures of modern urbanism. Some like it strict and snatch their shells among deeply religious people.

In general it can be assumed that orcs would avoid publicity and fame. Perhaps this is why many rich and powerful people want to attain a celebrity status. That is the only way to prevent from being snatched and – in practice – death. Then again, I have heard that many famous people are orcs. That actually most of the superstars in the entertainment business would be non-human. I leave this open and correct my arguments later, after obtaining more information on the matter.

More familiar than a star figure, is the concept of an orc as a king's or other ruler's advisor. A grey eminence lurking in the shadows, whispering to the ruler's ear; pulling the strings behind the scenes.





According to late American businessman Samuel O'Neill, depending on what planet an orc has previously lived, it takes approximately the time of a few human lives to adapt to the culture of planet earth. It is distressing to change the planet, basically from world to another, because customs and conventions differ in so many ways.

Many orcs who arrived on Earth didn't necessarily want to come here. They were probably deployed. For someone who has been around and knows for better, Earth is not the best place in the world. It is small for a planet and that way unpleasant in the long run. Culture on Earth is belligerent. Climate in most areas harsh. It goes without saying that on a bigger planet it is a lot easier to escape your past and problems. Orcs' existence is based on exploitation of others. A bigger planet offers more interesting opportunities for that. Also, on Earth the circles are small. Under the command of satanic extra terrestrial beings like reptilians, the power is in the hands of a few thousand people and most of the VIP's of the satanic system know each other. Many of these people seem quite ordinary. Although financially well off, not necessarily counted among the rich. They might appear benevolent and jovial figures. Hard boiled satanists each one of them.

The very leading figures of the elite take orders from reptilians; satanic, bipedal, multi-dimensional lizards, who control the people of the world by these proxies. These high elites have partially the DNA of reptilians. They are middlemen. To keep things organized, reptilians allow them to transmigrate into new bodies after they die. This goes on until they fail. They can remember their past lives but are narrow-minded. Their thinking is limited with pre-programming and therefore they are incapable of creativity. Their purpose is to stay loyal to reptilians. Thus they are stripped from humanity. Many of them are human only on the surface.

These people form the so-called Illuminati. Their command centre has been taking new stands, moving westbound around the globe. For two thousand years Europeans were in charge. Egyptians and Middle-Easterners before that. At the moment Anglo-American Zionist Jews and their lackeys have the power. In the future it will be in the hands of Chinese and then Indians. Or maybe Russians.

Not only are the leading figures of Earth satanic. Satanism; the Club, is abound with people of all ranks. Its pervasive presence permeates through all walks of life. The Club is everywhere. It seems inevitable that satanism is going to grow to a point, where eventually the vast majority of people on Earth are members of the Club. Others are suffering, yet still capable of escaping the satanic vicious circle and reincarnating somewhere else. As something else than a human.

However, this is only one reality. One timeline. The third dimension where most of the humans live is by far satanic. Due to mass poisoning we cannot see past this timeline into other dimensions where time traveling is possible. We are dumbed-down and thus blind to many aspects of life.

One way to escape this mind prison is to purify one's body and mind. To watch out what to eat and drink. Slowly arise to higher frequencies by meditation and self-discipline. That is not an easy task, not least because of the massive poisoning–project lead by satanic orcs and fellow human satanists alike. Of the poisoning I discuss later in this text.

Are other worlds and planets as satanic as Earth? I hope not. But I believe everywhere there must be some kind of balance between different forces. Light without darkness is possible, but shadows aren't.

Customs on other planets could be very different to the ones on Earth. Good manners are not necessarily universal. What is considered acceptable can differ in many ways. Architecture is everywhere compromising between visuality and practicality, but what if the materials and techniques are from another planet? Languages are possibly learnable everywhere, but are they for everyone? You can maybe teach Chinese to a dolphin, but does it serve any purpose? On many planets communicating would be mainly telepathic. Talking considered boorish. If you can't express yourself by singing, say nothing at all.

Many orcs would like to get away from the Earth. They feel there are already too many of them here. In big cities, every fifth person might be an orc or some other malevolent alien. Someone should drive them away. By themselves they won't leave. Why so? Perhaps it is just too easy to stay here. From where did orcs arrive on earth? That is a good question. Neither do I know about the means of their arrivals. I guess they are space travellers.






When an orc takes over a human, it becomes that person. To manage in the new role, it uses the original inhabitant of the body in every way possible. The orc directs and programs the suppressed human to operate functions orc itself cannot yet master. For example, to speak a language that the shell human can speak but the orc can't. Most of the things a human does, an orc can learn within time. It learns the shell's language inherently and quickly. It is not necessarily easy to adopt new languages and professions, but an orc's psyche endures. An orc sees new shell as a challenge. Also, an orc doesn't care much about anything in the end. If he fails in something, there will be new chances. Life goes on. And on.

One might think, wouldn't it be easier for an orc to use all the knowledge gathered through the times? It would prosper. But during the millenniums an orc has learned that it is better to become what you are at the given moment. In earlier lives an orc might have brought its own characteristics over the suppressed shells. It has learned it does not pay off. It does not sustain. Multiple personality is a headache. One has to forget about the old personalities. That way life is easier.

The whole thing of becoming and living as someone else is distressing for orcs. Their human lives are nothing but a role play. An orc cannot carry the past lives along into the current one. That would be even more distressing. One would "lose himself". That would also make people around the orc suspicious. That is why an orc must cast aside the old knowledge, skills, and habits, when slipping into a new body and a new role.

Orcs are also frustrated because of the huge gap between the truth and what is considered to be true. The laws of physics, politics, natural history, war history, biology, geography, medicine... Almost everything people know is wrong. People have been lied about everything. An orc knows how things really are but is unable to use that data, because it doesn't go along with what is the current human reality.

So in the human body there are now two inhabitants of which the original (human) one orc subdues controlling the body on whole. Even the process is mentally painful for the human, it is also difficult for the orc. Depending on the case. Some people give up more easily than others. Some never give up and refuse to bend no matter what. In these cases orc has three options:  1) To totally destroys the shell human's psyche.  2) To give up and leave.  3) To work on a 50/50 agreement with the shell human.

One of the advantages an orc has is the element of surprise. Poor human never realizes what happened before it is too late. Generally speaking a drunkard is very easy to take over. Or someone mentally weak, indifferent, or depressed. Whoever the victim was, an orc has to work hard to keep him/her under the command. Even a weak coward has his day. That is why an ordinary orc does not change shell without a very good reason. Then again, some particular orc might do that as well. After all, succeeding in life is also a question of orc's own capabilities and desires. Still, a powerful and ambitious orc seeks the prerequisite for a satisfying existence - an enabling shell.

Hijacking a human body, an orc also adopts the personality. Orcs own mind halves with the snatched human mind, controlling it as much as necessary. An orc programs or manipulates human to perform in a way that is desired when operating in situations where the hijacked human's language or other skills are needed.

All orcs are satanic. Their whole existence is based on satanism. I don't know if it is easier for them to hijack a layman than a satanist. By a layman I mean someone who is not a satanist. Not involved, not in the Club. Problems with a layman shell are obvious. An orc has to feign ignorance and submit. Getting ahead careerwise is difficult. Life as a layman is inadequate for almost any orc.

Let's not forget that most of the satanists don't really consider themselves as satanists but just part of the Club. They deny the facts of the matter, either from others or also from themselves. Satanists who have not practiced black magic or casting spells, are different kind of victims for an orc than the ones who have. Still, an orc is an orc, and in most cases stronger than a human. But even though an orc possesses special skills beyond human reach, it is not necessarily clever at all.

Hijacking a human body, the orc has to accept the original inhabitant as part of his personality. It comes from within. Even it subdues the human, it cannot kill him. Without the original, the other half, commanding the human body becomes heavy. Big part of orcs' endless euphoria is based on the fact that human does all the hard laboring. The orc can participate but can also just command. Human half of the body is there to execute what the orc wants. When the body is ill, it is the human half that is suffering. When there is a long and uncomfortable sitting on a plane or a bus, it is the human half that does it. The orc puts the body on autopilot and could hover somewhere in the proximity. Due to their satanic nature, orcs enjoy to torture. They get the body raped, but jump off and just watch the occasion. It is the human who gets raped or beaten. Not the orc. Whatever morality orc perhaps once had, has vanished away along the centuries and millenniums. To subdue a human means victory and satisfaction for the orc.

Even a human is subdued, he might still fight back. Sometimes a hijacked human just doesn't surrender. When ever there is a chance, he tries to kick the orc out of the body. Also, many orcs don't want to totally suffocate a human. They take off every once in while and let the human control the body by himself. What would he do? Who would he tell? It can also be part of the torture to let the human have a taste of freedom and then suffocate him again. Keeping the human half strong, orc might be able to take things easier. Or it could be that some orcs are simply too weak to subdue a strong human, who in turn is not strong enough to gain freedom. Some orcs twitch frantically while sleeping. It is the human there that is fighting for his existence.

As mentioned above, an orc can easily arise out of the human body and hover in its etheric mode. It can then be seen by those humans who already see it in its shell mode. An orc can live as a ghost infinitely but finds it tedious. It must have a shell. As a ghost, orc feeds on sucking life power out of people and animals.

There are many possible reasons for an orc to abandon the captured human body. For example, if the body becomes disabled or is ruined. Or if some competent human who can detect orcs comes to the circles near the orc. There are lots of people who are capable to fight and manipulate orcs. 

The life of orcs is much helped and enabled by the ignorance of people. Even if an orc would give something away it doesn't make any difference. For people don't have a clue of what is going on. If someone has, others won't believe him. Even when a hijacked human can hold on to his body, he is only labeled as a lunatic when yelling in public about being snatched by an alien. Even when human can hold on to his sanity he appears crazy to others. People wouldn't take him seriously. And even if the orc would leave his body to himself the whole thing would remain heavy to fathom. His memory would most likely be wiped, although the body might remember. Going through what happened would be distressing in any case.

This is the thing that is easiest to change by spreading knowledge about orcs. About the whole phenomenon that is also satanic and part of that world too. Most of the laymen don't even know what The Club is, let alone know about orcs. It is about time to change that. The problem is, could it be possible to get human satanists take part in the battle against orcs?

Satanism is a pyramid shaped power structure. Negative energy is sucked upwards by tormenting the entities of lower levels. All the power is based on depriving ones below you. The people who have the means to fight against orcs are the ones who don't need to. They manage without. They just let someone else suffer.

It is also about time to cast light on the upper parts of the pyramid. The distribution of information is needed so that people would realize how serious the situation really is. Or at least, how it really is. Humans need to team up against the nation of orcs.

I don't know how often orcs couple with other orcs, and how often they let their spouses remain human? There are benefits in both arrangements. Marriage between two orcs is a powerhouse on its own. Among humans an orc couple manages easily, the circumstances being whatsoever. With a human, an orc can dominate the relationship and also suck the needed energy out of the partner. Yes, orcs can suck energy off a human and also release it when wanted. I will discuss about this side of orcs later in the text.

Further, it is uncertain whether two orcs in love – or whatever they would call it – would be monogamous through the times? I doubt it. In satanism there are unions but in the end everyone is on his own. Even within a family. One's survival is paid in the blood of someone else.

It could be imagined that two orcs are looking for a beautiful, successful, and childless human couple to snatch. Even it is possible to create success from self-made basis, why bother if there are attainable units available? In most of the countries on Earth rich people have subjugated the poor. Being poor means being without means for success: Education, capital, and connections. It is clear that among orcs there is an ongoing battle for the place in the sun. Of rich and beautiful people there is a tough contest. Still, let's not forget that all of these riches are satanists. It is unknown to me, if a satanist of higher level is capable to prevent from being hijacked by an orc? Not by nature but by an agreement supervised by some inter-dimensional alien demon.

Anyway, hijacked human body should most likely somehow appeal to the orc. After all, it can be a commitment of "a lifetime”. Often orcs are seeking youngsters who have the adulthood ahead but teenage years behind. As discussed beforehand, this is not always the case. Some orcs like the teenage years. If not in practice, in theory anyway. They might end up being reclusive teenagers. Loners who cannot stand the company of other comrades in age.

Even though nice looking people are appreciated as shells, many orcs have learned to value other sides of life within the millenniums. Life as a modest looking person is more careless. Nobody stares at you or presses on you. There is no jealous slandering. This goes especially with women. Many orcs have lived as both, a man and a woman. Many think life is nicer as a woman. Sensations more delicate and little pleasures of life wonderful. Life as a boy is tough. As a man it is rough. Then again, half of the orcs are males. That is how nature has worked it out.

Do orcs have to follow a certain satanic protocol when living as humans? Do they have a leader? Whose idea is their existence? Who do they benefit? The benevolent extra terrestrials could do something to expel them from the Earth, but seem not to care. Why not?

These are big questions. I do not have any answers. I can only say that from what I know, the whole human life is nothing but a play. A comedy. It's all just a show. Reality TV for beings outside the human understanding. But there is a saying: As above, so below. The whole existence is in the form of figure eight. We are all one. Microcosmos inside someone's mind. Still, every thought has a weight. Strong ideas make a mark. Every deed goes around and comes back at you.



A lot of the information I have about orcs I got from late American businessmen Samuel O'Neill and his nephew Chris O'Neill. This was during the latter part of the year 2010 when these high class satanists tried to get me involved and to join the Club. To become a satanist.

I did join the Club for a while. I never wanted to, but they gave me no choice. Then a miracle occurred and I got out of it. I didn't become religious, though. Although maybe I should have. Difficult to say, knowing that the Christian Church is full of satanism. Still, orcs don't like crosses and churches, so there is something there.

In general, among people doing something else than manual or menial labour, satanism is very common. Why? I do not know. I guess – I haven't read – but heard that the Bible says: In the end most of the people carry the mark of the beast. It could mean a chip but more likely is that prophecy means: Most of the people are doomed to be satanists. Well, there is of course death and that would be a final relief. I doubt it. Being human, doesn't really matter in the end whether you are or are not in the Club. What really means is what you have done? And when you are in the Club, it is just too easy to torture someone who is not in it.

When explaining to me about orcs, Samuel O'Neill frequently used the word “cocoon”. With that he meant some kind of a pod orcs use for resting between their human lives. Where could these pods be located at? Where are the numerous orcs of the city of Rauma spending their in-between times? And if they can hover around as ghosts, why would they need pods in the first place?

Interesting question is also their way to reproduce. What is their embryology like? Are they mammals? How does one orc born? Sofia Coppola told me about kid-orcs that make her shiver. The idea of her own kids in the same daycare with these little monsters was awful for her. No wonder why. In Star Wars part I: Phantom Menace, there is a scene where young Anakin Skywalker is playing with little creatures, them being kids as well. According to Sofia Coppola, this scene portrays what some orc kids look like. Of course there are countless types of orcs, but it gives a picture. Not a pretty sight.

Orcs biology is interesting since from human point of view they are nothing but ghosts without someone to snatch. An orc can – and some do – as might as well hijack a body of an animal but orcs probably consider this filthy. Interesting experience still. To live as an eagle for a day or two. Whatever orc snatches it becomes. An orc living as a human female gives birth to a normal human baby. But how do orcs get born?






My body was hijacked by an orc in Carlisle, England.

It all started in February 2002 on a trip to London. For some reason I reached 20/20 sight. It could have been a concussion as a result of tripping. I do not remember. But suddenly I was able to spot the orcs and London is full them. I just didn't know what it was all about. I went to ask a group of people in the street, why do are they all wearing colorful masks?

"Is there a common masquerade or carnival in London today, as so many people are wearing masks?” I asked.

In fact, there seemed to be more people masked than unmasked. Also, some people were wearing incredible outfits. Among other things, Marshmallow Man - or maybe it was a Michelin man – passed me in the street.

The group laughed in surprise.

What do you mean masks?” one of them asked me. 

I soon left and I noticed one of them following me. I tried to hide in a nearby pub. Soon he appeared beside me at the bar and started to chat. At some point, he asked if I could still see the masks? I didn't. I started to get a little drunk, too, and the whole thing did not bother me anymore. The man left. Pretty soon another man came to sit next to me and started to talk to me. We compared our life stories. He obviously found out more about me than I did about him.


Carlisle, March 2002. A late weeknight at an almost empty pub, the Beehive, on Warwick Road. I was sitting at the bar alone. Suddenly the same man shows up and sits next to me.

Hi! Remember me?” he asked.

Almost immediately I did. He had an evil grin on his face.

“What a coincidence,” I said.

We started to talk, but I had a weird feeling about him. Before too long I asked, if it really was a coincidence that he bumped into me here?

“Well, not really,” he said.

Now I was intimidated. This guy was chasing me. I told him to go fuck himself. He left the pub. After the beer I walked outside. It was dark. Clock around 10 pm. I lit a cigarette and thought about leaving for home. I took just few steps when I noticed the same guy in a car across the street, Warwick Road. Couldn't miss that grin. He turned on the motor. I stopped. It was less than a mile from my place, but I decided to go back to the pub.

The place was closing soon, but I still had almost an hour. I thought that I spend it there having few beers, waiting for the menacing guy to get tired and leave. After one beer I looked outside. I couldn't see him or his car, although that didn't really mean anything. I went outside. There he was. He had parked his car in a new spot, some 20 meters up the street. At first he didn't see me. I was tanked up and angry. I hollered at him:

“Hey! You cunt! What do you want from me? You a rapist?”

He glanced at me but didn't react. He had heard me, though.

In a house located diagonally behind the guy's vehicle, someone opened the first floor window and shouted back at me:

“Who the fuck you're yelling at, kid?”

“That guy in the car. He is waiting there to rape me. He followed me from London.”

The local resident was quiet for a while. Soon he came out and walked to the car of the persecutor. I didn't hear what they were talking but the local guy went back into his house shrugging at me. He slammed the door behind him. I yelled some insults again at the guy in the car. Another window opened in the same house across the street. Now it was a woman who yelled at me.

“What is your problem? Shut up!”

The guy in the car didn't seem to mind. He was shaking his head, keeping his eyes on whatever he was supposedly reading. Suddenly I spurted. But I only got some 30 meters when the guy was next to me with his car. He was fast and ready. I took a quick turn and ran back to the pub. There was still some time. I cooled my nerves with an ice-cold froth cap. A friend had warned me years earlier that in Britain people drink warm beer but that was something I personally never had to experience. This persevering persecutor from London, however, was a case to solve.

When I got to the end of the beer, it was almost midnight, closing time. I explained my situation to the pub landlord and asked if I could leave the place from the back?

“No problem,” he said. “But you have to leave now.”

So I left. Backstreet was dark. I knew the town well enough to take a detour back to my place. After I had walked some 50 meters I looked behind. Damn! There he was, at the corner of Warwick Road. Now on foot. I sprang running. But boy was he fast. In less than 10 seconds he reached me. He ran beside and looked at me grinning. Then he just moved on to me; over my body, and for a moment I lost it.

I thought I was in a dream. It was so unreal. I felt like a passenger in my own body. I had been hijacked. I could only watch what was happening as I walked into a bar at Botchergate, a street on the other side of the small Carlisle city centre. Into the bar I walked, well, he walked, and into the toilet to check out his new genitalia. He took a leak. Inspected the package. In a frustrated fit of anger he tried to stretch the dick.

”What the...”

Too bad. It is what it is. It was only later he found out that my dick is a grower, not a shower. Weeks earlier in London, in the pub toilet, he had tricked me and asked me about my dick and I had said that I have a big dick. Well, it didn't look big now.

Same night he got into a fight with some local guys. They didn't like something I had said on some other night and wanted to kick my ass. It was a room at the back of an empty nightclub. There were three of them but it was a piece of cake for the orc in my body. I could only watch while he beat them up in a quick and firm manner. I got some hits too. And even I could not control my body, I could still feel the pain. These guys were familiar to the keeper of the place. As he turned up in the room and saw what had happened, he asked me to leave before he would call the police.

The next days were quite a nightmare as I occasionally awoke from the slumber and tried to move but there was no way to control the body. I could try though. I felt like Frodo in the cobweb of Shelob. A physical and mental straitjacket. If I really concentrated I could move my hand a few millimeters but that was it. Most of the time I could not talk. The voice didn't come. Nevertheless, I remember three incidents where I was able to make noise. Once at a takeaway restaurant I started to yell and shout like a lunatic. Same happened once in the street. Third time occurred as I was walking down the Warwick Road, or being along anyway, and happened to bump into two Finnish fellow students in Carlisle, Jan and Björn-Axel. The orc couldn't speak Finnish so he had somehow programmed me to do the talking when necessary. Now his programming failed, as I realized I could actually say what I wanted to. I started to rant about how I needed help. That I couldn't control my own body and so on. Jan and Björn-Axel rolled their eyes, smirking at me.

“Jeez Ville, you smoke too much pot,” Björn-Axel said.

“Way too much,” Jan added.

When an orc hijacks a human, it occupies also his mind. The victim can't think straight. The orc is controlling his brains and nervous system, forcing the victim to think and function as the orc wants. But the orc must really concentrate on the process to keep the human subdued yet active. Human must support the orc in what the orc wants to do with the body. It is only a thoroughly subjugated human that enables the orc to live with ease. 

My reputation in Carlisle seemed to be quite bad, since the orc had to fight another time against some locals, and defend himself also in the art college circles. One Finnish satanist – an old man from Helsinki – had already cursed me few years earlier, and made me his primary target. Whatever I tried to do, he wanted to annihilate. He paid people money – still does – to taunt me and haunt me. I didn't know it back then, for I didn't even know about the Club itself. I didn't know how common thing satanism is. Anyone who's something here on Earth; most of them are satanists.

Pretty soon after school had started in September 2001, the teachers had tried to pull me into the Club. Same thing I heard from some of the students:

“Just join in.”

There was a choice and it was mine to make. One girl said that the Club means actually satanism. That it's not a nice thing, but everyone are in it. She started to list people in the art college.

“Ahh, but she is such a nice girl,” I said.

“Yeah, well...”

Well, fuck it,” I thought after a while. “I join the fucking club then. So be it.”

My father Rauno, who was a sailor, had already asked me, if I had joined? He was, surprisingly enough, not in the Club himself. He should have been, as most of the seamen are satanists. That is the culture. If one is not in the Club, it's difficult to deal with the life on cargo ships, which are closed communities. Rauno was a child molester and a drunk. He really would have needed the Club to protect himself, but somehow he managed without joining in. Still, in practice he was a satanist. He let other satanist pedophiles molest me. Through his secret boyfriend he had some kind of access to the satanic reality. With payments, in flesh and in cash, he could get satanic spells cast. For example, during my teen years, he got local girls manipulated to fall in love with me, because he could not bare that I didn't have a girlfriend. The same went with my older brother. Rauno was afraid that I too was gay, like he was. Also, Rauno paid for his satanic boyfriend to set some kind of protecting cover on me, when I went to Carlisle. That was in early September 2001. Too bad he died just a month and half later. I got depressed. Not only I lost the cover but also because I had really liked him. The daily drinking habit didn't help either. I was always either drunk or in a hangover. Reveling or recovering. Back then I had not yet realized that Rauno had used me along my childhood. It took a long time to figure it out. Almost a decade after his demise I suddenly got hold of what he actually had been - a molester. But even though Rauno was a pedophile, he tried to make it up later and be a good parent too. He wasn't all evil. I guess it's my privilege not to have remembered his true nature before he passed away. I had had to kill him.

So, I tried to join the Club. But, lo and behold. That could not be accomplished. For some reason, as my teacher Barrie Boyd told me, I was not allowed into it. Was it the Helsinki satanist preventing me to rise from ignorance and oblivion? In hindsight, I believe it was because I actually didn't want to join. I just said I did. Lucky me. However,  soon I forgot everything about it. My memory was erased thoroughly, as satanists always do to people who have come to know about the Club.

The Club is an ubiquitous thing. It's everywhere on Earth and rules over peoples lives. Politicians, businessmen, chefs, military men, police, artists... Whoever with any kind of significant career is in the Club. One can surely try to make his way without joining in. It just doesn't work out. Without the Club membership, one is too vulnerable to satanic sabotage. Satanists have too much lead. Where there is a competition there is satanism. The best doesn't usually win. The worst – satanist – wins. There are  exceptions. But very few thrive as laymen

Nevertheless, there is also a whole another world beyond satanism. Some people lead interesting lives and do significant things without ever joining in. They know more than most and can be immune to satanic terror. These people are never discussed of. Their noteworthiness is on another level from the satanic rat race. Some of these people come to terms with their measures only after their demise. They bloom in the afterlife. A life outside the bubble of our dimension. Their achievements are never discussed in the media. There in no reference to them. 

I find it peculiar how satanism, too, is kept secretive. If only seemingly. Music, movie, and fashion industries point out reference to the Club in every way possible. The famous one-eye theme for instance. Owls and triangles. Satanism is hidden in plain sight. For anyone who is not blind, it is there to see. Yet, no-one ever writes about it. No-one talks about it. If there is an article about a thing like black magic, it is only vague dabbling on the matter. 

Our world is filled to the brim with satanism. It abounds also with satanists who aren't anything special, or don't have much money at all. The Club doesn't guarantee rich life. It helps one to achieve his goals, but without sacrificial victims it hardly gets you anywhere. Talent and hard work are also required, although circumstances differ.

Also places differ. Carlisle seemed like a place where satanism is common. Or maybe Carlisle is a town full of orcs. Well, the whole Britain is full of them. Perhaps that resident on Warwick Road, the night the orc hijacked me, was an orc too. I have found they have a rather strict pecking order. The weaker must give way to the stronger. The one who hijacked me seemed to be powerful. Still, life in my shoes was too much for him. He could only take it for some two-three weeks. After that he unlinked from me. I suppose he hated my unpleasant life and status. I was not in the Club, which made me a fool for just any satanist. The orc had to refrain from satanic mind tricks and play stupid since I wasn't in the Club. It seemed to be surprisingly difficult for him. I could not be joined. It was not possible, for it had already been tried in the autumn semester 2001. Now it was March 2002.

I cannot remember after how many days I woke up on the floor of my room. I was cold and all messed up. It took some time to recover. I wonder how easy it usually is to recover from this kind of abduction. I guess it isn't necessarily the time spent under the command of an orc. It's more the shock you feel when being snatched. I was really drunk when that orc got me. For this reason, it was easy to subdue me, but alcohol also mellowed the whole experience for me. Noteworthy is also the wide spectrum of different kind of orcs. In species and individually. Some orcs would probably break their victim's psyche right away by pumping in and out of the body. By leading the body into humiliating situations and jumping off to let the human cope with it. Over all, forcing the human to wallow in this trauma.

Before the orc left me alone, he wiped my memory so I could not remember what had happened. It just felt like I had been sick for two weeks, without getting out of my room. My British house mates had started to fear me. They didn't look me in the eye and shied away when I tried to make a conversation. After a while things normalized. I was told how I had become really weird. I had no recollection of what had happened so I couldn't really say anything about it. These house mates were all, except one, satanists and they were paid to harass me. That (earlier mentioned) Finnish satanist terrorized me through them. Purpose of this persecution was to make me feel anxious and unhappy. That was put into effect with mind games and satanic spells. They also stole money from me. More did suffer the other layman resident, a homestead girl, of whom these satanic cocksuckers really messed up. 

To this day it is unclear to me, why the London orc wanted me. Maybe it was my situation in life that suited him. My parents had died and there was still some inheritance to collect in two properties, with none uneasy family visits in sight. For an Englishman it probably sounds special to own a summer house, a cottage. But in Finland it's quite common and not necessarily fancy at all. Although I don't think money was an issue for this orc. What was his previous life? I don't know. Also, I don't understand how he could leave his former body just like that, while chasing me in Carlisle the night he hijacked me? I assume it was a bit of a gamble for him. Did he have a chance to go back to his old life? Good question.

I guess many orcs really enjoy living between two countries. More options in life. I was not in The Club which was a problem, but then again, neither was my brother. It would have been easy to "take care of him" and claim the whole inheritance for the orc himself. If it would have turned out that Finland was a dump, he only had to sell everything and move permanently to Britain. And even if the properties had not made him much money, it would have been an useful excuse to have money, while circling through the student life.

The time with the orc under my skin took its toll. I wasn't feeling very good so I took a week off. The teacher permitted it without a question. Perhaps he knew. When I went back to school, the guys who had previously worried me, no more looked at me mischievously but turned their heads away. Orc had put them in order. I could not have done that for I was poisoned and cursed to weakness. My father's departing in the autumn had messed me up and I had lost my vigor somewhere in the pint glasses of Carlisle pubs.

I wasn't any different now, though. The same hangovery weakling. It was just that people didn't know about it. At the art college I got to hear, I had been like reborn.

“Why did you go back to that old mode?” one Swedish guy asked me.

I could not answer to that question. I didn't know what he meant and even if I did, would he had believed me, if I told him about the bodysnatcher from London?

Orc's violent escapades were now paying dividends to me also in the streets and night life of Carlisle. Those nasty yobbos who once wanted to kick my ass were now startled to see me and passed me in the street eyes cast down. Later one of them came to me with something to say. I can't remember what he wanted. But I do remember that I didn't have a clue what he was talking about. The recollection of the whole hijack incident came around 2015. Some 14 years after it had happened. A big part of that 14 years spent either drunk or being crapulous.






Orcs abound in great numbers around British Isles, especially in London. Benelux-countries are another European place popular among them. Especially the Netherlands, which, to a great extent, is their creation. So the saying “God created Earth, but Dutch created Holland” does not mean the country is man-made. Of American cities, Los Angeles is to the orcs' liking as are most of the metropolises. There are also numerous little towns all around the world that are full of orcs. For example Rauma in the Southwest of Finland and Ventspils on the West Coast of Latvia. In general, harbor towns are satanic places and thus rich in orcs. Also many isolated towns and other remote places can be full of orcs. They enjoy having the whole community under their command.

It is noteworthy that Brussels, the capital of European Union, is full of orcs. On the whole, EU is a scheme to centralize the ruling of the continent. It is a project to denationalize European countries' infrastructure for multi-national corporations. EU is a combination of the worst features of both communism and capitalism. It is a modern version of the Soviet Union. Economic regionalization, requisitions and rationing are behind the next corner. Just like entrepreneurs and kulaks found communism discouraging, same waits for people under the force of EU. Faceless corporations, bureaucracy and regulations kill local businesses.

Elected politicians go to Brussels, where many of them are being snatched by an orc. Others are brainwashed into the Zionist agenda of Trilateral Commission and bankers. The idea of bad nationalism, as opposed to fresh globalism, is sold to people under the pretext of solidarity. The critic against mass-emigration is labeled as racism.

Traditional European values are Christian, but Christianity is now considered old-fashioned. Yet, Islam is ought to be accepted as part of multiculturalism, which is a Zionist plan aiming at a one world government. Zionist mass media labels national pride as nazism. Sovereignty of an independent country and budget surplus are considered laudable aims, when they really should be customary. European values are only discussed in the case of helping refugees and immigrants. Never when it comes to economic issues, which should be the bedrock of a welfare state.  In EU countries have to borrow money to give it away. The whole western economics is a perverse system where countries borrow money from bankers to pay debt to the same bankers. To top it all, these bankers never had the money in the first place. It's all just digits on the screen. And how many refugees have Israel or USA taken from Middle-East?

The whole point of the European Union is to get Europeans adopt the same mindset that Americans have. Ignorance and a feeling of powerlessness. Europeans would either believe the news, or then say “there is nothing I can do about it”. Politics would be totally hijacked by a faceless international power that is too big to oppose. Countries kept in a tether with debt and guilt for Third World poverty.

What has all the politics got to do with orcs? That is a good question. How much are they actually involved in politics? I believe very much. I believe the European Parliament and the European Commission are de facto hives for orcs.

Business life for certain is seething with orcs. London, being the financial centre of Europe, is perhaps the unofficial “orc capital of the world”. Businessman Chris O'Neill told me that London is the most dangerous city in the world, and The Mall its most dangerous street. In the night time orcs are hanging around The Mall and the adjacent St James's Park in their etheric forms. They are looking for a victim to hijack. Why this area? Perhaps somewhere around it there is some kind of a gate that orcs use for transportation.

Samuel O'Neill on the other hand mentioned Russia as a curiosity, where no orc wants in, and no orc wants out. They have a game of their own. Russia is a seemingly autocratic federal republic led by forces currently unknown. Orcs? Moscow anyway is repleted with orcs.

Russia is an interesting country, because it is trying to hold onto its sovereignty. It doesn't borrow money that cannot be paid back. Most of the countries in the world are in debt. Tracks lead to reptilians; satanic extra terrestrial beings, who control the Earth through Illuminati, a Zionist vehicle led by the same people who run the USA. “What you cannot rule by banks, you must rule by arms,” seems to be the motto of this Zionist reptilian cabal. Orcs, however, are not part of Illuminati. They are a conspiracy of their own. A conspiracy within a conspiracy, since satanism is the biggest conspiracy there is in our world.

Orcs see themselves as superior to humans. For them, might is right. They disdain humans and use us as much as they can. Yet they are looked up to by many humans, who on the other hand don't even know that orcs actually exist. Their extreme selfishness is falsely interpreted as strong will and character. Orcs create a setting for a culture, where bully is a hero. Where compassion is regarded as false behavior. Orcs can't stand positivity and upbeat cheeriness. For them it appears fulsome. Negativity is their passion. Bluntness and sarcasm flourish.

If this kind of crude conditions don't suffocate the sensitive ones, poisoning of sustenance does the job. People who enjoy themselves in an environment like this don't seem to mind, and prosper. Little these successful satanists know about being primary targets for orcs to hijack. In satanism man never gets to the top of the food chain. Even as a hunter he is always the prey. Even at the peak of his success he is downtrodden and sucked dry by forces undetectable.

Often orcs are the most liked people of their communities. Trusted and praised people. Duplicity reigns. Orcs are masters of deception. Big part of their life is playing the part, acting. Orc's part in life is to become who he has snatched.

I believe that in the long run, orcs' agenda is to take over all the significant posts there are, and control the humanity on the whole. Not just lurk around masked and disguised. Perhaps orcs' agenda is to live in a world, where they can operate with their own faces. People would then be nothing but slaves and livestock. Something to raise and harvest. After all, orcs need shells. Humans are what is available here.

At the moment reptilians and other multi-dimensional entities are calling the shots, but they are mortal. Orcs live forever, or for very long anyway. Good question is, why don't they try to hijack reptilian bodies? Perhaps it is too difficult. Ignorant humans who are dumbed down are an easier catch. Being interstellar extra terrestrials, orcs might also leave the whole star system for a reason or another. If they have to. Who knows how things are in the future? The world is in a constant state of flux.

If we cannot get rid of orcs, their impact is nothing but destructive. There will be more and more of them here. All their bad influence cumulates. The ignorance and stupidity among humans will only grow. There will be a biological and cultural recession so comprehensive, it is difficult to fix. Especially when human satanists are also poisoning and sabotaging laymen. Making way for orcs.

To flourish world needs diversity. In the satanic hegemony of orcs there is no room for that. If orcs don't manage to conquer the planet Earth, they might as well destroy it. If the raped planet reaches a new revival some day, they can come back and destroy it again. Who would remember them after 30 000 years? Instead of calling a place their own, and taking care of it, they decimate everything, and search for a new pristine setting to settle in. This is why, when the opportunity emerges, they must be eliminated for good.

From their own point of view, orcs see everything differently. They see themselves at the top of the food chain. For them it is natural to use people. Same way people use animals. What would orcs do if not put their nature into practice? Also, they see themselves as a useful part of nature. Being immortal, they carry history within. When the written history is lost, they can bring it back. Through them the ancestral knowledge and skills never disappear but are always possible to restore.






For some reason orcs are extremely attracted to nuclear power. One of the most expensive buildings in the world is a nuclear power plant Olkiluoto 3, which is located in Rauma area, the Southwest Finland. It has been under construction over 12 years, since 2005. Reason for the delay is orcs. The whole project has been deliberately procrastinated because orcs get something out of an incomplete reactor. They use it for their secret purposes and prevent its completion. The scapegoat is found in Areva, the French reactor manufacturer. Management of TVO (the energy company running the power plant) are probably all orcs and same goes to other consortiums in the nuclear power business. Naturally French orcs behind Areva are in the same conspiracy.

Nuclear power is a worldwide conspiracy. Most of the energy people need could be produced with renewable energy sources such as the sun, wind, and water pressure. Research and development are not supported enough. Orcs hinder any attempts with their vast network of people in key places all around the world. Orcs are not interested in sustainability because they are here only visiting. It is not their planet. Also, like all satanists, their happiness too is based on others' misery.







In the past, orcs poisoned wells. In the modern times, they poison tap water. However, that is just from where it starts. The poisoning of human population with sodium fluoride, aluminum, and other toxic substances is systematic. It permeates through all nations and societies and starts at very young age. Protecting oneself from it is very difficult. The system not only encourages people to poison themselves and their kids, but also makes it a norm of which people who want to be considered sane must follow. Main sources of poison are food and drinks. Anything edible and drinkable, since human culture revolves around eating and drinking. Other sources of poison are medicine and vaccines. And of course fluoridated dental care products.

The idea to use sodium fluoride in toothpaste comes from orcs. Dental care on whole is an industry hijacked by orcs. Same goes with the food industry. Agriculture, food processing, wholesale, retail sale, and regulation are all in the hands of satanic orcs. Same applies to restaurants, especially fast food chains. All the convenience food is poisoned. All the processed food is poisoned. And because most of the restaurants use lots of processed ingredients, their food is poisoned. Only the restaurants that make everything out of fresh ingredients can be considered safe from poisoning. The rule of thumb is, cheaper the place, more poison in the food.

Poisoning follows a pattern, where the people of working class get automatically more poison than the people in the management jobs. Those who have thinking jobs need to be able to think but not too much. Workers are not meant to think at all. Masses can't be allowed to think.

Owning class gets least poison. Expensive products contain less poison. Also elite are the people among whom the information about poisoning is shared. Still, orcs do poison the riches too to prevent them form seeing orcs as they really are. Prevent them from knowing too much. Same way riches want to poison the masses. In the end it's all the same satanism. Might makes right. Even though the very elite of people don't wish to be poisoned, it is their benefit to poison all the other people.

The elite has also tested how a modern society would function without fluoridation. It has been tried in some mainly closed communities in USA. They say it doesn't work. People get too active. Too smart and aggressive. Too keen on fighting for their rights and thinking for themselves. Without fluoride might is still right. The thing is, without poisoning the naturally strong minded and witted individuals would rule. Not the people who are in charge now.

Humankind is being poisoned by the same pyramid structure it is being ruled. The masses at the lowest level get the biggest amount of poison and smallest amount of information. Not only orcs' but also the ruling classes' intention is to keep people ignorant and poor. That is why poison level in cheap products is higher than in luxury products. That is why only super rich get to know what products are not poisoned at all. That is why super rich do not drink the same beer or smoke the same cigarettes as ordinary people do. And that is why all kinds of samples, freebies, and super discounts are projects to poison the people of lower income. Food aid for the needy and such are the worst sources. It doesn't matter if it is by the Church or the Salvation Army. All kinds of organizations and religious movements are controlled by satanists. And in satanism obedience is mandatory. Satanism rules everyone to be poisoned, so that one can only be successful through satanism. Satanic hegemony is by and large based on dumbing down anyone capable of challenging the status quo.

Places favored by hippies and such are proper poisoning centers. Hippies do not necessarily consume processed and convenience food, so their poisoning must be secured by infiltrating into their social circles and food distribution channels. It isn't enough to avoid bad products but one should also avoid all the so-called alternative channels of food distribution. One should actually masquerade himself as an average citizen and not talk about any desires to avoid poisoning by food industry. You never know if there is an orc, in the family or among friends, who sabotages the attempts to free one's mind. One should buy only products such as oat, carrots, potatoes, rice, pasta, cabbage, and bananas. Very basic raw material. Nothing refined. As little as possible anyway. Before reaching a clean pineal gland it is impossible to know what products contain poison. It cannot be tasted. But after the state of purity is reached, one can tell. One knows it when he loses the ability to see the world as it is. And the change is not gradual. You either see or you don't see.

No matter how vast the poisoning is, it is still possible to protect oneself from it. Don't go to restaurants and cafes. Many of the keepers and staff are orcs. Make your own food. Cook all meals by yourself. Do not buy any ready-made goods if it isn't absolutely necessary. Products like oil and flour should be of top-end. In a nutshell: less processed material, less poison. Highest concentration of poison can be found in fluorinated dental products, beer, all fizzy drinks, sweets, potato chips, with other snacks alike, and fast food. Bottled beer contains less fluoride than draft beer. Bottled sodas less than canned.

Living in the modern society, it is difficult to prevent from being poisoned. Still, less poison the better. More brain functioning and possibly even decalcifying of the pineal gland. But people are different. There are some who see the orcs, no matter how big the poison intake. And in some cases, the whole thing doesn't make any difference. Some see nothing no matter what they would do.

Clean people have other problems. They are usually more sensitive than others. Many people whose pineal gland is clear, cannot bear living in a city environment. There is too much electricity and all kinds of pollution. They get headaches and feel dizzy in the city.

Truth is, even one would consume in a healthy and discerning way, it is almost inevitable that he gets a little bit of poison into his system. Whether it was fluoride, or aluminum, or whatever poisons there are. Orcs' system is so comprehensive and systematic, soaking through all levels of food industry and distribution. Human should cultivate his food on his own to keep it clear and yet plantations are also easy to poison. They ought to be guarded, but guards can be bribed or tricked. If the guard is in the Club, he obeys the satanic poisoners in any case.

One of the goals of European Union is to destroy independent agriculture and self-sufficient food production in its member countries. That way countries can be kept on a tighter leash by creating a shortage of goods. Centralized distribution enables poisoning people with genetically modified food. Its cultivation, manufacture, and regulation are all in the hands of orcs and corrupted human satanists. Groundwaters are also being privatized and capitalized. Agriculture and any kind of cultivating becomes strictly regulated. It is illegal without licenses and permits that are only granted for corrupt members of the Club. Human satanist who is helping orcs can't afford to be on the same side with humanity. Satanist gives his authority and freewill away in exchange for money and power.

A person whose pineal gland is clean doesn't feel good in urban environment. He can feel the effects of pollution and electricity in his sensitive body and feel nauseous. On the other hand, he can see who is a human and who is an orc. He can see “specialities” in the nature: Elements vibrating higher than the “normal reality” within our visibility. Colorful gauze-like surfaces and other things most of the people just can't see. He can see creatures like little trolls that inspired Tove Jansson to create Moomin comic books. He can sense all kinds of vibrations, for his brains are vibrating in a higher frequency than an average person's, whose pineal gland is calcified. There is a whole new world which becomes tangible only after it can be seen.


American film director Sofia Coppola told me how she keeps herself at the borderline: as clean as possible. Staying totally clean requires the refusal of restaurant food, so most of the time she does what is needed to stay close enough to cleanness. A lot of business meetings are held at restaurants, so to be in the game, one cannot avoid eating at public places.

Sofia said she tries to clean herself at least once a year to see what is going around her. Who is and what? Ongoing cleanness, however, is too intensive for her taste. Too much physical headache and anxiousness. Then again, Sofia lives in Los Angeles, which is a huge and polluted metropolis. Not a comfortable place for a clean person.

Sofia also told how in their family the kids were never given any sweets and other blocking medicine. When Sofia then came old enough to go to the city centre, she came back home in a shock. They are everywhere! She started to binge on sweets and other blockers, not wanting to see those monsters ever again.

She described how grotesque these creatures are gathering around in groups, chatting and laughing. How they seem to rule the street scene only by sweeping over it with a glance. Horrible and terrifying monsters, as if always seeking prey. Some lone wanderer to eat away.

It took some time for Sofia to get over this shock and get used to the idea. For a while she didn't see any orcs, for she had poisoned herself so thoroughly with candies and other stuff.


Some of the intake of sodium fluoride comes through the body. Some is stored into the bones. It is poison, so body cannot use it and dumbs it into bones. Working out increases bone strength. It makes the bones bend so that the fluoride is released out. Exercise is the best way to get rid of fluoride stored in the bones. Sweating and a correct diet also cleanse the body. The best cleanse is adhering to a vegan diet and using specific products of nature like tamarind, if it only could be found in its original and natural form.

It is individual for how long it takes for all the fluoride and other poison to leave the body. It is affected by many aforementioned things. Still, it can be said that for an average person it takes around a week to recover from one large beer. From a chocolate bar about the same time.

Kids of the elite families are not given any regular sweets. It is inevitable that they also get their share of poison but it would be as little as possible. Still, not all elites are pure enough to see the orcs. Many of them are not capable of seeing anything. They are just trying to avoid the dumbing down.

On the market there are certain products which do not contain poison. One just have to know which ones. And for the elites, there are special batches made of everyone's favorite tastes like lager beer, Coca-Cola and milk chocolate. Funny thing is the reversed psychology playing tricks to one's mind. Things you abstain from become extremely desirable. And when you deny something from yourself, you often try to substitute it with something else, possibly even more harmful substance.

People are poisoned for three major reasons. First, to keep them stupid and docile. Second, to prevent them from attaining immunity against satanic mind tricks. Third, to make sure people can't see orcs and other things at the moment considered supernatural. All in all, one has to keep in mind that supernatural does not exist. The expression is merely an indication of ignorance. It's just a matter of not being able to physically see the stuff that vibrates in higher frequencies. It's kind of like ultraviolet light. The way you see things under UV light is not supernatural. Human eyes just can't normally see it. For example, many birds have an UV vision but there is nothing supernatural about it. That said, not only humans are poisoned by orcs. Also domestic animals need to be poisoned. To prevent them from seeing.

Satanic mind tricks are something anyone in the Club knows about. A satanist can use tricks in order to convert a layman candid. Convert a layman to a state where he cannot lie or oppose the satanist. Depending on the skills of the satanist, he can also make the layman act any way wanted. In the present time or set in the future. An adept satanist can program a layman to function in a certain way at any given moment without necessarily even being triggered by a specific command or stimulus. It is a manipulation of human brain; a sleight of hand involving black magic. At the moment, I don't know more about this but when I do, the information will be added to this text or some other piece of writing.

Invisibility is the lifeblood of orcs. In the ancient times people could see them. But back then an orc was a rarity on the face of the Earth. Especially attached to a human body. Most of them were doomed to hover around without a shell. Those were the days of wonder. Not that the wonders disappeared during the times. People just can't see them anymore. At the present day orcs are everywhere on Earth and control much of the humanity. This is their Golden Age but soon it should come to its end. Dumbness of people has made orcs sloppy. If people could see them, things would change fast and drastically. Orcs have weak spots. People only have to detect them. But first orcs have to be seen.

Most likely, it is intimidating to suddenly attain the ability to see orcs. I heard many times that if I would really see the abundance of orcs, I would freak out. I can only guess their amount, for example, here in Turku, Finland, where I live. Perhaps every tenth person is an orc? Every fifth? Could it be? Maybe they have surrounded me to be able to scare the living shit out of me. So when I finally reach the ability to see them, I would nothing but paralyze. My life is a farce, anyway. Orcs can poison and startle me but they can't kill me. Why not?

Anyway, for anyone working his way towards a clean pineal gland. And for anyone who is seeking for the ability to see orcs and what other unknown stuff there is to see: I would strongly advice to keep it cool and keep it quiet. When finally (hopefully) seeing the world as it is, not letting orcs to know you see them. Otherwise it could become extremely difficult to remain pure. There are countless ways to poison a human and the powers that be intend to keep things the way they are. Actually, from layman's point of view, things are getting worse all the time.

Do orcs detect those who can perceive them? It depends. Unless the perceiver is letting out signs, orcs should not detect him. Still, some orcs have really good eyesight. Some orcs smell abnormally well. Some are psychic. Some are skilled in satanic black magic. Some are good for nothing. Just like among humans. But I don't know too much about their different kinds. What I know is that they come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them are possibly some higher life forms disguised as orcs.

Many times I have been asked: 

“Can you see me?” Well, yeah sure. I can see a human.

“What do you mean?” I would answer. Had I answered “no”, orcs would probably have drawn a conclusion that I actually can. Orcs competent and less powerful have all learned within time to detect little gestures that giveaway someone who can see.

There are people who are immune to all kinds of poisoning. They are not necessarily sensitive. They do not necessarily possess any psychic abilities but they can see, no matter what. Orcs naturally hate this kind of people. As they hate anyone capable of anything. Gifted people are also hated by human satanists. They defy the satanic order where one can be successful only by the means of satanism. By terrorizing others. Where people are nothing but herd.

Psychic gifts are hidden. They cannot be detected. This is why people who believe they are psychics are being lured to expose themselves to authorities. This is done by producing television shows where psychics are helping authorities to solve crimes. In reality, psychics are being poisoned whenever possible and if that is not enough, they are diagnosed as mentally ill. After that they get locked up or end up being gang stalked to insanity by satanists. All their chances are cut away from them. Only way to succeed must be the Club.







Not only our sustenance is poisoned. Also the air we breath is polluted. Traditionally industry and traffic emissions trouble us. The new death comes from above. Chemtrails is a term coined for this phenomenon.

Large amounts of mysterious matter is being sprayed from airplanes into the atmosphere. Resembling long and narrow clouds, chemtrails contain barium salts and various chemical compounds, which alongside with nano-sized aluminum shred, stores in human body blocking the pineal gland and causing different kinds of sickness, fatigue, and various other symptoms. Allegedly chemtrails are also causing harm to the environment, most noteworthily bees and butterflies.

Chemtrails are often seen in the skies of Finland. Apparently authorities give permission for this. Or maybe no-one asked for one. These flights are not available on Flightradar24. If someone asks about it, authorities say these are practise flights. How can it be, that only practise flights produce chemtrails?

For a long time, the satanic mass media didn't cover this phenomenon at all. Then the chemtrails-conspiracy was debunked by officials saying it is nothing more than condensed water vapor. In recent years, however, this highly visible phenomenon has been explained by weather modification, or that white trails in the sky are chaff used in military exercises. Excuses vary, but at least scientists and military officials have admitted the existence of this project.

Human mind is being corrupted also by interference of brain waves. Human brain functioning is electromagnetic radiation which can be influenced in many ways. Television alters human brains from active beta-mode into passive alpha-mode in where thinking and state of mind can be subliminally impacted. Watching television induces a state that can be compared to hypnosis. The signal is distorted and corrupted. TV paralyzes you, dumbs you down, and feeds your mind with propaganda. TV turns you susceptible and then fills your mind with lies. Blatant lies you are yet prone to believe since the same message is being repeated for many times over. Television isn't called the “idiot box” for nothing.

Rulers and elite watch television as little as they eat junk food. The fast-forwarded leap to digital television is probably also part of the orcs' agenda to dumb people down. The same applies to those huge LED screens which can be spotted at city centers and shopping malls. Their main function is to hypnotize and sedate.

In a nutshell people are being poisoned and dumbed down in a way that reduces their brain waves frequencies, preventing them to see orcs, and making them stupid and too lazy to care about things that should normally cause protesting among citizens.





I have heard that some orcs possess a power of self-teleportation. A famous Finnish orc, Mr Rauno Mokka, is said to be capable of teleporting himself.

Nevertheless, it is clear that there is a great variability in the skills and competence of different kind of orcs. Some orcs have extremely sharp eyesight, some orcs' hearing is precise. Some orcs can affect on human - or animal - body and mind with a stare, causing nausea and tension. Some orcs are fast and strong. And some orcs are not much special at all. The weakest of orcs are actually scared of the people with talents and skills beyond poisoning. People come in all shapes and sizes too. Shame though that most of the people having a special talent will never know about it.

There seems to be one ability that is common to all orcs. They can all suck energy out of a human or an animal. This procedure is conducted by touching the source of energy. Same applies other way around. An orc can also release the same vital energy. So, not only does an orc use the human in the body it is commanding. An orc can also use just any passer by for its purposes. This naturally requires a physical contact. This is the reason why so many orcs work as masseuses, nurses, and prostitutes.

Nature of their existence, doubling inside a human body, means that they possess a lot more power than the shell human on his own. However, in many cases the orc has used the body all up. As the orc doesn't feel much pain, it doesn't care about the body. The orc let's it become a wreck. Many orcs keep on playing tennis or the like until the very old age and end up breaking a knee or something. Then they are doomed to limp around. Orcs do not possess supernatural abilities to heal or conjure a broken knee.

Orc within a family means that the human members are in a constant energy deficit as the black sheep is sucking them dry. A relationship with an orc leads to a chronic loss of vitality that can be misdiagnosed as a disease or condition of some sort. A person sleeping with an orc could age rapidly. It is not necessary for an orc to use the partner as a battery but opportunity makes a thief. It's just too easy to resist. An orc can absorb life power even when it is not needed. Also, an orc can use this ability to deliberately weaken someone. A rival, for instance. If people's energies have a different taste or feel – that I do not know. But certain is that some people are more vital than others.

A human exploited by an orc starts to resemble Keith Richards. You attain the features of a raisin. Unexplainable feebleness becomes a normal state. You get used to it. For how could you know what it is about? Even if you did, who would believe you? Being in the Club doesn't help.

When it comes to sex, orcs love fellatio. As a giver. They are also keen to hug just anyone. Even a short embrace gives them a taste of the life power available. Anyone who has ever been to a Rainbow Gathering knows how people there hug each other all the time. Long hugs. These hippie camps are in control of orcs who poison the everyday food supply, sow despair and hatred among the participants, suck the life out of them, and defile the beautiful ideal.

Events with packed crowds, like rock concerts, are sweet spots for orcs. Sometimes you see people who are right after an hour long festival gig jumping around all excited, as if they just received a huge energy load. Then again, you never know if they are high on speed or something. Either way, orcs also enjoy the festivals of electronic music where dancing, drinking, and drug-taking can go on for days. When humans get tired and wander off, orcs keep on partying. They got stamina and when they run out of energy, it can be sucked out of fellow festival goers.

In the old and ancient times orcs tried to blend in with crowds by establishing cultures of facial and body painting, tattoos, and other ways of self-decoration and body modification. The same goes on at the present day.







Planet Earth is a platform; a stage. Life on it is a play. People are thrown to beasts in this barbarian show for higher life forms to watch. One might ask, why don't the higher beings do anything for us? Why don't some UFO put a stop to it all? But in the same breath, we must ask how do we treat beings inferior to us? Do we care about life forms that are suffering outside our little bubble? And should we either? After all, they are the hardships that make you strong.

Truth is, it's all part of life. Without evil there is no good. Life without any tension is just meaningless existence. Still, in my opinion all this suffering goes too far. But then again, everything is so relative. Human can never guess the ways the higher life forms suffer in their lives. Their problems are not like ours, but it is certain they have problems of their own. As above, so below. Human crying about the unfairness of life could think about how precious existence is on its own. And how nice it is to be a human if you compare it with a dog, for instance. Perhaps a dog is happier but limited are its possibilities in life. Same way we humans are like dogs compared to the higher life forms. Our life is pretty simple, after all. Fair it is not. But wouldn't it be boring if everything was just square and round holes? The worse thing about being a human is the lack of true information on the powers that be. About the laws of universe. About the truth.

What you do is who you are and that is how you shall be judged. But what about doing what you are? Orcs are only executing their nature and free will. Is tiger evil when it eats a zebra? It is a predator. That is what orcs are too. Beasts. Nevertheless, I still think it is our duty to fight back as much as possible. Destroy them totally. It should be possible. Why wouldn't it be? There must be a way to permanently eliminate them. Destroy their command center. Their hive, their pods. Kill 'em all. Let God sort 'em out.

In the days of past humans killed many predators to extinct, because these animals were considered too harmful. At some point the same animals were started to preserved. Perhaps in the future, we people first kill orcs to near extinct. Then start to preserve them. Cherish them as part of the nature. Lock them in cages for people to see for an admission fee. Finally set them all free to the wilderness. Let them be free. Part of the nature. Just like us.

I don't know if an orc can be killed? But I would be surprised if not. However, I am sure that an orc can be captured and imprisoned. Like in Ghostbusters. And that is what they are afraid of. To be held in a vacuum store for 50 000 years or more. So, leave the Earth, orcs, or face the possibility of a long imprisonment.








Different types of orcs