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What is the Club?


 “(the) Club” is an euphemism for satanism. It is a conspiracy and a cult. Satanism – the Club - is based on unscrupulous self-seeking. By destroying other people's lives, you get ahead in your own life. Satanism is a pyramid; a hierarchical power structure. Energy and advantages are sucked upwards, disadvantages run downwards.

 “The Club” is a common calling name for satanism. There are many other words for it too, such as “firm” and being “involved”. It is a worldwide phenomenon that has many names and disguises. A ubiquitous scheme that some falsely consider not satanism but only “a law of nature”. Some assert satanism to be some sort of natural religion or just plain paganism. Both claims are false. The Club is and means satanism. Satanism means Satan Worshipping. However, there are other powerful extra terrestrial demons  besides Satan. For example, Asmodeus, Baal, and Lucifer. But to simplify things, in this writing only Satan is talked about.

 The Club is everywhere. In wealthy localities, almost everyone is in the Club. Economically poor areas are less inhabited by “clubbers”. Still, material well-being is not the only factor. Some countries and counties – poor or rich – are more satanic than others. They have a satanic culture. For example, Sicily in Italy is a very satanic place. So is Israel or Pattaya in Thailand. The Club flourishes in cultures where exploitation is an accepted norm. Where abuse is considered natural.

 Everywhere on Earth people can be divided into two groups. To those who are, and to those who aren't in the Club. Yet, most of the people in the Club are ordinary citizens. Working people, entrepreneurs, students, and also unemployed. How many satanists there are in Finland? Difficult to say, but I would assume around 500,000 out of 5,500,000 citizens. The former figure excludes children who aren't yet being introduced to satanism, but who are inevitably going to be in it. 

 Some think the Club doesn't offer much of advantage to its members because so many people belong to it. However, operating in competitive areas of life or in desired posts is very difficult without being a member. It is not only that satanism helps people to rise above themselves. It is more that people who are not satanists can't protect themselves from the ones who are.

 Lacking a better term I'm calling those who are not in the Club “laymen”. A layman too can succeed in life. Without the support of the Club. Some people have special skills or talent they can utilize. They don't need a satanic boost to their craft. An average layman still needs – if nothing else – beneficial circumstances. A protector. A satanist in symbiosis with him. Without the shelter provided by the Club membership he is a subordinate to anyone in the Club. No matter what size or age, satanist has an upper hand to a layman. It doesn't matter how skilled and cunning a layman might be. Certainly there are exceptions. Some people are immune to basic satanic tricks. Their pineal gland doesn't calcify. They can eat what they want and remain capable.

 Even all the rich people are satanists, all satanists are not rich. The same applies to successful people. Any layman moving forward on his career will at some point have to make a choice: whether to join the Club or not? Usually, the latter option means soon losing the game. Better branch a layman has, more likely some satanist wants to push him down. Satanism is a must to almost anyone trying to get ahead in life and stay afloat. It is a norm. It doesn't mean that just any satanist would get successful. It only means an ordinary layman cannot be successful.

 Powerful satanists are not necessarily rich at all. They thrive in satanism but are unable to convert it to success. Some powerful satanist can appear to be just like anyone. Some of them actually seem like stereotypical “losers”. But the Club members know who to evade and watch out for. Information is spread word-to-mouth among the clubbers and on their satanic forums on the Internet. Like dating and second-hand market, the Internet has also changed satanism. However, there are still Club meetings held for the people involved.

 One either decides to join the Club or is pulled in without asking. One can also be part of it since the birth. Born to be a satanist. It is not uncommon at all. With many people, the choice was made by their parents who want their kids to be in the Club so they could succeed in life. In some families, kids are not wanted to join the club. This kind of families are never wealthy, for holding onto money requires a membership. These parents are either using the kids for their own benefit or merely do not want them to be satanists. Some people have always been in the Club but never got comfortable with it. Never accepted the Club rules. They are just part of it because for them it is impossible to resign.

 In many families one of the kids is not pulled into the Club. For one must suffer so that others can live in peace. The Club is based on abuse. Someone has to suffer. The Club is about stronger ones' right to use the weaker ones. A callous clubber calls it “the Natural Law” or says it is “part of human life”. It resembles “the Law of the Jungle”, with the exception that in satanism victims are not killed to eat. They are sacrificed. More innocent the victim, the better.

 One can seek benefit of the Club by sacrificing other people. Friends, enemies, colleagues, whoever. Satanic benefit is a bargain. It is based on sacrificial victims. Satanic extra terrestrial entities, also known as demons, don't want to manifest in the physical reality of humans. Most humans wouldn't see them even if they would. Humans are too poisoned to see. The third eye; the pineal gland is blocked. We are meant to stay as ignorant as possible.

 Satanic ET:s need satanic humans to help them in order to collect negative energy out of humans. All negative feelings are procreational sustenance for these multi-dimensional vampires. With a human as proxy these demons make victims suffer physically and mentally. They harvest this suffering and fill their part of the contract by helping their satanic human proxies to thrive. Or at least make them think that they are doing well. Better than their victims.

 Every satanist must have someone to torture. Successful satanist has many victims. Again, more innocent, the better. Also, satanist can use satanic terror as a mean to get even, or frighten people out of the way. Satanist is always trying to find excuses to terrorize someone. Terror based on a tangible reason makes more sense. It implies that satanist is not a wrong-doer. That his terror is reasonable and even righteous. This is why Christianity teaches people not to judge. For who can really draw the line in life between what is right and what is wrong, and condemn others?

 Some satanist commits a murder with a self-declaration that one-time thing has to suffice for lifetime serenity. Some rather torture their victims little by little. Perhaps stop the process at some point and find new victims. The satanic benefit can also be reached by raping your own or someone else's kid. Or by ruining someone's health or looks by a poisoning maneuver. Possibilities are endless.

 In the Club, you must do at least something bad to someone. To get a notable benefit, terror must be severe. Not everyone needs this boost. Some have talent or work hard. Some settle for less. Still, they must also commit a bad deed. If you don't terrorize someone, certain angst takes over you. This nasty feeling doesn't leave you until you make someone else suffer.

 The Club gives nothing for free. More benefit you seek out of it, more you have to give. And once you take advantage of it, life feels surprisingly difficult without. When you terrorize someone innocent, you must freeze your conscience. For some people, this is easy. For some, satanism fits like a glove. Especially well it suits nasty and dirty double-crossing, back-stabbing, two-faced pedophile-sadists.

 The Club - matters are discussed with other clubbers but even then most of the people do not tell everything they have done in the name of Satan. They also tend to strictly condemn others' bad deeds. A satanist must be duplicitous, and not proud at all for what he is doing. Double standard is an important part of satanism. The prevalent world order would not sustain if the Club on whole becomes a public matter.

 Satanism doesn't offer any miracles, if one is not ready to terrorize others and also work actively for one's own goals. Satanism doesn't help much if an individual is totally incapable before his challenges. Satanism can produce all kinds of gain but not everyone can benefit from it. Many people don't even want to, for they know the high price it has.

 Among satanists there is no trust in people. Anyone can destroy you. That is the name of the game, even it is not talked about on daily basis. If someone is known to be a powerful satanist, he is being left in peace and people are careful about him.

 Many satanists think that the Club is not something one should be ashamed of. It is so common to be part of it. Without the Club, it is almost impossible to get on in life. That the Club is a norm. That there is life outside the Club too, but it doesn't really lead anywhere. That a club member doesn't necessarily have to hurt much anyone. Just take care of himself.

 Some disagree to all of this. They think it's not known where life without satanism would lead to. Some think it's not natural that to succeed in life one must join the Club. The most natural thing would be if the strongest and smartest would rule. In satanic world order (SWO) successful people are often clumsy idiots, who pay forward all the bad things they had to go through. By a payback to the world, these people get to reap the satanic rewards of their terror. With an agenda like this, they end up coldhearted. Thus they have adapted to the environment and its conditions. For it is said that in the long run those who adapt will survive. It's natural. The nastiest of satanists are often blunt and ugly fatsos who can't find a woman on their own. They get used to satanism because it is a necessary mean. For them it seems like a natural way to get on in life. Without the Club they are nothing. In the Club anything is possible. So why not?









 For many people the Club is not a choice they have made. Someone made that choice for them. Usually, it is the parents. Especially among rich people it is typical that the whole family is satanic. Sacrificial victims are possibly found among the servants. People born into satanism live an innocent childhood. In adolescence they are informed about the Club. In some cases kids are ”enlightened” at earlier age. This kind of satanic family might also sacrifice one of the kids to the cult at very young age.

 Person who was dragged into the Club without asking, has been a lost soul already in his previous life. He is only part of “the matrix” now. Not anymore an independent individual in control of his free will. He is part of the backdrop in this great play we all live: life. Most of the people here on Earth are soulless extras or cast for supporting roles. There is no question about it. Equality just isn't dynamic or interesting.

 The Club is also joined. Person is asked, if he wants to join? If he doesn't, his memory is being wiped. That's why nobody ever has any recollection of it.

 When someone is wanted in, the Club secretaries might tell him how exclusive it is. That not everyone is wanted in. As if it was something great. Then there are people who joined the Club because their friends decided to pull them in. Either to help or because someone told them to. Of course it is up to the people themselves, how much benefit they seek out of the Club. How deep they delve themselves into it. But the true nature of the Club – satanism – is often not revealed beforehand.

 Many people never admit to themselves that satanism is the true nature of the Club. Many members of the Club don't think of themselves as satanists at all. They just belong to the Club. People often have a principle to do anything Club-related as little as possible. When it comes to the Club they keep a low profile. Everything has a price. The Club on whole is a thing best avoided. It is better to only take the benefit you really need out of it. For satanic help is not free. More you take, more you have to give. Those who cannot do anything have the greatest need for the Club and end up being used by it. The deal is hardly ever fair.

 Satanism is so common, that among the circles of friends there is usually at least one person who is in the Club. This kind of person doesn't necessarily want his friends to join in, because he is enjoying his upper hand position to them. Among satanic people there are often those who are not wanted to join the Club. Their layman-hood benefits satanists around them. It is easy to steal their money and use them in other ways. Should they join in, they'd find out about all of this and would seek revenge. It is actually quite common for clubbers to keep someone out of the Club. Then again, if someone is really wanted to join, he is persuaded to do so. 

 Involuntary joining is not common although it occurs. This kind of seal is not as tight as self-imposed joining. It doesn't follow one's free will. The person just suddenly realizes that his life has changed. Resignation seems impossible. That's what everyone says. Truth is, it's not impossible but demands will power and willingness to leave material well-being and status behind. Also, at the beginning satanism shows only the good sides of the deal. Negative side-effects come along later. Getting out of the Club is easier if you never wanted in but how many people know about this?

 One common lie to trick someone in is to insist that he has no choice. Satanists “make you an offer you can't refuse”. But people can decide for themselves what to do and satanists can't take the choice of free will away from anyone. They might imply to be capable of anything. They can threaten person's life or his family. Sometimes they carry out their threats, sometimes don't. A layman is still always free to choose. Coerced joining is not the same as a decision made out of free will. And the Club can be resigned. However, all this concerns only those who haven't been joined into the Club in their previous incarnations. Quite simply, the whole thing is one big mess. Most of the people who join the Club say later, they would not have joined had they known what it really is like. Violence, abuse, and exploitation comes out naturally only from a few.

 Joining the Club, person first rises above himself but is soon swimming in deep waters. His mind goes black. It is like a negative of a photograph. Not much anything feels the same anymore. Multidimensional entities beyond our vision, demons, push human satanists into depression and then suck it out of them. Unless of course they can supply these demons with a constant feed of other people's sorrow. However, not only the demons harass human satanists. Also their positive counterparts, “the beings of light”, like to pester people. Let them not enjoy. Let them not forget. Because of the prevalence of free will, people are punished and taught by stick. The carrots of satanism have a bitter aftertaste. And the carrots of benevolence are invisible.

 More the satanist finds success and more he ages; the further he delves into satanism; more disgusting things he has to do to prevent other people doing him the same. Game gets tougher towards the end. That is why so many successful people are miserable. They would like to make amendments. They don't want to live with guilt and black emptiness. They wouldn't want to encounter their true selves. But they can't escape how they feel. And they can't leave the life they lead. It would mean they would have to let go of everything they have gained by satanism. Deeper you have dug into satanism, more difficult it is to get out of it. Change for better would be an embarrassing and long journey. Extremely heavy process. For many people, it is an impossible task. Certainly satanist can refuse of any evil deeds but then he feels unsatisfied and lame. As unhappy or even unhappier he might be when terrorizing others. It depends on the character. For sadists, satanism offers a lot. For just anyone, to torture their own dog or beloved neighbor would already be difficult. For a sadist, it is a fun activity.







Satanic Terror


 In satanism, someone must always suffer. There has to be a sacrifice. Successful satanist has one or rather many victims he tortures. He causes physical and mental pain to them. Demons operating beyond our sight use this negative energy as a snack, or a drug. Human satanist gets helped by these demons in exchange. A demon helps human to write, compose, or to get other people to like him. Or just to feel good. This kind of a satanic deal is a standard procedure. Countless high-flyers have made the same deal.

 Satanist needs people who he can make suffer. Not only to survive in life but also to gain from satanism. Satanist often seeks an opportunity to get  so-called righteous revenge. He is manipulating people to do something he could then revenge. He is looking for an excuse to humiliate and sabotage someone.

 To remain an intact self-image, satanist wishes to think his motives justified. He can say that he had no choice, or that the victim deserved it. Otherwise he must admit to have done wrong. When he accuses other people of such actions, he would set the blame for himself too. Few people want to blame themselves. They rather deflect the blame and seek to find the fault in other people, or in uncontrollable circumstances and altering conditions.

 Very often someone higher in the satanic hierarchy points out a victim for a subordinate satanist to terrorize. Then the inferior does what is commanded. It is easy for him to say, there was no choice but to obey. The most common satanic excuse is to claim that I had no choice.

 Operating in a prominent position might also be possible without being a member of the Club. But then it is likely that you become a target for satanists. An adeptly terrorized victim loses his social skills and physical presence. He cannot move or communicate naturally. Because of this, other people start to evade or bully him. He seeks comfort from alcohol or drugs and further destroys his abilities to a happy life. Satanists know how things really are. Laymen know nothing and blame the victim for the whole thing. However, it would be a mistake to think that satanists terrorize only laymen and not other satanists. On the contrary, the world is full of anguished satanists driven to misery, incapable of defending themselves.

 Satanist can use the Club to getting even with an enemy. Doing this he combines revenge with satanic benefit. A patient satanist destroys his victim's life little by little. He sicks the victim to ruin his possibilities by himself, to embarrass himself, and then to suffer bad conscience about it. At the same time, satanist can pretend to be a good friend with his victim. All better for him. He gets good benefit and keeps a friend. When the victim suffers, he must also make someone else suffer, to feel normal. When everyone is at each others' back, the Devil is satisfied. For all the misery in the world benefits him the most.

 Satanist must have at least one person who he tortures and terrorizes. A scapegoat. The thing can be done also by murdering someone close or, for example, an innocent little baby. More innocent the victim is, the better. However, terrorizing someone who is behaving badly is easier to justify.

 Usually satanic terror manifests itself in unexplainable angst. Small worries seem like huge problems. Self-esteem deteriorates without a sensible reason. Often the victims of satanic terror resort to antidepressants and end up destroying their normal brain chemistry. Sensitive people with mental gifts are systematically pushed on medication. Also, many hard boiled satanists are on antidepressants. That you are in the Club doesn't mean you could not be terrorized. Not at all. Then again, some take these pills just for a constant feel of ease. This applies also to “orcs”.

 Satanism is not based on fair competition or natural law of nature. It is based on fraud. Cuntier you are, better use you can make of it. This doesn't mean all bullies “punching down” would be satanists. A cunning satanist doesn't soil his own hands. He conjures the victim to do things on his own, or sicks others on him. Like American businessman Chris O'Neill said to me, it is better to create sorrow to places where you don't go, and to people you don't spend time with. That way it's easier to maintain a happy and careless mindset. Chris also said, it is good to take the Club for what it is: satanism. Many people don't want to see it like that. They lie to themselves and end up being depressed. Satanist is better to be at terms with himself. That doesn't mean he couldn't moralize and condemn others.

 When discussing satanism, it is important to take into account the fact that most of the satanists are average people who are not after more than a basic income; a basic life. They don't think they would meet the requirements of success. Not everyone wants to be an entertainer or a businessman. Many people want to remain as private as possible. They are realists. They might dream to have a better life but think that seeking for it doesn't pay off. It is just better to build an ordinary life as good as it can be and enjoy living it.

 This kind of people rarely see themselves as satanists. They acknowledge the world as it is but wish to refrain from satanic activities. Unless someone is really annoying and must be punished. Or there is really easy benefit to gain. Or if they are being manipulated by more experienced satanists of the upper echelons. Nevertheless, there are millions of people who never really gain much out of satanism but are still doing all kinds of evil things. It is in their character to be a cunt. Talking about satanism and making a big deal out of it hampers, not only most of the average people, but especially two kinds of people: Those who have a goody image, and those who cannot do anything without satanism, but have managed to get successful by it.

 Because satanist is benefiting out of hurting others, he likes to do it, but often it is not that easy. Many rich satanists do a lot of charity to clean their conscience and karma. Still, satanist rather humiliates and tortures his victim for years and years than kills him immediately. That way the project is more lucrative.

 Satanist likes to appear cool when it comes to brutality in life. For him satanism is the natural world order. He is just part of it. When ending up in a bad jam he whines. “My kids you must leave alone!” is often the last attempt to grasp into something humane. That the same satanist himself destroys a person, and indirectly his children's means for a good life, doesn't matter to him. Satanist doesn't want to see the causalities of his bad deeds. He sees himself at the top of the food chain. He's a creep who, on a winning streak, laughs at a pauper. And when bad weather occurs, starts to complain about the circumstances.

 Satanists in general do not appear as any nastier than laymen. Often to the contrary. The worst cunt can seem like a genuinely nice person. He might be generous and warm, even a playful character. Yet, under the surface he is malevolent and vengeful. A double-face who is just waiting for a right victim to torture. This hapless person he then completely destroys, and might even pretend to be a good friend and a helper to his victim.

 For an impenitent sadist, satanism offers means to self-fulfillment. For a satanic “guard of morality”, deceit is a lifeline. Double standard a norm by which to abide. Hardly anyone wants an image of a wrong-doer. “A baddy” can't credibly complain about becoming a target for devious activities. He must cope, in accordance with the golden rule, in this case being the law of jungle. For any reasonable member of society it is easier to hide behind masks. Operating in different fields of life is more natural that way. Playing a role should become a habit. A routine. Part of satanist's character. Different situations demand different approaches. Contrary roles become like outfits put on and taken off.

 At some point a satanist seeking benefit out of the Club must make a choice. To continue further, he must harden himself. He must change. Old personality still remains as a cover. Finally, a full blown satanist becomes fundamentally two-faced. He has two different personalities.

 There are also those, who want to emphasize the riskiness of life “on the edge”. They like to keep things simple. Unpretentious. For them, life is naturally a battle of existence. It's meant to be tough and hard. The world is a bad place and they are just part of it. They would say, it's better to be the beast than the prey.

 Satanism doesn't value altruism. All action must lead to your own benefit, which is attained by the expense of others. Attitude is: “I didn't write the rules. I'm just playing the game.” A sanctimonious satanist is looking for reasons – excuses - to torture his victims. He wants to torture them because they have deserved it. Even if they haven't. But that is why they have, for being what they are, or what they aren't. There must be some fault in them. If not, that is a fault on its own, because the world is what it is. Satanist knows more about the world than laymen. That alone justifies. Other satanists agree or remain silent. Omerta is the way of the satanic world.

 Beside satanism, there are many other invisible forces in the world. Some of them are contrary forces to satanism. Some are neutral. Satanist, who has destroyed countless or seemingly unimportant lives, might feel a sting on his chest. A strange kind of unease. A feeling that cannot be escaped. It doesn't come from the dark side. Forces of the light are punishing satanists for their violent acts. These counter powers to the satanic realm can also help a layman in trouble. If they want to help someone, they would most often create scenarios for a layman to succeed. They do not want to meddle with people's free will. That is why they rather influence indirectly. These creatures of “positive light” are among us – but they operate beyond our vision and understanding. Just like demons – the envoys of darkness.

 These positive powers are anti-satanic. They can work through Church and religious people, although, most often not. Clergy and other people working for the Christian Church can be as satanic as any secular people are. The same applies to Muslims, Jews, and others. Priests, imams, and rabbis - as anyone holding an authority position or a significant post - are all satanists. With possibly some very few exceptions.

 True spirituality does exist. But it has got nothing to do with religion. The mass culture of the western world treats religion as old-fashioned superstition. “Smart” people believe in science. Still, the level of corruption is almost the same. Spirituality is exploited from humans by poisoning their body and mind.

 Sometimes I wonder, why Satan is allowed to riot free? And why are people allowed to fall into satanism? How much we people are responsible for our actions? Of our thoughts we are probably not accused, even we all are prisoners of our own minds. Thoughts lead to deeds as much as thoughtlessness. Deeds determine character. Forces contrary to satanism seem vengeful and eager to cause malaise. People are constantly put into situations where they ought to act against their own good to make it right. It is far too easy to do wrong in this world. Forces of light seem to enjoy correcting the wrong-doers. Everyone must do wrong, so they could be punished. Why cannot people be taught and told about the real ways of the world? Why are we not allowed to live in a true reality? When you have to learn everything the hard way, you most often end up cynical. There is no room for humor in the life of an achiever. Knowing the book of rules makes you self-important and blunt.

 To keep the game of life interesting, participants must be able to carry out free will. But free will is a burden to someone who doesn't understand his own best. And so people are guided by punishments. People are put into situations they can't handle, and then punished for doing wrong. This creates opportunities to learn from mistakes. Divine forces seem incapable to offer any other kind of education. They would say, they can't meddle in and overrule people's free will, yet they do that whenever they want. Perhaps they would say, they meddle in as little as possible. Who defines that amount?

 Knowing that there are agents of evil infiltrated among the so-called positive entities makes things even more frustrating. They are there for drama. But it is not the drama people would want in their lives. It develops a great risk that the most important decisions are being made by someone who only wants to wreak havoc on the world. It means that the world has to be wrong. Otherwise it wasn't interesting, for good would win in the end, anyway. Overall, human world is a fucked up place. You could blame Satan but he is just a puppet for beings above him. This whole grotesque play is not his script. He is just part of the masterplan. The master of his realm. And unfortunately we humans must remain in this satanic realm.

 Satanism really is the biggest bane in the world. The worse conspiracy there is. But I guess the life on Earth would be boring without it, since it continues to rule over people's lives. The powers above the Devil let the show go on as it is. Even a fool can see that human life is not a good deal. Still, rather a human than a sunflower or a dog. We are not equal. Some are monsters, some are proxies, some are idiots, some are geniuses. Some are rich, some are poor. Some are capable, some are handicapped. Also, whatever you are, can be taken away from you. Numerous ingenious individuals end up being terrorized by satanists. They fall ill and suffer chronic depression. Antidepressants destroy their brain chemistry and turn them stupid and indifferent. Nothing has any true value here. It's all just a simulation. Everything can be changed afterwards and played again.

 What about pedophiles and such? An individual grown perverted is powerless facing a strong stimulation. Must he be punished for this too? Wouldn't it be easier to let him out of his misery? Wasn't it better if these monsters were never born? These matters can be contemplated on and on. A satisfying answer is hard to find, because we people have been deprived of tools to understand ourselves and this world. We live in a world of reflections. Forced to form our ideas without a real understanding.








Spells, Tricks, and Curses




 There are things that give satanist an upper hand over a layman. Satanic tricks and spells are one that kind of a thing. The whole issue is not known to laymen. Only satanists are supposed to know about it and be able to use it. That is about to change.

 Spells and tricks are a major factor in satanism. Getting ahead on a satanic path, people learn about them and how to use them. Not everyone learns the more complex spells and tricks. Many know only the most basic ones. It differs how far you can go. Learning takes talent and practice. Spells are cast as black magic. Tricks are more secular thing, based on hypnosis and sleight-of-hand.

 Satanists are of many kind. Their knowledge and abilities varies, but  some tricks are common to all clubbers. Even the youngest or newest. With one trick the victim is driven into a candid and obedient state of mind. He does what is told and cannot lie. When he is returned to a normal state, he cannot remember anything about what had happened.

 Other trick erases victim's short-term memory. If a satanist says something revealing, something that is not for layman's ears, he does this trick. It is a standard procedure. That's why satanism is not talked about or known about. Because no-one remembers anything. Those who do keep silent.

 Skilled satanist can erase victim's memory from a long time. Succeeding depends also on the victim. How weak is his mind. How susceptible he is. Satanist gets the victim into a candid state and is able to dictate what layman would remember about it afterwards. This procedure should not leave any memory traces, but I have found that it does. Of course these recollections can be so flimsy that more than anything else, they confuse the victim. Also, victim's imagination might fill the blank spots of a recollection. There is no point in asking anyone, how it really was? Satanists don't talk about tricks or anything Club-related to a layman. They deny the whole existence of the Club.

 With the help of tricks, satanist can rob or rape his victim. Satanist can frighten a layman by instilling a subconscious behavior model into his mind. For example a fear of flying. Or fear of the satanist himself. Or sexual activeness. If the victim is somehow inclined to the way satanist is manipulating him, succeeding is easier.

 However, powerful and skilled satanist does not need this kind of help. In general, satanist can trick a layman to fall in love with himself, or wanting to leave or stay, get mad, calm down, or whatever. Satanist can get to know layman's secret fears and desires. Many times satanist knows better than the layman himself, how he feels about things since people often deny their true nature even from themselves. They would know how they really feel and what are their motives, if they let themselves think about it. Delve into it. They rather not delve. It's easier to be superficial.

 Usually, a satanist wants to know what a layman thinks about him or something important to him? He does the trick and gets the layman into a candid state.

 “What do you think about me?” the satanist would ask. The layman answers honestly. If the answer is not to the satanist's liking, he gets a good excuse to terrorize the layman.

 “What do you think about this music?” the satanist goes on. The layman gives an honest answer. Then the satanist wakes him up and asks the same question. If the answer is not the same as given in the candid state, it is another good reason to terrorize him.

 With the help of tricks, satanist might get out of trouble with police, for example. On the other hand, if the police officer is in the Club too, the situation might get a whole lot worse. This is why when encountering a new person, satanist often asks surreptitiously: “Are you involved?”, or “Do you know?”, or “Are you in the Club?”. For a trick conducted is an unacceptable attack that has to be reacted on. Try to trick the wrong person and you end up paying a high price. Also, in general it is good to know with whom you are dealing with. With another member, you can talk about Club -related stuff. That is the only thing some people care to talk about. Some avoid the subject matter as much as possible.

 A layman should never attempt an insurance fraud. A little hint of fraud, and satanic insurance company detectives will find out how things really went down. Not that also those police officers who worship Satan could not make a layman sing truths, but charges must also be proved right at the court of law. Statements given under a trick cannot be used as they are. Insurance companies, however, do not need evidence. Knowing what really happened is enough for them. They can afford to prolong the investigation of cases and refuse to pay the reimbursements. At some point the guilty layman will get caught. Going to court against an insurance company is risky business for anyone. Police works on the cases within a more limited time frame. Also, the right against self-incrimination means things can be left unsaid.

 You might think that to get a product sold, some salesman or equivalent would use these tricks for his benefit. It's not that simple. First of all, using tricks on daily basis is not generally accepted. Also, satanic help is never free. You always have to pay a price for it. In a way or another. If you let yourself become accustomed to getting along with the help of tricks and spells, soon you can't do anything without them. If you are hitting on women by tricking them, you are soon in a situation where you can't even say “hi” to a woman without some satanic help. You are incapable for any kind of interaction with the other sex.

 A salesman can use tricks sometimes. When the time and place are right. When the situation requires an extra push over the cliff. However, a salesman should never base his business on tricks. The same applies to police detectives. Tricks are an ace up your sleeve. Then again, all the successful criminals are in the Club.

 Nevertheless, I am pretty sure that the world is full of unprofitable little boutiques and second-hand stores, whose satanic keepers are only waiting for the right idiot to walk in. A layman enthusiast, with whose expense the cash flow increases easily. A shop keeper could manipulate a lucrative customer relationship for years to come. Especially all kinds of antique shops and alike would suit this description.

 As far as I'm concerned, satanic tricks can be learned by any layman too. For they are based on sleight-of-hand and hypnosis. At least it is possible to attain an immunity against them. Rise above the whole thing. A layman has to purify his mind and body of all the filth, no matter how difficult it is. Satanic world order is mostly based on poisoning the pineal gland of people. We are deprived of our natural ability to understand and see. We are dumbed down and weakened with poisoning by fluoride and other substances. Living life without the membership of the Club is made difficult because almost everyone are poisoned. And intellectual endeavors of poisoned individuals are usually based on satanism: raw meat and terror.

 Those individuals who have purified themselves should keep a low profile, since psychic abilities and inclinations are attempted to be suppressed. That someone's pineal gland is not calcified is already too much for them. More poisoned people are, easier they are to control. Satanic World Order objects any kind of self-sufficiency: Water, food, thoughts, culture...






Memories From My Youth


 Even a layman is not supposed to remember or know anything about the tricks, in some cases this doesn't apply.

 Years ago, I used to visit my old friend Mikko “Pena” Pentti in Turku, Finland. Back then we were still “friends”, as I had not “woken up” yet. He used to come before me, look deep into my eyes, grab my hand and say: “Wait.” Then: Bing! I was under his spell. Pena took my money and exploited me sexually.

 Usually, he would offer me cannabis before the trick. It confused my perception of time. So when he woke me up afterwards, I wasn't questioning all the time that had passed. I always just thought that time flies while at Pena's place. Often, before I left, he would come one more time before me to stare into my eyes. Just to ensure I wasn't hypnotized anymore. Or to trick me once more to make sure I would not remember anything. As far as I know, these tricks don't require an eye contact. They are normally performed by touching or grabbing the victim by the neck. Pena probably wasn't proficient at it. That's why I remember this stuff so well. He couldn't properly trick me to forget.

 Pena was a dedicated stoner. A lazy and lax guy. I remember once when he and Teemu Natunen were at the backseat of my car. Teemu was another old friend of mine. He too a satanist. They were talking when suddenly Pena got alarmed.

 “You should not have heard that, Ville,” he said

 “What?” I said.

 I had not listened to him at all. I was concentrating on driving the car. Silence fell and I saw distressed Pena in the rear mirror. He was already touching my neck, when Teemu got upset:

 “Don't do anything to him now, he's driving!”

 Pena backed off.

 “Stop the car, Ville,” he said. I answered that I'll pull over when there's a good spot. Soon I did into some parking lot. As I parked the car, Pena started to program my head.

 Back then I didn't have a clue what all this was about. Sometimes I wonder, how much stuff Pena and all the other satanists have erased from my mind through the years? Things that I was supposed to remember and know. Things I read, people I met, and so on. And how much have I been poisoned by Pena and other people? Dumbed down with pills fed to me. I was Pena's fool and source of income for many years. When I finally joined the Club in 2010, Pena knew he had tough times ahead of him.

 “Give me mercy,” he repeated to me over the phone. Even though I have been terrorized by a myriad of people during my life, Pena is the one of those whose terror has lasted the longest period of time.

 It started when I was 18 and in the 11th grade. Pena was a year senior to me. Right after he graduated from the senior high school, he was initiated into satanism. Unlike many other kids, including his younger sister, he wasn't initiated before that, because his parents found him already too difficult to handle.

 After his initiation, I was ordered to be his target person. Someone had to suffer. I happened to be chosen because I gave him a cheeky present for his graduation: Dale Carnegie's famous book “How to Win Friends and Influence People”. I found this book second hand, and thought it would suit Pena. Truth is that I was a bit annoyed by his laid-back social ableness. Pena didn't mind my present, but his uber-satanic pharmacist uncle asked me about it, during my visit to Pena's graduation party at their home. I can't remember what I said, but he didn't like it nor this snide present that was put on the table with other presents and flowers. Neither did Pena's parents like the book. I don't know what was so horrible about it? I guess my presumptuous attitude did the effect.

 There was also another reason. Pena and I had been in the same punk rock band during our teen years. Despite Pena's relatives' satanic boost the band fell flat. The only video document of our gigs presents a weak and lousy band. The video is an embarrassment. After we had watched it for the first time, I said to the other guys, “Let's destroy this tape”. They said no. Pena said that it doesn't bother him. I think he was just saying that to piss me off. Well, it did just that and it probably annoyed Pena's pharmacist uncle too, who had also seen the video, as he asked me about it at Pena's graduation party. The pharmacist uncle had been working in secret, using satanism to make Pena's band roll. So that there was at least something Pena could do in his life. Still, his satanic help didn't do much since we all put only a minimum effort into the band. It was never going anywhere. We were probably also sabotaged by many local villagers who, for reason or another, didn't like us. That would have included my own father, who was bitter that I could play better than my elder brother, who was his favorite son. Anyway, on the video I happen to smirk to the camera after the gig saying, “It didn't go too well.” This did it for the pharmacist uncle. He made me a scapegoat for the whole band. Someone had to pay for this embarrassing tape. Well, I was the only guy in the band who was not in the Club. Also only one whose family was not in the Club. Later in my life, all the other band members: Tuomas Toivainen, Mika Pettissalo, and Ville Palo were at my back too. Stealing money and/or making me feel miserable. Ville Palo's wife Satu Liukas did her share too. She said, “I do this much to you, because it is just so easy.”

 Mikko's younger sister Leena did some tricks on me, too. Although her tricks were more like spells. Two years earlier, in the summer of 1994, Leena had a crush on me. She was a year younger than I. At their house Leena asked me into her room. There she recited; incantated; something vague and said I should look at her. I wasn't interested. Instead I turned my eyes on her yellow Sony cassette deck on the table. Bing! I got obsessed with the Sony tape deck. Whenever possible I tried to borrow it from Leena. It was named “Keltsu”, which would translate as “Yelli”. That tape deck entertained me and other teenagers on many of our drinking trips.

 But Leena didn't give up. Finally she managed to cast a spell on me. I got infatuated by her and wanted to be with her. I was seen walking around the village with her. My mother didn't like it. She knew I had never been interested in Leena. When my father heard about it, he probably consulted his satanic boyfriend who unwinded the spell on me. Or perhaps it was the other villagers of Mouhijärvi who didn't accept what Leena had done to me. My new relationship with her was very obviously of satanic nature. It didn't seem natural at all. And we were only around 15.

 As I have mentioned, I joined the Club too, for a few weeks in the summer of 2010. However, I never wanted to join. I didn't want to be in the Club, and got out of it. Before that I got to try the trick myself. I went to a bar in Turku city center and got to talk to a woman. I squeezed her hand and touched her nape. I whispered to her: “You want me more than anything.” Suddenly she was crazy about me. She refused to take a hotel room with me, though. Perhaps because it was only midafternoon and she was also in a relationship and not inebriated at all. Later in the same summer I bumped into her and she was still interested in me. It can be said that once someone is tricked and feels a powerful emotion, one is inclined to think the same way later too. When not under the spell. Or so it seems anyway.






Spells and Curses


 Satanic might over laymen is largely based on mind control tricks. Most demanding and long-effecting tricks can be considered as “spells”. Reality behind these spells is unknown to me. I would think that spells are based on black magic. Whatever that is. I'm sure there is a scientific explanation for these things too. Demons, for instance, are extra terrestrials. Spells also ought to be a natural phenomenon; only a force that is too complicated for a human to understand. Or maybe spells are based on something really simple. Something that has never been discussed or conceptualized so it could be understood. Perhaps the mechanisms behind this phenomenon could be understood by humans, if there were words and concepts to talk about it.

 Either way, with spells people can be brought to fall in love, to hate, to get interested, infatuated, paralyzed, suicidal, or overly sexual. Adeptly cast spells can get a person to walk off a cliff. An idea is implanted into the victim's mind. Of course it helps if the victim is bound to think in a certain way. Spells work on individuals, but perhaps advanced wizard can program masses. This would explain the success of Finnish rap artist Cheek.

 Spells are often used discreetly on a long timespan, distracting the target by installing ideas and feelings into his mind. Making him uncomfortable, stiff, moody or even transsexual. Usually boosting the bad sides of his personality, to change his personality on whole. To make life difficult for him.

 By these tricks, a person can be made to forget something but also to remember things that never happened. With a spell, a person can be get to close something out of his mind. A thing that is clear and obvious to everyone else. The same treatment can also be given to many people at the same time. Then a certain thing would stop existing for them. It is bypassed and not talked about. Not even if the whole world around them would talk about it. If some outsider tries to discuss it, people under the spell just calmly block what they hear. It doesn't exist to them, no matter what. Finally, the whole thing is given a rest, as the people trying to bring it up start to question their own perceptions and ideas. Or they would think that the one under the spell is merely ashamed of the whole thing.

 Spells can fade out certain memories from a person. These memories could return, though. However, partly or even fully returned memories appear to be vague, unless they can be reasonably associated with some clear facts. When person's short time memory is being wiped, he loses some memories from a longer period of time too. Things that weren't meant to be erased. It can get awkward, when you don't remember people you have met or things you have read about. Things that “everyone knows”. For sure it could be bliss too. Not to be aware of the common narratives. It would help you to think and prevent you from buying the “big lie” mass media and the world is pushing on us everyday.

 If a layman remembers being cheated or humiliated by a satanist, it is better not to talk about it to anyone. You never know if they are in the Club. If they are, your memory will be erased so thoroughly that you can't remember anything about the whole thing. You would lose a lot of important data.

 Drinking alcohol or using other substances makes it easier to erase one's memory. If someone's memory is to be wiped, it is often done specifically while he is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.






Other Issues


 A spell can be cast from a long distance and it can have a long effect. It has nothing to do with tricks that are based on hypnosis.

 There is also talk about “a curse”. The whole thing seems a vague concept to me. Certainly it's a matter of definition. It could be just another name for a spell. Curse would be a long-effecting spell that an adept satanist casts upon the chosen victim. The victim can very well be a satanist too. That doesn't save him. By one definition curse is a project that satanist is working on. He sets clearly one person as his target and terrorizes this person's life as long as he feels like it. Through years, sometimes through decades.

 As it was mentioned earlier in this text (page 2), to maintain a happy and satisfied mood, satanist needs someone to terrorize. The target person's mood is locked in the executor's psyche. When the target is happy, the executor is un-happy. That's why the executor intends to keep the target in a constant state of sorrow. It is naturally a very unfortunate thing to end up as a target of a cunning satanist.

 Unlike tricks, spells inevitably have some kind of supernatural element in them. Black magic or whatever it is. As discussed, supernatural is only something that is not yet known. Something that cannot be explained. I would think, spells are really just channeling energy streams or flows that humans are not usually capable of controlling. If satanist uses these energies effectively by harming another person, he can do so. But it also has an effect on the satanist himself.

 Another theory is that in casting a curse or spell, a human is aided by a negative inter-dimensional entity, a demon, who helps the human to harm another human. The demon takes a share of the negative energy for himself, by harvesting the sorrow. It is a bargain, but probably not a very good one for the human. Demons use satanists as proxies to operate among people.

 When I was in the Club in 2010, Samuel O'Neill told me that learning the craft of spelling takes years and years. Some of the most skilled witches can conjure themselves into invisibility. However, satanic extra terrestrials such as reptilians don't like people who are mentally capable. In talent or skills. Aliens interest is to keep people weak and stupid. Psychics and alike better maintain a low profile. They are not tolerated or wanted into high positions. Illuminati-level satanists are not smart and creative people. On the contrary, they are rather simple minded. They have been programmed to act as reptilians want them to act.









Manipulation of Consciousness


 Human mind can be manipulated in many ways. Different audiovisual publications like movies are often loaded with triggers that launch pre-programmed scenarios inside certain people's minds. Television itself is a device manipulating brain waves. The whole satanic world order is based on poisoning people. Not only poisoning their pineal gland by sustenance, but also other brain chemistry by audiovisual distraction.

 People dealing with satanists, basically any normal person, should be aware about their own thoughts at all times. Manipulation of mind is a cunning thing. You think you want something even you had decided otherwise. One ought to ponder what is smart and reasonable? It is not necessarily the thing you want at the given moment. What you want is often different from what you need. It is good to be cautious about your own desires and learn to control them. This can be difficult, especially for an addict under satanic manipulation. And if the addict doesn't know such manipulation exists, it is even harder.

 What you want is more important than what you do. To be able to control your deeds in the long run, you must learn to control your desires. You have to set yourself to genuinely want for things that benefit yourself and cause joy beyond the present moment. That is not easy. First step is to act against your own will. Then shape your desires. Long for pleasures that are more plain but give longer. Learn to enjoy moments without substances such as drinks, food, or stimulants. You are what you make yourself used to, so make yourself used to moderation. Enjoy moderation as a mind set. First you want wrong and do wrong. Then you want wrong but do right. Then you want right and do right. Then you are happy, because you don't have to fight against yourself and you can use that energy for something else.

 Before the action is the planning of the action. Before the planning is the idea. To stop yourself from carrying out unwanted action you must kill the idea before it turns into a plan. If you let yourself entertain the idea, you pretty soon start planning to execute it. And further you plan, shorter it is from putting it into practice. The easiest thing to do is to kill the idea as it appears and not to think about it at all. That said, this procedure involves another risk. What if you accidentally kill an idea that could have become something great?

 I would say, that of important things it's good to make a plan. Then follow the plan, even you wouldn't always feel like it. Stick to the plan and keep your eyes on the prize. Otherwise you are easily manipulated or prone to act on a whim, against your own good. Possibly even embarrass yourself in public.

 People dealing with satanists should measure their desires. And also contemplate their statements. What is smart for yourself? What can be said and what is better not to say? In the media you often see a reasonable person saying all kinds of stupid things and embarrassing himself. Then fixing things later, making excuses. This kind of situations are often caused by satanic manipulation of mind. Some people can conduct this manipulation so subtly that defending is difficult, unless you have everything you do figured out beforehand. Then again, that is boring.






Tube Radio


 There are also physical apparatuses that satanists use for mind controlling. I have experience of such a device, looking just like an antique tube radio. It was operated by my late father's old colleague Mr Antero Vene, Captain of the cargo vessel M/S Kemira. Vene used this thing on me, my brother, my mother, and also on the personnel of the ship.

 Vene was hooked into the machine with headphones of some kind. Then he placed another set of headphones on my ears. I heard white noise and some distant squeaking. Vene was adjusting the machine by rolling a knob and listening. The sounds I heard reminded me of those heard in annual hearing tests at local healthcare center. Suddenly I could hear Vene's voice amid the noise. I can't remember if he had a microphone, but I remember him testing: “Can you hear it?” Although he tricked us to forget, Vene still wanted to have an alibi for the whole thing. According to “the official narrative” we had been fooling around with radiotelephones.

 I have heard that same kind of machine has been used by another Rauma-based satanist, Mr Rauno Mokka, the former chairman of ice-hockey club Lukko Rauma. Perhaps there were many tube radios in Rauma. Or perhaps only one that was shared among the “leading satanists”.

 As an adult, I have experienced different kind of manipulation. Late American business man Samuel O'Neill could control me with a remote control of some kind. I could not resist his orders, but did what he wanted me to do. As if in a trance. I don't know if I seemed normal under this command. Could it be detected in my eyes? I'm certain that same kind of control still remains, but also that some day it will all become clear.










 There is a thing that almost everyone wants: money. When a satanist gets a layman into a state of candidness, he often asks first: “Do you have any money?” And if so, how much? Because money is something everyone needs. And you never have enough of it. To steal layman's money is just too easy to resist. If he has lots of it, it also seems like a harmless thing to do. Especially if you are in trouble and in need. “It's only money,” say people who are stealing. And: "Probably it's some cunt, anyway." Because most of the people are.

 This is why a layman should keep a pedantic accounting of his income and expenditure. If a layman gets rich; for example, wins the lottery; it is probable that he soon gets rid of at least some of his fortune. The money just vanishes. A layman is such an easy target for satanists, that the sheer opportunity makes a thief. And satanists are within every family and community. Then again, it is highly unlikely for a layman to ever get rich.

 Successful people are predominantly satanists. If someone isn't, he will be. When it comes to lottery winners, they are scarce. A layman lottery winner (or alike) who starts to hang around rich people in five star hotels and luxury cruises is quickly fucked. Vast majority of rich people are sadistic satanists. And the company makes one alike.

 I have been freed from a lot of money throughout my life. During my studies, I have always worked at weekends and on holidays. That's why I usually had a little extra. The company I have kept over the years has been lazy, poor, and dishonest. I never kept accounting and in parties and night-outs I have usually been among the drunkest. Do these things make it acceptable to steal from me? When I joined the Club in 2010, I heard excuses from people who had been continuously robbing me: “It was just too easy...” and "I didn't have any money of my own."

 Nowadays I keep strict accounting of my money. It's easy since they give you a receipt everywhere. And all my money is in the bank. Of course accounting can be manipulated. But my calculations seem to match. To cook my books, one should be able to hack my bank account. Create a shadow account for me. That is not an easy task to accomplish. If someone can do that, it would explain a lot. It would also mean that I would eventually have to sue my bank. As they would have been part of the satanic scheme around me. Part of the conspiracy against me. Part of the bubble. Well, time will tell.

 On everyday level, it seems like at least these average clubbers are not able to rob me anymore. It helps that I don't drink much or use drugs. I don't go to bars or night clubs, and I don't earn much either. In the past when I drank too much it was just way too easy to fool me. To take my money and erase my memory. I can't say everyone ought to be sober all the time but for me it has worked.








Raw Meat and Cannibalism


 Despite their life style, some people retain a youthful face through the years. In between times, they lose their looks, but soon again all the wrinkles are unexplainably gone. In some cases it is due to plastic surgery or other facial operations. In most of the cases it is due to satanism.

 Satanism involves carnivory. Meat is consumed raw. Eating flesh is a ritual, but it can be eaten in a mundane way. Straight to the mouth out of the fridge. Meat can be of animal, but in the rites satanists prefer human flesh. Preferably of children. The meat of a little baby is considered the best. Especially bone marrow which is thought to have special healing effects. It is mainly consumed by elites who can afford it. Bone marrow is also used in regenerative stem cell therapy. It is a more scientific way for rejuvenation.

 No matter if the meat comes from a human or an animal, it is important that it has suffered before its death. The best satanic effect is gained of flesh that has been both physically tortured and mentally harassed. Suffered flesh also has the best taste. For the same reason cat is playing with mouse before eating it. To get to enjoy adrenalin filled flesh. In the same way reptilians torture their human victims in their bloody feasts. They torture human, keep him alive and enjoy the tortured meat little by little, prolonging the pleasure. Not only eating but also sniffing the pain and despair which gives them a high.


 So, even though vegetarianism is factually healthy, there is a flip side to this coin. Also raw flesh and blood do good to the skin. They even out wrinkles and hydrate coarse and rough skin. Aging satanist can be recognized of sleek cheekbones. If this effect is biological or black magic? I don't know. Perhaps a bit of both.

 Many satanists enjoy their meat portions regularly to remain glossy-skinned. Once they are hooked to meat, they age rapidly without it. It is not only a matter of appearance. Satanist must have meat to cope. It is a mental and a physical addiction. Without meat satanist goes through strong withdrawal symptoms. After consuming a portion of suffered flesh, satanist feels strong and red-blooded. For many people, it offers the necessary self-confidence boost, without which things would not work out. Satanist lives of flesh. It keeps him vigorous.

 Meat processing plants and slaughter houses are usually owned and controlled by satanic people. Their owners and managers get ahead in the satanic hierarchy by dealing suffered flesh to other satanists. Before the animals are killed, they are tortured for days. This procedure doesn't only make the meat more adrenalin-filled. It also gives the conductors the satanic benefit which they need. Someone has to suffer. Animals are an easy target, because eating them is a norm. Animals can't speak and advocate their rights.








Social Network




 The Club is the biggest network in the world. When you ask someone about Satanism, you usually get to hear rambling about Freemasonry. Surely Freemasons are a powerful organization on its own. Yet, when it comes to the sheer size of the network, Freemasons are nothing compared to the Club. Freemasonry is for the people with high social status, lots of wealth, or preferably both. Being a member of the Club doesn't require anything. Almost anyone can be involved in the Club. The Club is not exclusive. Everyone is in it.

 Without a Club membership you are not respected. As a layman you are a second class citizen. You can be an employee; a worker. Perform manual or menial labor. But running a business; being an entrepreneur; is difficult. It's just too easy for your satanic employees, competitors, customers, and business partners to cross you. For it doesn't take a criminal mind to commit a crime. An opportunity makes a thief.

 Also, many satanists are only confident doing business with other Club-members. Dealing with a layman is risky. A layman is too vulnerable. That is why projects are often started and conducted by satanists with other satanists. Some clubbers don't want to even hire laymen. Especially if the work involves handling cash. A layman is too easy to fool. Then again, a layman as an employee can be tricked to confess what he really thinks about company, people, customers and so on. Some employers like this and are willing to hire one layman to, say, five satanists. Then use this one layman as an informer. Certainly the satanist employees know this and often the lone layman is not invited to certain night-outs or social activities. Many satanists don't actually want to spend any time at all with laymen, except when taking advantage of them. They think that among laymen they cannot talk about anything interesting (Club-related). And that the company of laymen weakens them. They might end up protecting the layman from the attacks of other clubbers. While the layman remains oblivious about it all. Like a child.

 Stripes, merits, or social status do not substitute a high place on a satanic hierarchy. Yet, they are also needed. A satanist, unless he is a freemason or some highly influential person, is under the same law as a layman. Money and relation to the upper classes are a possible redeeming feature.

 Some satanists work as secretaries to the Club around their geographical area. They take care of the Club business. These secretaries are not necessarily the most influential or capable when it comes to occultism. The strongest “witches” might often appear seemingly mediocre people. They like to watch. They monitor others. They don't have to perform. They sick people on each other and enjoy the show. Often they operate in the most clandestine way.

 All the leading political figures of the world are satanists. The same applies to monarchs. And the leading figures of all the religions. In some countries, religion supports government and vice versa. This is a bad thing since religious views are not need to be backed by common sense. They are a matter of belief. By religion, the satanic world order is easiest to conduct. The same applies to authoritarian and totalitarian regimes. The same applies to any centralized system.

 Bigger the dictator, bigger the satanist. North-Korea's Kim Jong-Il is powerful by satanism. He gets his power out of oppressing his people. The same applied to Stalin and other tyrants. They all got massive satanic power and satisfaction from tyrannizing people. Then there are dictators like Turkish Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who added to his satanism, is probably also mentally gifted. He might have a secret talent. The same kind of talent like Finnish banker Björn Wahlroos has. They both can bend people's minds. Make people agree with them, like them, and submit under their will. This would explain why other Turks can't undermine Erdogan, although he is not very popular among Turkish leading figures. Is he part of the New World Order? Turkey is a huge country. At the moment it is not wanted in the EU because of its sheer size and cultural differences with Germany and France...






Who Gets Contracts?


 Satanic corruption is present in public projects: Road construction and all kinds of infrastructure and real estate development. Public contracting procedures are anything but fair. Public projects are put into practice even without a real need so that some satanist could carry out a lucrative project with his company. Public and private projects are often excessively costly and prolonged. For the benefit of satanists. Final bill is handed to the tax-payers.

 There is no real competition in the allocation of public contracting. Unjust allocation and corruption are a standard, not only in public sector investments, but also on the private side of the market. Often these two are overlapping. Satanists commission contracts in cabinets, behind closed doors. Without being in the Club, you can't even dream of being part of these share-outs.

 Satanists share the state and municipal contracts among each other. Laymen do not have a chance at this deal. The most cunning satanist with the sharpest elbows gets the best parts of whatever there is to share. Certainly contracts must be carried out professionally. But the most reasonable bid of the most trustworthy contractor does not win the tender, as tendering is not so much about price and quality. It is about who's who in the Club. This applies also to all communal services, like health care, maintenance, cleaning, and catering.

 Tender offers and contracts in the public sector should be - and they could be - evaluated with realism. But in the satanic world order the worst satanist makes an unrealistic offer which is then approved. It doesn't matter that the offer is unworkable to start with. The cheap price and fast schedule are only an excuse to give the contract to the most satanic company, instead of someone capable of carrying it out in a reasonable timeframe and cost.

 Public money is being used to benefit private businesses owned by satanists. This is a standard. Privatizing infrastructure and services that supply to basic needs of people only worsen these patterns. Basic necessities such as water and electricity should be operated by public organizations. It's too easy to make a profit with something people can't live without.






Satanic Construction


 Misconducts occur both in the public and private sector. When a condominium is commissioning a renovation project, the unit owners should be aware. For it is highly possible that some unit owners are trying to fix the contract to someone they know and get a share of the profit.

 Unit owner(s) proposes a renovation project. Corrupted inspectors evaluate and approve the plan. The costly project is commissioned to a company that is secretly linked to the unit owner and inspectors. This happens all the time. Unnecessary renovation projects are planned and executed, then further prolonged and expanded. Once the renovation project has been started, it is easy for the professional-level opinion to assure the unit owners that new renovation costs and other expenses are a normal addition. That in fact, without them the whole project would not make any sense. Since the expenses are rather small per one unit holder, the decision is easy to make. These kind of scams offer large profits for a little effort. A series of minor renovation costs which are easier to get approved all add up. In old buildings there is always something more to repair.

 Renovation projects are a lucrative opportunity for a small circle of shareholders to gain profit at the expense of the majority. It happens everywhere. Especially condominiums that inhabit a lot of laymen are primary targets for people specialized in renovation scams. Same applies to all properties owned by laymen or Club-members of lower ranks.

 Bigger the project is, more it will include concatenation (subcontracting). This leads to further misconducts. Firms operating as subcontractors may neglect their taxes and social security payments. They can over-charge the major contractor who is thus forced to over-charge the condominium. Further expenditures are justified by their increasing effect on the value of the units. Subcontractors and agencies hiring out labour are often unwilling and incapable to discharge their obligations as employers. Companies have unstable employment patterns. Sheer negligence of their employees. They hire possibly unprofessional foreign labour. These foreigners can also be careless due to being underpaid or overburdened with hours. Working abroad and constantly moving around further discourages them in their work. There is no social pressure to perform professionally. Foreign workers are faceless mercenaries. Deprived second-class citizens.

 The end result of this all is defective and poorly carried out work. These mistakes are not necessarily detected at all, or detected only after a long time period. They may occur several years after the original work has been completed and require extensive remedial work to fix. At this point contractors and subcontractors have disappeared. Thus defect rectification or other compensation agreed in the contract cannot be carried out. Tax-evading satanists have started new companies with different names. Housing is made to be one big caveat emptor market. Even with all the regulation and also because of it. Corruption is rife.






Extensive Ostensible Benefit


 Allocation of public works contracts is corrupted everywhere. All public contracts are allocated to satanists. Only clubbers can benefit from public sector investments.

 Public funding for all kinds of planning and research is even more corrupted. Government and municipalities pour millions of euro into all kinds of projects run by private companies. Without satanism it is no use trying to get a share of this money. The same applies to funds directed to artists in grants and awards. As long as the Club - issues have been worked out, you don't have to be talented or promising to get government funding for your art project.

 Foundations are often being exploited by a clique of people, who are distributing the funds in a corrupt way. Money is being dispensed to people who compensate these subsidies back to the foundation people. Project costs are deliberately over calculated. And let's not forget, many foundations and other charitable organizations are tax exempt.

 Anyone involved should know about these things but they are never discussed. Corruption is talked about in the media but the Club is a topic that cannot be discussed. It is strictly forbidden. For who would want to risk the well-being of oneself and family, be nullified as a person and get one's career destroyed just to get a point made? It is easier to be part of the big lie. At least everyone is in the same mess. This omerta applies to many things related to the Club. For example, it applies to Bruce Springsteen. Everyone in the Club knows he doesn't write his songs but it is not allowed to talk about. It sure would make an interesting story, but no. Springsteen is an investment of someone too powerful in the Club.

 Surprisingly enough, sometimes someone points out misconduct. Stands out. Now there are suddenly many others who are hurrying to do the same. This happened with Me too – campaign. In the western countries things are at least like this. In more corrupted countries misconducts cannot be discussed at all in the media. They are accepted as part of the society. When everyone is taking part it becomes a norm. Ordinary people with families do what they can to feed and educate their children. People without families could be more rebellious and free, but they are often conceited individualists, who only think of themselves.

 Sinecure public sector employment is another form of corruption, conducted with satanic procedures by the satanic hierarchy. Thousands and thousands of people doing not much but enjoying good salaries and benefits are a heavier load to the state budget than those who are unemployed. Tenured sinecures are also very difficult to cancel. Once a post is put up it becomes politically difficult to suspend it. Bigger the system, more there is corruption. And easier it is for satanists to use it for their game. The Club can overrule decisions and point out people, who need a push. These people get ahead for a blood sacrifice they have conducted.  

 Governmental offices are everywhere filled with satanic bureaucrats trying to justify their posts by setting different kinds of regulations. The same band aid is offered to institutional problems by elected politicians who want to appear to be doing something.






Media World


 To prosper without satanism is difficult in any business. This applies especially in the world of media. Successful artists and entertainers are all satanists. Presenters and hosts are satanists. Producers and directors too. It is only natural that all gray eminences; the major players behind the scenes are the worse satanists of all.

 It's not only that without the Club membership you can't get a job. It's also that without the membership you can't get the job done. You might get one lucky shot or even a second chance, but before too long some satanist sabotages you. Walks over you to steal what you have. This applies to all kinds of businesses. But in the media and entertainment industry the satanic code is more harsh and blatant.

 Everywhere jobs and posts are filled with satanists. Laymen don't stand much of a chance. This doesn't mean that satanists are - in general, or at all - friends with each other. Neither does it mean that things work out easily or automatically for a satanist. Competition is tough. The Club-membership is just a prerequisite to get started. It offers the very base for which to build on. Beyond that the Club offers opportunities for the nastiest of people to get ahead in their lives. Sacrificial victims for Satan make you competent. If not by boosting your own endeavors, then by sudden misfortunes of other people; colleagues and competitors.

 If a layman got some desired job, he would instantly become a target for jealous satanists. More prominent position person has, more prone he is to become a target for satanic attacks. There is always someone who wants to steal your goods. That's why public figures and celebrities are all satanists. Otherwise it's too difficult to cope. A layman should only dream about stable and happy family life, where everything might go well if you manage to stay sober and humble. Self-important laymen are shot down fast.






Cuntier You Are


 In any kind of competition, satanist has a huge advantage over a layman. A layman might be liked as a friend and colleague. But he is too easily undermined to compete with a satanist otherwise on the same level. A layman has to have something that is badly needed and what cannot be taken away from him. Even that is not necessarily enough, for the world abounds in everything. If there is a thing that cannot be price-tagged or raped, satanists would find it unnecessary. Either way, before too long layman's thing is being destroyed, if for nothing else, then for jealousness. If you don't want to be a satanist, it is better to be an employee. To remain monetarily modest. Without the Club membership, you ought to be really talented to get on in the game. And still, you can't defend yourself from the satanic terror.

 Cuntier the person, better requirements he has. On the other hand, a nice guy, too, can get well ahead in the satanic game by conducting a murderous act. The deeds matter, not the image. Many assholes are actually benevolent under the annoying surface. It is said that the worst satanic wrong-doers are seemingly friendly personalities. Either way, a crude image keeps the low-level bullies away. But some people are constantly looking forward to getting insulted. They are collecting new excuses for the satanic terror they need to conduct for their own benefit.

 At top level of business life it is absolutely impossible to operate without satanism. An artist can theoretically be a layman, a businessman can't. All the CEO:s of larger companies are satanists. Everyone from the owning class. Take any bigger company and have a look at the owners, managers, and board. Each one of them a cold-blooded satanist.

 Also all the major players in politics are satanists. From left or right, it doesn't matter. Satanism is not tied to right-wing politicians. To some extent it is linked with economic well-being. 

 Religions don't make any difference either. There are satanists in Christians as much as in Muslims. As much in the Green Party as in the Independence Party. A left-wing politician supporting solidarity can be a real dick head and a hard boiled satanist. Duplicity reigns. Without two faces is impossible to succeed as a politician in this satanic world.






Intelligence and Security Police


 Some might think that authorities are supposed to defend the interests of citizens. That intelligence organizations and security police would protect people from internal and external threats and sustain the peace. Truth is something else.

 All the intelligence organizations and security polices are thoroughly satanic and corrupted. They are led and controlled by satanists. They are being used to maintain and bring forward the satanic world order. For the Club, it's easy to hijack these organizations by controlling the people installed in the key positions. National security serves as an excuse to terrorize those individuals who refuse to act upon what is considered “normal”. Furthermore, it is impossible to monitor internal affairs, for who watches the watchers?

 Satanism is a pyramid shaped power structure where benefit travels always upwards. Chaos creates satanic benefit for negative extra terrestrials to harvest. Chaos generates sorrow and it is easy to control when the goal is to produce more disorder. Controlled terrorism is a scheme that Illuminati is using to push the NWO agenda forward. More strikes, more surveillance. More surveillance, more control. Zionist mass media promotes the same NWO agenda in every possible way. 

 The Cabal, Illuminati, that runs USA and Israel is also controlling European Union. They are trying to make EU a federal state in order to efficiently control the whole continent. The people behind the NWO are controlled by malevolent extra terrestrials whose interest is all kinds of sorrow among humans. Even these species are superior to us, they are not omnipotent. Their time and resources are limited. Also, their existence is based on different standards than ours. They are too different to effectively control human kind on their own and at the same time stay hidden. They need a mediator. Illuminati is their mediator. But neither is Illuminati omnipotent. How can you monitor 200 countries and 8 billion people? You can't. You need less countries and less people. Above all, you need more surveillance and people need to accept this surveillance. Hence the faked terrorism.

 It is known that most of “the terrorists” are muslims and come from the Middle East. This is a Zionist plan to turn Christians and Muslims against each other. To give Arabs an inhumane image and thus justify the war crimes against them. To export millions of people from the Middle East into Europe is another Zionist NWO scheme to mix nations and religions. It is forced multi-culturalism in order to destroy sovereign national countries. To destroy strong units, who would be willing and capable of defending themselves from European Union and the NWO agenda. Other goal for the Team USA-Israel in controlling the Middle East is to control the land; cultivate opium, steal oil, minerals, and other natural resources.

 Further, Illuminati is interested in a alleged “star gate” that is located somewhere in the Middle East. This supernatural phenomenon has not yet being found and it is also beyond human understanding. “Stargate” is not something you can adjust with a screwdriver or reprogram with a PC. Whatever it is, the Cabal wants to control it. As the late American Illuminati-insider Samuel O'Neill told me: “You can't leave something this precious in the hands of Arabs.”

 At the present day "Stargate" is not yet relevant. Illuminati knows about it through their oracles. It will be important thing in the future, and they want to ensure they have a stronghold in the area. Oil is actually just an excuse. The Jewish State another excuse. 


 Due to the NWO-organized false flag operations, authorities are demanding more rights and opportunities over people's privacy and personal integrity. Everything is justified by national security. Intelligence in general doesn't really need new laws for the operations they conduct. They carry them out anyway. But with jurisdiction these schemes can be taken even further and maintained after the alleged problem is solved. In the Middle East different militant groups and the so-called terrorists and are actually funded, trained, and controlled by CIA and Mossad, the intelligence agency of Israel. Legislation is never changed in a direction where surveillance would be reduced. Also, spies have always operated above the law. How could they follow the law book? Not even ordinary cops can do their job without resorting to the aid of the Club. It's all against the law.

 The concept of Police State manifests itself in devious ways. Government control over the Internet is being maneuvered by the concept of Hate Speech. Police are monitoring Internet forums and social media in order to find hate in citizens comments. Hate is a banned feeling. But what is hate? It seems like anything contrary to the NWO-agenda is hate. Anything strict. Anything opposing the status quo. Hate Speech is clearly a concept, with what The Powers That Be are trying to ban opinions contrary to the “official truth”, which is spread by the "official" zionist media.

 Internet activists are under a specific control policy. You can hate and disagree online if it is about something trivial like sports. The real dissidents are being treated as enemies of the democratic state. A growing number of people questioning “the official truth” on the Internet has made all this transparent. And perhaps because of the Internet, the NWO plans are in a hurry. Too much information has already leaked. There are too many people to monitor. Not everyone can work for the NSA or CIA. In fascist East Germany anyone could have been secretly working for STASI, the internal police. Perhaps USA will be the modern day East Germany, where every other citizen is a spy. China already is that.

 Monitoring electronic communications and digital services is easy. The computer, network, and phone surveillance are somehow considered a standard that has to be accepted. Electronic communications in all its forms are also easy to manipulate. Under the veil of “normal” surveillance, satanists can control the telecommunications of targeted individuals. Public authorities and the machine of bureaucracy can be used against people who are a nuisance to the NWO and SWO. Anyone in the Club, was he a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher, or a nurse, must obey the Club orders.

 Persecuting activists and dissidents doesn't end here. Satanists are withholding technology that is decades ahead of what public knows about. Targeted individuals are terrorized with directed energy weapons, which are also known as microwave weapons. As a victim it is useless to report any such cases to the police. They would not believe any of it, for weapons of this kind don't even officially exist. You would only end up labelled insane and perhaps receive a referral to a mental health specialist.

 Satanists have many kinds of devices, which they can use to mess targeted individual's mind and physics. This can be done quickly or within a longer period of time. Keeping the victim in a tortured state. This kind of terror is put to practice by “common people” recruited among satanists. These torturers are often people of low income and intelligence.

 However, the case is not that satanists would persecute only laymen. Many Internet activists belong to the Club and are therefore satanists. Belonging to the Club doesn't mean supporting the NWO. Neither does the membership protect from microwave weapons. Many rich and powerful satanists line their house walls with lead and special fabrics in order to protect themselves from these attacks executed by other satanists.






The Club is The Law


 Satanists do not have a juridical license to kill. The mere Club membership does not provide immunity from investigation or prosecution for criminal offense. It is only natural that prisons are full of satanists and their victims. In closed communities like prisons and ships the power of a competent satanist grows stronger. Hardcore criminals are always hardcore satanists. That is how they succeed in their crimes, among other criminals, and manage to distract the police. Worse satanists can not be successfully confronted by individual cops.

 All kinds of mafia-organizations are based on satanism. That is the ultimate omerta. Most successful mafia bosses are dedicated to their work. They stay hidden and use all means of satanism trying to maintain their position and getting ahead. The most powerful satanists like to use intermediates. Just like the top mafia men. In the same way the “best” of policemen take orders from secretaries in the Club. It doesn't matter from which side of the law the orders are given. The law of the Club rises above legislation and criminals' codes. The best cops are satanists indeed and therefore able to solve crimes, but they are also bound to let satanic dignitaries walk free.

 Professional criminals are a lot of their own. So are most of the white-collar criminals. Bankers, investors, and such. Satanism doesn't pool the resources of different kind of criminals. Everyone are on their own. The vast majority of successful people are criminals anyway. Persecutors, torturers, child molesters, thieves, and merchants of flesh. The Club is not a friendly duck pond but a cross sea where you get easily overturned.

 People are not equal before the law. The same applies in the media. A person can be judged or pardoned in the media and that is a substantial part of the sentence to one way or another. The crimes and wrongdoings of the most powerful satanists are not processed in the media at all. The Club keeps its members on a leash by the media. Successful people who have the most to lose are usually the worst satanists who have a long record of abuse and exploitation. Now, these people better do what the Club secretaries order. And they better keep on abusing. Otherwise they can be destroyed - publicly lynched - in the media. It even looks like they should have seen it coming.

 White-collar criminality, especially banking, is significantly more expensive for the society than corner shop robbers. Yet nobody does anything to put a stop to the misconducts of the banking sector. The known pedophilia rings operated by the very elite are not investigated at all.









Gang Stalking


In General


 When people talk about gang stalking they mean persecution and stalking directed to one person, conducted by several people; a gang. However, behind these gangs there is often only one satanist, who hires or sicks other satanists on this one targeted individual. In many cases gang stalking is a campaign machinated by one or few influential and wealthy satanists. The purpose of this kind of a campaign could be revenge. Or it can be executed in order to torture and terrorize someone. A victim who suffers so that his persecutor can feel pleasant and gain satanic benefit through the Club. More the target suffers, better it is for the persecutor. Sometimes people become targeted individuals, because they don't want to join the Club. Or they refuse to do what the secretaries of the Club order them to do.

 The campaign could include persecution from authorities such as all kinds of bureaucrats, police, and doctors. It can also be limited to a certain group of people who are hired for the purpose through satanic internet forums. The composition of this kind of stalking group can alter. People drop out and others join in.

 Gang stalking can be performed discreetly or ruthlessly. The stalker is following the target's reactions and operates according to what seems to produce the best effect. What bothers and hurts target the most. Still, certain vagueness is typical to all gang stalking. All campaigns are invisible, but in many cases the target is expected to become aware of it. Nothing is said to him, though. He is supposed to wonder, what is this all about? He is meant to go mentally distracted, so that he could not be certain of his perceptions. He would question his sanity. Even if he had no doubt, he still could not prove anything. And even if he could, it would not seem credible. When defending his views, he would only appear crazy. Eventually he might lose his mind, social status, job, and friends. 

 There are different kind of gang stalking patterns for different purposes. The procedures follow certain patterns, whether the campaign is supposed to A) Torture the target, or B) Seclude the target, or C) Sabotage the target.


A) Torturing the target can be divided into two categories, mental and physical harassment. Often these two overlap.

 Firstly, the target is being brought down mentally with satanic black magic. An inexplicable malaise takes over him. He becomes depressed. Being or ending up alone makes him aloof.

 Sometimes mental harassment patterns include the target being followed long distances by car or on foot. Taking photographs and videoing him. By gathering around him and talking about him. Even when the target travels abroad, strangers talk about him or things he doesn't want to discuss. Where ever the target goes, strangers seem to know him and talk about him. Unknown people around him whisper things that nobody should know about.

 Because the Club influences around the world, these operations are easy to plan on the Internet. Satanists have Internet forums, where they can discuss and follow targeted individuals. Many a layman is unknowingly famous. Photos and information of targeted individuals spreads around. These Internet forums make gang stalking easy. They also spur satanists to join in the campaigns. People like to go and do what other people are doing. Be part of something. If other people are doing it, why not you?

 Different patterns are being systematically performed by people around the target. He is being ridiculed and laughed at by total strangers. People he knows ignore or mistreat him. Not only are they being told to but also manipulated to dislike him and avoid him. A proficient satanist can conjure you to turn against your friend. To look for an excuse to hate him. This feeling doesn't necessarily last but it can be overwhelming. Even in a short time things can go irreversibly wrong. You wonder why do you suddenly – without a good reason - detest your friend? When you attack him, he attacks back. A small irritant can trigger a vicious circle of mental and physical violence.

 This kind of distraction can drive the target insane. It depends on the person. Especially so, if he is not in the Club and thereby doesn't have any kind of understanding about these patterns. Those in the Club do not talk anything Club-related to a layman. If the target is in the Club, the meaning of the stalking on whole could also be to drag him deeper into the satanism. In order to get even with the world he should revenge and attack. In general, satanism thrives of chaos and terror. People are driven against each other.

 Secondly, in addition to mental harassment comes the physical harassment. This can be carried out by traditional violence like battery, or just pushing and tripping. Furthermore, different kinds of accidents happen.

 More advanced means for physical torture are direct energy weapons and alike. The use of these microwave attacks is not uncommon at all. Also, poisoning the food supply of the target is common. Poisons can include drugs or other elements poisonous for human body. Most common poisons are probably aluminum and sodium fluoride. Oral intake of fluoride reduces intellectual activity and makes one docile. It is also quite common to destroy target's looks by poisoning food or drinks. Throwing acid onto the target's face is another way to disfigure and disable.


B) Secluding the target is often carried out by interference of electronic communication. Preventing the target from getting his e-mail, Facebook -messages, phone calls, and also traditional mail. The satanic network is vast and powerful. It reaches every field of life. Secluding means also that the target doesn't get invited or asked to events he otherwise would be. Satanists are prohibited to be in touch with the target. Stalkers hijack target's e-mail – address and phone number and use them to destroy his reputation. They can also create fake accounts and contact people in the target's name. Subtly done this kind of procedure causes problems that will never get solved. How could the target ever correct these fake communications, when he doesn't know about them?

 Very often a person who doesn't want to join the Club ends up being secluded. Perhaps he already knows too much and creates a threat to the Club. Persecution of an unwilling layman doesn't only bother the target. It is also a message to all the clubbers around: This is what happens when you mess with us.


C) Sabotaging the target means complicating his life by harming his attempts to earn a living or to have fun. Target's car or bicycle can be rigged. Persecutors can "persuade" a car engineer to sabotage the target's vehicle while he is servicing it. Sand can be poured into the gas tank. Bicycle tyres can be punctured. Or target's clothes can be changed or soiled. On a holiday trip he gets a dirty hotel room without hot water. A called cab never arrives.

 The target is not supposed to be aware of it all. And if he comes aware, he ends up questioning every little misfortune he ever faces. Some random person smirking at a wrong moment gets evaluated as satanic gang stalking.






It Was Meant To Happen


 I have been terrorized by satanists since my childhood. As a kid I was already poisoned, raped, abused, robbed, and mentally disturbed by satanists. The Club wanted me to suffer in advance. They knew I was going to be a problem.

 I grew up in a layman family. My parents didn't belong to the club. We were an easy target. It could have been my satanic orc aunt Raili Äijälä, from the neighbor, who made me feel miserable. Or maybe it was Ritva Hautaniemi – a vicious orc woman, whose family were also living next door to us.

 I was a cheeky teenager. I grew up in a small village, where I annoyed the local clubbers who then tormented me. The same pattern has followed me ever since. Through the years I got accustomed to the sorrow, without knowing what it was. That was a shield I would need.

 When I was twenty I moved to Helsinki. During a night out at a bar I ended up in an altercation with some old man. A stranger told me then: “You have just made a huge mistake.” Right he was. This old man I had insulted happened to be a dedicated satanist. He decided to destroy me. Soon the terror started. Naturally I didn't know about it. I remember asking my friends, is it normal to burst into tears over a spilled coffee cup? No, they said.

 Many drunken motormouth like me have paid a high price for their giddy words addressed to some random satanist. Sometimes it's enough that you annoy someone's friend. Satanism is much more common than laymen can ever think of. Many hard-core satanist is a seemingly inoffensive and meek person. Someone prone to be bullied. Someone just looking for an excuse to “get even” by tormenting and terrorizing other people.

 A year later that old man died. But he passed the torch on. The new guy – back then maybe in his 50s – said later to me, he thought about only continuing the terror for some time and then call it a day. He thought he was only doing a favor for a dying man. However, it soon turned out that terrorizing me was a lucrative deal that just kept on giving. So he has kept the project on through the years until the present day. Why stop? Things have been easy for him, especially because I wasn't in the Club.

 When I went to study in Britain in 2001, it became apparent that joining the Club was a necessity. I had been attempted to get initiated already before that in Helsinki, but to no avail. Neither could it be realized in Britain. My persecutor wanted to prevent it for sure, but was it for him to decide? Either way, in the town of Carlisle I was an unwanted person. Local people and orcs wanted to get rid of me.

 Over the years my persecutor came to meet me a few times. He wanted to harass me and then erase my memory. Still, I remember when he told me that it was a miracle I was still alive. That no-one should have been able to endure as much as I did.

 “But better this way,” he said. “You have made me a rich man.”

 He also told me how he sees everything I do. He said, it's a shame I haven't been monitored since I was a little boy. The movie is not complete. Back then I didn't know about “Tapes”. A scheme in which some particular rich cunts place really small cameras in people's apartments to engage in voyeurism. I was only wondering, who was this man who seemed to know everything about me?

 “Are you an angel?” I asked him. He laughed.

 Later, when I moved to study in Turku, Finland, I happened to encounter American satanists (Samuel and Chris O'Neill) who were far more powerful than this Finnish persecutor. O'Neills managed to pull me into the Club, and got me initiated. So when I entered the Club in 2010, the man from Helsinki got scared. I had an opportunity to rise above him, get even and over.

 Looking at their satanic crystal ball O'Neills saw that my visit in the Club was going to be a short one. They demanded immediate initiation killing. A sacrifice. I didn't want to kill my elder brother and thus resigned the Club. Had the O'Neills patiently waited, it would have been a lot harder for me to get out. It was a typical example of self-fulfilling prophecy that satanists tend to fall for.

 Nevertheless, the terror continued. And it didn't only come from that one Helsinki man. Satanists of the upper echelons had known about me since I was born. Slowly the information had spread around. Over the years thousands of satanists had made me their target. Whatever reason was good enough. Or no reason at all would do as well. It was apparent that tormenting me was not only mentally rewarding. Not only did it get you high. It also helped you to achieve. Whatever there was that people wanted to achieve.

 Then when I suddenly joined the Club and was supported by its high ranks, all those people got scared. Many of them called me and confessed what they had done. For I would hear about it anyway. They wanted to reason. Many other clubbers tried to make friends with me. I was someone you had to know. But as quickly as I had joined in, I also resigned from the Club. So, those people kissing my ass were now disappointed and vengeful. Because I was assumed to become an influential person in the satanic hierarchy, these people that had previously humiliated me, had been forced go sycophantic on my ass. And when I suddenly was a layman again, the same clubbers wanted to attack on me even more than before.

 The persecution started again. Now stronger than ever. But there is something special about me. Some force wants me to stay alive. Not belonging to the Club was chosen for me, just like the affront the old man at a bar in Helsinki could not pocket. And everything else. Most of these things didn't happen as a coincidence. I was meant to be persecuted by the mightiest of satanists in order to become immune to their torment. Or perhaps it is not only an immunity. Perhaps it is a gift or a talent. I could be one in a million. Maybe a billion.

 Either way, not only I have been persecuted by numerous influential and less influential satanist through the years. These people have also sicked a lot of people on me. Countless people have worked for them and still do. There are hundreds of people at the moment trying to make me miserable in all kind of ways. But as I have developed a tolerance against satanic mind terror, things have stayed rather normal in my life. Well, I can't get much done but I'm not on medication either. I don't drink or take drugs.






Means of Terror


 Where does satanic terror turn into gang stalking? The boundary is blurred. A group of people bullying someone is not necessarily gang stalking. But an organized campaign is. However, I believe I have been terrorized by a lot of people who are not part of any campaign. They did what they did on their own. All terror is basically the same. But usually satanists who want to give a lesson to someone, also end their terror campaign at some point. Gang stalking is something that is not supposed to end. Once the campaign is started, it goes on and on. If there is a halt, it is only a stopover.

 My friends, acquaintances, and who ever I have encountered, have been contacted in my name. From me people have received text messages and e-mail that I have never sent. Some of these messages are tantalizing, some annoying, some hostile. In some messages I complain about the misfortunes of my life in a pathetic and childish manner. Messages include a wish that I don't want to discuss these matters over the phone or face-to-face. This is done so that I would never become aware about the whole scenario and I had no opportunity for vindication. Other reason is to sick these people on me. To make them dislike me and be willing to also terrorize me in all kinds of ways.

 It is important to stress the two reasons for this kind of identity thievery. First to collect information. Second to turn people against me. Make them attack me, or at least hate me, or avoid me. Whatever would have had an negative impact on me. Because I am extremely important, satanists want to destroy me as they know I would never be part of the Club. I would never be a satanist. I'm too important for that. I am probably the most important person in the world. 







From Bad to Worse


 The Helsinki satanist commissioned DJ Sampo Axelsson to make a homo porn –video in which I was raped. Two nigger faggots from Senegal drugged me, raped me, and videoed the act. For the video I was also programmed “to receive”. To enjoy the rape. Satanists knew what they were doing. They clicked on my overly sexual side person that was created when I was just a kid. I had gotten accustomed to ass rapes already at very young age.

 The rape video was being distributed around anyone interested, mainly homos. Because of the video I am in favor of satan worshipping homosexuals. For years they had a thread of me on their Internet forum. Homos mainly from my hometown Turku posted pictures of me and speculated on my personal matters. Nowadays everyone has a smart phone, so this kind of gang stalking is easy to carry out.

 The rape video was only a tip of the iceberg. Satanists like to sick people on each other. In this case people were sicked on me. Two Helsinki-based DJ:s Leo Karhunen and aforementioned Sampo Axelsson led a ring, who were stalking and terrorizing me for ten years. All the way from the year 1999 until 2010, when these two orcs finally got caught by police.

 A cold satanic rage led these cocksuckers to destroy my reputation and undermine my attempts to get ahead in life. Tons of emails were sent in my name. Axelsson and Karhunen knew how to be subtle. They didn't always offend the person they were approaching in my name. Often they would insult someone else, knowing this other person would most likely hear about it. In many cases they were also exchanging e-mails only to gain information about me. Text messages and even telephone calls as me were part of their repertoire, too.

 The persecution by Sampo Axelsson, Leo Karhunen, and their orc gang was a case of its own. However, the same kind of procedures were carried out by many others too. Satanists rich and powerful, most often that one cunt from Helsinki, were keen to make offerings for people around me. Old friends, new friends, would-be girlfriends, class mates, and other people from school, people from work... Everyone, or at least anyone in the Club, were turned against me. Bought against me. Manipulated to hate me and bring me down.

 After Axelsson and Karhunen got caught in 2010, there was another a bunch of stalkers starting it all over. This time they were hired mercenaries. I don't know if Axelsson was paid. Mainly he and the others did what they did for malicious hate, recognition, and also due to being manipulated by other satanists. And they are not humans, either. They are orcs, I know it for a fact.

 The gang stalking that started in 2010 was a lot more organized thing. After I resigned the Club, it has gone even further. Since 2010 I haven't got my mail, e-mail, phone calls, or any messages to reach me. Authorities are part of the scheme. After Axelsson and Karhunen were (supposedly) sentenced to 18 months of probation, the whole case was vanished. Some chief police officer said to me that this case is now being hidden to a place where it can't ever be found. They send me all the papers twice but satanists (from the next door) took them from me. The nature of the whole case was apparently too satanic. It seems that the whole world is being run by the Club. Except me, of course.








 A glaring example of persecution are my spectacles. When I buy new glasses, I don't get what I want. The glasses are changed into different kind than what I originally picked and ordered. When I go to collect them at the store, I'm given an ugly pair of glasses. Slightly different than what I ordered.

 Only the very last pair I purchased seemed to be OK. At the store I  photographed them from every angle. It helped. The changing is not supposed to be something you can prove. My new glasses look fine but I'm pretty sure that the quality of lenses is not what it is supposed to be.

 Make no mistake, I am not the only one confronting this cunty procedure. There are people everywhere who never get the glasses they want. Frames, lenses, or both are something else than what they are supposed to be. Years ago someone told me about a guy who got sick of never getting the spectacles he wanted. He bought a glass edging machine and learned how to use it. He already had numerous pairs of lenses to work from the glasses he had bought over the years.

 For a long time I wondered why the contact lenses I order online made my eyes sore. Well, of course they had been changed. I would get scuffed up lenses with wrong power. One time I complained to the contact lense company, but they only said that what I am suggesting is not possible.

 Clothes I ordered online have been changed too. The product I wanted is changed into different size or even model. Size labels and tabs, however, are of the items I have ordered. Online shops like Caliroots carry out these misconducts by request. Otherwise my persecutors would have to do it in co-operation with logistic companies such as UPS. And why not? Well, they ought to place orders for the same products I ordered but in different sizes. They ought to make all the work quickly on demand. Also, they ought to have fast and effective workers for the projects. Again, it is difficult to believe that I am the only one whose clothes are being changed. But somewhere in Turku there probably is a house, where my persecutors go to work. There are hired people monitoring me at all times. A dead end job, literally.  

 At times, I have received a package full of wrong products in just two days. This means that the monitoring is continuous. Everything I do, especially online, is being watched on daily basis. Probably 24/7. This surveillance includes those almost microscopic tiny little cameras that elite usually uses only for “Tapes”. A secretive surveillance scheme run by couple of satanic Jews. With “Tapes” you can watch anyone at their home, at work, or where ever they would go. Places that normal CCTV or Tapes' own clandestine camera surveillance cover. You can watch, for example, Scarlett Johansson having a shit in her bathroom, or Bob Dylan working out at his private gym. Almost anyone is watchable to those who have enough money. Only royalties and the very top of world elite satanists cannot be watched. Chris O'Neill said he had only one camera at his New York apartment, for the front door. “Tapes” is a thing worth a writing of its own...

 My surveillance is constant. It is clearly carried out by satanic people hired for the job. And just like UPS and alike, also Finnish Post is under the control of the Club. I am such a meaningful person that ruining my life makes these people really thrive. And I am not only livestock but also a hobby for these cocksuckers. Not only for that one Helsinki satanist. What else can I think? Me being meaningful in some cosmic way would certainly mean that in the end the effect is reversed. Whoever persecuted me will be fiercely punished. But they rather not think about it They actually hope I would redeem them. As if I was Jesus or something. And many of them - perhaps a majority - are orcs, who really don't give a shit about their own future. They are sick of their seemingly everlasting lives that only mars their karma.

 My clothes have also been changed after I have received or bought them. Satanists can do this at my home when I'm out, or they can follow me and change my items when I'm traveling. I can't really watch out all the time. You just end up letting it go. Also, my shoes have been changed into smaller sizes. Sometimes the left one is bigger or smaller. My stalkers also changed my bicycle seat once. They have probably changed all kinds of things I never even thought of.

 Sometimes brand items are being changed into similar cheap market apparel. Only tabs and labels are original. I guess the stalkers don't want me to have anything cool or classy. What is classy and what isn't? I suppose they would know. The least they can do is change it for the wrong size. Usually they are more interested in changing expensive items. If I buy something from the market, they might think it is not worth changing. Second hand – items are a tough deal for them. But they have changed them too. Perhaps it offers a challenge.

 Sometimes the changing of clothing items is done by my friends. Well, they are not my friends anymore. Some of them get paid for doing me wrong, some of them demand no money for these bad deeds. After all, “they don't have a choice”. That's what satanists always say. One guy said to me that his shoes were also changed once. Perhaps changing is very common. Trick is that most of the victims of this procedure never realize that all their clothes are wrong size or of wrong make.

 Also my hairstyle has been sabotaged. It began in 2015 when I started to let it grow. In two years my hair grew merely to the temples. From the back to the shoulders. Satanists would not allow me to have long hair. It was cut at the smithery where I was working for six months. The older guy would come to me with eyes all weird, scissors in his hand. Few times I remember I was programmed to cut it by myself, in front of the toilet mirror.

 My car has been sabotaged too. A service guy hit a hole on the bottom so that it didn't pass the inspection. To get my bicycle brakes properly serviced I had to complain thrice. There was always something weirdly wrong.






Home and Abroad


 When I travel, I'm always being followed and stalked. For money reasons I often stay at hostel dorms. Whenever possible, satanists are pushing themselves into the same dorm to persecute me. I'm being awakened. Bullied. If possible, sexually harassed. Although many of the ass rapes and attempts I have never become aware of. Before the harassment, stalkers trick me into a candid consciousness in which I lose my own will. Afterwards I don't remember anything about it. Or if I do, only after few days or weeks and usually these memories are vague. The very same hypnosis trick makes the whole satanic world go around.

 Sometimes I recognize these stalkers as orcs. The ability to see comes and goes. I can't help to gloat over my persecutors, who in turn are surrounded by orcs sucking the life out of them.

 Also at home I am stalked. My apartment is being invaded all the time. Whenever I'm not home, people located in the same house come in and do their deeds. Clothes are being changed, food is (apparently) being poisoned, computer is being worked with and so on. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to notice it or not. I guess they try to be subtle but sometimes the traces are just unmistakable.









 I can be poisoned by stuffing fluoride tablets into my mouth. But why can't they similarly poison me with cyanide or other deadly substance? It doesn't make any sense. I can be poisoned, I can be raped. I can be tricked and bullied but I can't be killed. Why not? Yet, every bit of mental or physical persecution kills me a little bit. Or does it make me stronger?

 I have heard that I'm not killed, because then I would only be born again. If that is so, then why don't they put me into a vegetative state? Certainly fluoride poisoning is almost the same thing. Who draws the lines in this charade?

 At the moment, it seems like I cannot be physically harassed. Unless they use microwave cannons on me. But nobody attacks me in the street. I never get into a fight, even some of my writings are slanderous and insulting to some of the most powerful people in the world. Why can I be poisoned but not beaten up? Isn't poisoning harming? And why can I be mentally heckled? For mental pain is often worse than physical. Human is a psychophysical entity. When satanists change my clothes, they hurt my feelings and my image. Why is this possible?

 Truth is, my life doesn't make any sense. It's probably all just a test of some kind. Satanists should realize this and leave me alone for their own good. But they are too full of themselves. Too much into their immediate pleasures. Hooked on the satanic kick they get from terrorizing me.

 To get even I've been trying to do things that are unbearable to satanists. Not only to bother but to annoy and undermine their authority. Also, I want to be a remarkable threat to the satanic world order on whole. My aim is to let everyone know everything about everything. Every layman should have a fair opportunity to know about the Club. To know what kind of world this is. And every satanist should know about orcs. Everyone should know what kind of forces are pulling the strings behind the backdrop.










Pedophilia and Homosexuality


 Satanism and homosexuality are linked together. Homosexuality is common but it's still a perversion. And it is linked to pedophilia and especially to pederasty.

 The victims of pedophilia and pederasty become, in turn, pedophiles and pederasts. However, most often pedophiles are men. Female sexuality doesn't usually contain the practice of preying on innocent males. Abused girls grow up to be adults, who can't have sex at all, or are over-sexualized. Most often women can restrain their sexual desires.

 Pedophilia is common among satanists. A helpless and innocent victim is being abused. Then later the victim takes revenge on someone else. Abuse gets paid forward. Still, even the worst child molesters strongly condemn all kinds of abuse. The worst satanists are extremely duplicitous. It's in the culture. Pedophile rings and charity events are organized and taken part by the very same people. The satanic network is protecting pedophiles. Also, satanic gay mafia rules.

 Satanism doesn't only encourage people into all kinds of perverse. It forces you into it. A lot of people from the upper drawers of the society are involved in the pedophilia rings. They are coerced into the rings and then extorted to continue. Those involved in the ring get privileges and satanic pleasure out of terrorizing innocent children. Sexual violence and abuse on kids assists their careers and eases their lives.

 Homosexuality is common among the satanic elite. Every year the rich and powerful men gather in Bohemian Grove, California, USA, for their special satanic homo orgy party. Same kind of events are held all around the world.

 The very elite people – the so-called Illuminati - must all have a younger gay lover, even if they wouldn't feel gay. Before you reach that point, you must be the lover for some older illuminati. I was supposed to be the lover for Evelyn de Rothschild. Apparently, I would have been lucky, since Evelyn said he's not really gay, so he only does what is required. He explained what had happened to his previous lover but I can't remember what that was. Maybe the lover became too old for his part to be fucked and had moved on to be the fucker. Or perhaps nothing happened to him. I would have just been another lover for Evelyn. Evelyn could have had many gay lovers, even though he is not gay himself. Evelyn's wife Lady Lynn Forester also offered herself to me. Chris O'Neill said that I might get to fuck Lady Forester, but after that Evelyn would get me murdered. Perhaps Evelyn got his own lover killed too.

 This homoing of illuminaties could be a whim of reptilians. The way to subjugate their minions. But most probably some influential homo came up with this idea, and then later it has become a rule. Homos want to see homosexuality in everyone. Of Finnish wannabe-illuminaties Björn Wahlroos said he would do almost anything to get into the insider ring. Alexander Stubb said it would not bother him either. Both of them are social climbers who measure their worth by attempting to get pat by NWO-Jews. For Wahlroos, being fucked by some old Jewish faggot is a small price for getting near the inner circle.

 It would be interesting to know how much the 20th century culture of transsexuality and sexualizing little kids is based on satanism? One well-known mean to terrorize people is to instill an idea of sex change into their head. Then when the gender has been changed, the victim will be restored with the idea that he actually wants to represent his original gender.

 Naturally there are pedophiles also among laymen. And there are pedophiles who don't practice their perversions. But every satanist is a potential murderer and abuser of children. Every satanist is in a way already doomed. Every pedophile is an unfortunate soul. Still each child molester deserves his sentence already in the secular life. People can't give the authority over their lives to the upper hand; to god or some other higher power. People must take care of themselves and others around them. Especially those who can't protect and defend themselves. Child molestation must be disclosed and light must be cast upon where it is met. This way it can be rejected and eliminated. In a modern society there should be no taboos. The society of tomorrow is transparent.












 Most known satanic symbols are the all seeing eye and inverted pentagram. Of hand signs best known are “devil horns” and “A-OK”, which symbolizes the number 666. According to some sources, the original “number of the beast“ is/was 616. What difference does it make? I would not know. I don't care about numerology at all. Other numbers favored by satanists are 11 and 23. For whatever reason, illuminatis are crazy about numerology. As stupid as these people are, they are still high on themselves with all the secret knowledge of human history and alien conspiracy. Clandestine omens are projected into the mass culture by the means of numerology. Also the imagery of Freemasons is full of satanic symbolism. Especially the letter G and colors black and white together. These and other symbols, such as owls, can be spotted everywhere.

 Satanic lizard beasts; reptilians; appear in all kinds of religious imagery and symbolism around the world. Especially in Asia, where they are depicted as dragons, barongs, and alike. These creatures have influenced on Earth for several millennia. Satanists in the know are not allowed to talk about them at all. Yet, these lizards have clearly made their mark all around the world. Their presence on Earth is clear.

 The purpose of satanic symbols and signs is to showcase the pervasive effect satanism has in the world of humans. Satanism is everywhere and it can be detected by anyone who knows what to look for. By anyone who knows about the symbols. More secretive symbols emphasize the special position of the people who know what the symbols are and what they mean. This underscores the speciality of these people compared with more ordinary people.

 Satanism is full of symbolism. The world is full of marks that mean something to those who know them. They are signals; pieces of information. The satanic vanity appears as transparency in where things really should be kept secret. The Devil is a conceited figure, willing to sacrifice his plans for the image. All the numerology, different kinds of signs, signals, and symbols are actually just meaningless decoration. The effect can be compared to a drug dealer from the hood buying an expensive car.

 Before the Internet all kind of satanic symbolism was known only by few. Nowadays the information can be reached by anyone. It is at anyone's disposal. Problem is the huge amount of disinformation. It's not easy to find correct information within all the lies. Still, it is possible. But times change. At some point there will be an era when people can't get their hands on secret information anymore. When the Internet – or whatever it will be called in the future – can be more efficiently controlled.

 Besides to prevent the spreading of information, the Club also wants to prevent people from understanding it. Knowledge goes hand-in-hand with understanding. There can be one without the other but they complete each other. Satanic world order leans greatly on blocking people's pineal gland. To stupefy people. To dumb them down and prevent them from seeing and understanding the world they live in. This is done by poisoning sustenance and medicine. Human culture revolves around eating and drinking. And most of the things eaten and drank are unhealthy. Then when people get sick, they take pills. The real medicine, a correct diet, is not consumed by the masses. And this is the way The Powers That Be wants it to be. The Club is controlled by malevolent aliens, who intend to keep people as stupid as possible.

 Added to the poisoning of sustenance, there is audiovisual distraction. Television switches person's brain waves from Beta waves to Alpha waves. Beta means awake, Alpha means daydreaming. Tv screens of all sizes are mounted around cities to keep people in a constant state of passiveness. Programs are also included with subliminal messages. This is required when the amount of deception increases in the society. Soon, everything you see on television is a lie. But you would accept it, because you can't be bothered to question it.












 Transhumanism is another theme brought to light at the dawn of a new millennium. In the future, it is fashionable to be a robot. Satanic extra terrestrials want to turn people into half machines, who can't perform complicated tasks or succeed in life without the aid of technical applications. These apps can only be purchased by satanists, who are wirelessly linked to the Internet from their brains. People who don't want to be part of the “Internet of Things” can live organically but that kind of life is considered barbarian.

 Satanic ET:s operating beyond our perception want to make humans even dumber than what we are now. Knowledge is shared only to the very top of the satanic pyramid. Even them ET:s don't want to understand anything. The most important thing, however, is that people remain incapable of doing anything to help their position. People would be very capable and smart if we could operate with the aid of our pineal gland. Instead of that, we are becoming to be cyborgs, who can only understand the meaning of different kind of symbols. Just like monkeys.










The Entertainment Industry





 Have you ever wondered, what is the mechanism that moves the entertainment industry? What makes an artist? What makes an entertainer? Wonder no more. The answer is: satanism.





The Game


 When some young singer suddenly rises to stardom and becomes “a hot item”, it is not because of talent or hard work. Neither would you reach the top with good luck. No, you need to be or become a hard-boiled satanist to make it there. You need to sacrifice someone and you need to entertain the big players in the game. With good connections to these people you can also get a “free shot”. But eventually you would need a satanic boost set by your own action.

 These rich and powerful gatekeepers are bound to like newcomers, who make their goals very clear. Who say that they want to become stars and are ready to do what it takes. And when the time comes to fulfill those promises, they are also willing to spread their legs or perform satanic rituals cold-heartedly. Without a whimper.

 The entertainment industry is very competitive. There are myriad of new triers who want the fame and fortune. Only few are continuously committed to do what it takes. For every successful artist there are numerous suffering people. Family members, friends, lovers, colleagues, mentors, apprentices, acquaintances... Satanic game demands victims. Most often these victims don't know about being a target for the successful satanist they probably know. Very often they don't realize that they are suffering. On the other hand, they might accept it. For life sucks, right? In some cases victims are fooled to think that they are normally happy. Also some people, satanic or not, have double personalities. The everyday personality doesn't know about the other one who gets tortured.

 Overall, the satanic nature of the entertainment industry makes it a playground for unscrupulous people. Sensitive and creative ones are being bulldozed aside. This is why music and film industries are full of boring idiots, who don't have any charisma or talent. Idiots who only thrive by satanism. Not all stars are talentless, but all of them are ruthless. The biggest talent one needs is a cruel mind.

 Entertainment industry is filled with satanic go-getters. They get the roles and their music is endlessly promoted in different medias. These people have gained their success with determination. They have carried out the sacrifices and have also sacrificed themselves. Sold their soul to the Devil.






Nature of Stardom


 Entertainment-industry is a sewer. A cesspool, where countless youngsters dreaming of stardom are washed down. The most satanic individual distills from a large group of young promises. Someone ready to do anything to make it to the top. Those above him in the satanic hierarchy he must satisfy. Those below him he must deprive. That is the name of the game. A career of a singer or an actor suits only phonies. Wherever there's a new talent on the rise, he is undoubtedly the sort of satanist who's willing to do anything for the success. The same applies even more to those who make it to the front page time after time; those able to keep their place at the top.

 A clear sign of entertainer's satanism is his pervasive presence all around the media. The same face is on television, on the radio, and he might also write a column for a magazine or a newspaper. Why not to write some prose too, or at least a cookbook, or "a life style guide", or some other kind of non-fictional opus? Satanic actors get all the roles and on the side might release an album or get to direct. It helps if you're Jewish, but there is also room for Muslims, Christians, and whoever.

 Despite the success, satanic artists aren't usually happy at all. The price they have to pay for their success is too high. The whole concept of stardom is hollow. In the worst jam are those starlets, who can't do anything on their own. They need someone to write the music, to produce it, and perhaps even someone to sing for them. Someone to tell them what to wear and what to say. Many of them can't even look good. They have forced images. They are false reflections of the reality built by make-up and camera angles. Losers of this kind need the satanic help the most. And that help is not free. Entertainment industry is full of used and abused singers and actresses. Or actors. Male and female. On the other hand, some talentless creeps have placed such a big sacrifice onto the table that they thrive only because of that. They are being abused, yes, but to call them victims would not be correct. They just can't win the game because they never really internalised the main rule: Eat or be eaten. In this kind of game you can't let other people to make decisions for you.






Stand-up Comedians


 Stand-up comedians are all satanists. Without satanism stand-up is just too difficult. You need satanic sacrifice for sharp tongue and the Club connections for promotion. You need to be involved to prevent satanists to walk over you.

 In a live situation a comedian is susceptible to distraction and interference, and is therefore easy to sabotage. Humor, often based on sarcasm, parody, and irony turns easily into an insult. Usually, you are making fun of someone. Sometimes you make fun of the wrong person. Someone who might not find himself funny and wants to get even with the comedian. If the comedian is not funny, that can also be a reason good enough to tear him down. A boring comedians are not popular.

 With satanism, stand up -comedians secure their back and better their act. A little bit of raw meat and black magic goes a long way. With the satanic boost, mind works like a razor blade. In the best situation audience is won over even before the show has started.

 All television-performers are satanists. Some more, some less. As places are limited, TV presenter jobs are highly sought after. Competition is harsh. In general, more work someone has, worse satanist he is.

 In the long run, membership of the Club is what separates the wheat from the chaff. Especially in the entertainment industry, but before too long it is the same in any business. Depending on how high you have decided to climb the ladder. So, more someone is out in the media, more he is involved in the Club. Not only a previously inept person is suddenly capable of producing all kinds of interesting stuff, but also he gets his thing out and talked about.






The Help of Demons    


 In the media world contacts are everything. That doesn't only mean to know the bosses and owners. You should also know someone high in the satanic hierarchy and manage to please them. Things work out when you know how to play the game.

 To gain the help of satanic demons you must make someone suffer. Satan worshipping artist writes his books and songs with the help of demons. In exchange these extra terrestrials operating beyond our perception get a share of the pain and sorrow that artist produces to the human victims he tortures.

 The Demon helps the artist to be a better version of himself. For a guitar player, training is suddenly all joy when fingers are flying on the fretboard. A singer finds a deeper voice of his own. A writer finds stories, words, and a style.

 This is how songs and stories happen to come out of some people “without a struggle”. Musicality or education are not necessarily needed. Although there are real talents too, without satanism they just don't make it. They could deliver but they can't survive. They get tread down by satanists. One famous Finnish rock singer told me how it annoys him when people come to tell him how great his songs are. He told me he would like to say to them that you could do this too, if you only knew what it takes. If you were in the Club. If you'd play the game.








 It was the summer of 2010 when I plunged into satanism. The American businessman Samuel O'Neill pulled me into it. Pretty soon I told him that I want to wear an eye patch. Like a pirate. Also, I wanted to wear clothes with Mickey Mouse print. I even wanted a shirt with a leopard print.

 These desires were satanic. And they were somehow instilled in me. I didn't have to internalize anything. It was all automatic. Samuel O'Neill manipulated me to want something I had never even thought of before. Think about it, an eyepatch. It doesn't make any sense. Covering a healthy eye with a patch. Added to the fact that you lose your stereo sight, you look goofy and weird.

 There are also poses that refer to satanism. “Eye” is the most famous one. When I became a satanist, Chris O'Neill said that I should come up with some kind of a pose where “the eye” is represented. I suggested my eyes would squint in the sunlight so that the other eye was closed. Samuel thought the idea was great. Chris said that it is pretentious. Hell! Pretentious are other people's poses too.

 I asked O'Neills where “the eye” is derived from? Chris said that it is not an invention of humans. The eye of providence, the all seeing eye. The Symbol of the Devil. Whatever the Devil is. Human he is not.






The Means of Programming


 High level satanists, like O'Neills, have means to perform accurate mental programming. Is it based on psychological mind control, extra terrestrial help, black magic, or some technological apparatus? Perhaps it is a combination of all these elements.

 Illuminatis operate as middlemen between reptilians and people. This position allows them a privilege to possess technology that ordinary people have never even heard of. For example, they have “Looking Glass”. A device to foresee the future. Or to be more accurate, to see the most probable scenarios taking place in the future.

 Lower level satanists carrying out gang stalking can use voice-to-skull devices in order to disturb their victims. Illuminatis can do the same in a much more subtle way. They can instill ideas into your mind inconspicuously.

 Why do reptilians give their technology to illuminatis? Well, in their eyes humans pose no threat. I guess reptilians are eager to see what humans make of their technology? If the blueprints of these devices leaked to the public, then they would really see. Now illuminatis can withhold this technology to themselves and use it only for their own perverted games.

 In general, reptilians have zero respect for people. From their point of view it would be better if humans had nothing. That people would be nothing but cattle tortured and eaten alive. But reptilians or other ET:s are not omnipotent. To operate with people on a large scale, they need compliance. This is attempted to achieve by deception. Human proxies that form Illuminati operate as middlemen. Controlling masses is easier that way. Although I believe that reptilian control over mankind is ostensible. For them it has been enough to control the leaders of the world but the leaders can't control people. Totalitarianism and centralization do not work. They are going to learn that in China, where they are also influencing, now that the Zionist-USA seems to fall behind. Apart from the political decisions and propaganda, people are everywhere controlled with poisoning and manipulation of mind. Mind control of masses is a thing I am not discussing in this text.

 Also, when it comes to black magic, things are beyond my knowledge. I believe the whole phenomenon is based on summoning 4th and 5th level negative entities, demons. Basically they are nothing more than aliens, such as reptilians and grays. As discussed earlier in this text, black magic would be asking their help, and carrying out satanic sacrifice in exchange. Demons enjoy negative human emotions as a recreational drug. Sustenance for their wicked mind. To manifest themselves in our 3th dimension, demons need a mediator. Mechanisms of these procedures are unfamiliar to me. I never even played Ouija board.

 Existence of psychological mind control, however, is a well-known fact. Internet is full of information about CIA-orchestrated projects, like MK Ultra and Monarch. CIA has been studying mind control in order to create so-called “Manchurian candidates”; assassins, who are unaware of their programming. Individuals who can be controlled to kill someone unwanted. The murder of Beatles star John Lennon by Mark Chapman is said to be a textbook example of a CIA's mind control operation.

 Numerous movie stars and singers are victims of mind control. They are being sexually abused. They are being played like dolls. When programming fails, stars go crazy. This is what happened to Britney Spears, Katy Perry and Kanye West.

 MK Ultra and Monarch – programs are based on creating a side personality for the victim. This is attained by torture and manipulation. To endure long lasting torture sessions, the victim is guided to build a side personality. He would trick himself to think that only the side personality is being tortured.








 Different kind of hand signs and one eye poses come naturally from satanists. They don't need to be pressed to perform them. It feels good to cover the other eye and frame the other eye with fingers. It feels good; so right.

 Satanism is also manifested in apparel. A leopard pattern implies that artist is a sexually manipulated sex kitten. Pictures of Mickey Mouse and his ears are a reference to satanic mind control.

 You would think that entertainers would avoid these poses and clothes. For they reveal them to be satanists. But the poses are not a conscious choice. They come from an external source. They are thoughts that are forced into a human mind. An idea just bumps into the manipulated mind of an entertainer. He can't get rid of it and doesn't necessarily want to either. It comes back and forth. He might know it's not what he really wants. It only seems so. But it happens to tickle the nerve. It seems to serve him and his needs. Part of the manipulation is the idea that this is important. It's like an addiction. A hole you have to fill in order to feel good.

 There was a time when the meanings of all these signs were open to only a few. Thanks to the Internet, all of the meanings of different poses and signs have been opened. All the satanic apparel is being offered and pushed. People are being, not only manipulated, but urged to close the other eye on a photo session. They also feel that by wearing the stuff and closing the eye they become and stay as part of the gang.

 “Marionette” is another recurring theme in the imagery of satanic artists. It portrays the artist's place in relation to his masters. This theme is shown in pictures where artist is posing with ropes. Often tied up or wearing a straitjacket.

 Black and white clothes refer to the Masonic imagery. It means that the entertainer is their servant. Some of the masonic symbols such as letter G, compass and square, and aforementioned colors black and white are also symbols for other elite satanists. The Internet is full of information and examples about these things. Illuminati-level satanists are not necessarily Freemasons. It is not important for them. They know more than most of the Freemasons. But many of the masonic symbols are also used by Illuminati. They are universal satanic imagery.

 When it comes to satanism, Illuminati is the top level “club” for humans. But the thing is, illuminatis are not actually humans. Reptilians have mixed their own DNA into the illuminatis DNA, to make them more inhumane. All these symbols mark the authority and hierarchy that reptilians have over illuminatis. Further, they mark the power illuminatis and Freemasons have over ordinary people. Only those who carry these emblems can succeed. Others stand no chance.

 The all-seeing-eye symbolizes the superior power Satan has over mankind. The pyramid symbolizes the structure of satanic hierarchy. The eye is at the top. Letter G is not only a symbol for Freemasons. It symbolizes also the Devil in general. I have heard that some ancient name of Satan starts with letter G. But really, who cares?

 The most capable and powerful human satanists can not be found in Illuminati. Reptilians don't like their mediators capable. Illuminatis are dumbed down and programmed to obey their masters. The worst witches walk among the common folk as anybody. They are incognitos. They are not necessarily wealthy nor connected at all. They don't need any pretentious symbols. But the Devil himself, I think, is vainglorious and wants to be noticed.








 “The Eye of Providence” is a mean for satanists to show their allegiance to their master. The Club members profit of satanism, but they also have to do what they are being told to do by the people of upper ranks. People worshipping demons get what they want easier than laymen, but sheer satanism doesn't make you successful. But more you sabotage others and preferably innocent people, more you gain. Sabotage of competitors is obviously the starting point.

 Satanism is widely being shamed of. Benefiting at the expense of innocent bystanders is not something one can be proud of. Certainly it cannot be discussed in public. The whole concept of satanism and the Club is only talked about among satanists. Laymen are not supposed to know anything about it. Therefore, you would think that the ubiquitous “eye” doesn't make any sense. Why to advertise something so secretive? Isn't the Club supposed to be a tabu? But this is the will of Satan. He wants people to know who rules around here. And also that people would live two different realities parallel to one another. Satanism affects everything but is not publicly discussed.

 At the moment, satanism is already visible everywhere. In the popular culture, in the media, in company logos, you name it. The imagery of the world is getting more and more satanic. The Super Bowl, the Oscars, as all such events getting a lot of media coverage are right satanic masses.

 Back in 2010, Samuel and Chris O'Neill told me, they know how the story is going to go. What is the big picture. Satanists are going to lose the big battle. “Dark side” will lose. It was written and the world is inevitably going into that direction, if not very straight. Samuel said that doesn't mean they would stop enticing people like me to join the Club. That they are not going to give up the battle, as long as there is hope.

 “But you just said there isn't,” I said.

 “You never know. What has not yet happened, can be changed,” Samuel answered with Chris supporting him in the background. 

 Later I heard that anything happened can be changed. And that there are many realities. Many timelines. That Satan has only this one reality where he rules. And in some six thousand years it is coming to its end. The conclusion is that Satan knows he is going to lose but before that he intends to enjoy it while it lasts. That's why satanic symbols must be hidden in plain sight. It makes it all sweeter for the Devil. There is no dignity in people's lives. Right is wrong. Left is right. Men become women, women become men. Artists are torturing their audiences. Judges are rigged...

 Quite frankly, whatever. Who cares? But what I really don't understand, are all these top level satanists who again and again fulfill unwanted predictions by being themselves; predictable and shallow. When they are being told about my becoming superiority, shouldn't they “change everything”. Just like Roman Abramovits does, when he gets aware of an undesirable prediction heading his way.






Club 27


 Many stars have scripted careers. Their lives follow predetermined step marks. To reach success, they must sell their soul to the devil, knowing they will die young. Often at the age of 27. Most of the artists go on after this milestone. But often it is not really the original person anymore. It is merely a satanic clone, a copy. Or then an orc who has hijacked the body.

 Big audience doesn't know that many stars do not actually write their own songs. Bruce Springsteen, for example, hasn't written nearly any of his hits. Songs are tailor-made for him by professional songwriters, who have signed a non-disclosure agreement. This thing has been put out to the public many times but for some reason people don't know about it. Well, all satanists do know about it. Laymen don't. Bruce is an investment of his protectors. Satanic media never discusses Bruce's public secret.

 Bruce writes songs himself too. Most of them are just not recorded, since they are not as good as the ones that are written for him. Still, every album has at least one song Bruce wrote. Of his most famous songs, “Hungry Heart” is written by him. The same kind of a con-artist like Bruce is his British equivalent Damon Gough, Badly Drawn Boy. Cough is said to have written nothing of his best work, “About a Boy” -soundtrack.

 Bruce wanted to be a superstar who dresses like his audience. Samuel O'Neill said that people want their stars to look different than  themselves. Be something else; something more. Bruce was still accepted as casual. Perhaps this was because of his catchy and heartfelt songs. In live performances Bruce gave value for the ticket price by playing marathon concerts. That was his way to even it all out.

 Bruce was supposed to die after Born To Run – album. He would have been 27 years old. For some reason this didn't happen. He was supposed to die a few times after that too, but for reason or another he got to live. Samuel O'Neill said Bruce wasn't killed because people liked him so much. Probably he just could not have been killed. Perhaps Bruce is a visitor; an alien. Maybe an orc.

 Among his colleagues Bruce is despised. It is understandable, but other stars are manufactured creations too, although possibly more talented than Bruce. Without satanism most of them would not be much of anything. In a way, Bruce is a purer creation of the entertainment world since he is genuinely artificial. In all his humbleness. The Beatles were satanists too. The Rolling Stones are satanic to the bone. Bob Dylan is a satanist. Yet he laughed at Bruce, because Bruce doesn't write his own songs. Dylan himself works hard for his songs, but he doesn't write them alone. And he knows it. In Dylan's case it is him who comes up with melodies, chords, and words. Some demon just helps him. Plus he eats vast amounts of raw flesh to get his mind buzzing.

 When Beatles did some five classic albums in the 60s it was thought that guitar pop was just a fleeting trend. Nobody knew it would stick around until the next century. The Beatles were bastards but loyal to one another. Nowadays bands can thrive only on one or two albums. The Club doesn't want any artist to become too powerful. Artists come and go. Longer a band or a singer stays popular, more of a risk they become. Deeper into the Club they delve. More they get to hear along the way about things they should not know about it all. More influential they become. Pop stars are, after all, huge role models to masses.








 I had played the guitar and bass guitar since I was a teenager. Back then I played in a few local bands too. Music in general was a dear hobby of mine for some 20 years. I was never really going anywhere with the playing. It was just something to do every now and then. 

 When I was lured into satanism in 2010, I was asked what I would want to do. It was highly important that I joined the Club, and after that it seemed like anything was possible. I got in talks with some real gray eminences of music industry. These satanic bigwigs decide about what happens in the music industry. One of them complained that I had already passed the 27-year milestone. For rockers who had made a Faustian pact, usually died at that age. It might come as a surprise to some that both Kurt Cobain and Jimi Hendrix were satanists, whose careers were scripted satanic tales. These legendary stars were not “pure minded”. They were manufactured to stardom and legendary status. They were made. In the bargain they lost their soul and life. What is a soul? I don't know. But that is what they lost.

 I refused this offer. I tried to negotiate better terms for myself, but these “big boys” got immediately frustrated.

 “Don't you understand that so many take this offer, even with a lot worse conditions?”

 I understood that, but I wanted to do four classic albums. Not one or two. As an old music fan I hated that cool bands release only one or two great albums. After that they turn into a pale reflection of what used to be. Just when you think someone is getting started, they most often just lose their vigor. Lose their appeal.

 It would probably be risky to let a Faustian artist keep on living and performing. Investment suffers when people lose their interest. The premature death is an essential part of product development. Further, as a programmed robot artist becomes unstable as time goes by. Perhaps I had had stood up for myself. It is not smart to keep artist back against the wall for years. A rat attacks only when cornered.

 Year 2010 I was already 32-years old. As a teenager I collected records. At the age of 25, I still followed the music world. But at 30, I wasn't interested in pop music anymore. I didn't know the new bands. I didn't attend concerts. Neither was I playing the guitar regularly. I was only playing when I felt like it. And what I played wasn't very good.

 Yet, suddenly all the superstars wanted to talk with me. The English rapper MIA, who I knew a little bit, had spammed them - and the whole music industry - with a video where I sing and play the guitar. Due to the satanic charm, I seemed like “the most interesting man in the world”. Satanic prophecies foretold I was coming to be something great. The Club had insisted I joined in and it was told that whoever was in cahoots with me would gain massively. Everyone wanted a piece of me.

 And I did join the Club. If only briefly. Immediately after I had joined I found that the time-consuming routine to practice finger-style guitar was suddenly a joy, as my fingers flew on the fretboard. But pretty soon I resigned from the Club, and the whole thing fell flat. No superstar was interested in me anymore. It was either all or nothing.

 The aforementioned gray eminences didn't seem to care what I would do. They did what they could. From their crystal balls they saw it wasn't going to happen in the first place. It wasn't so much their concern, like one of them told me. I was more a concern for the Club secretaries who had been appointed to control me. But the Illuminati-level people – like Samuel O'Neill – were happy I didn't become an entertainer. They wanted me to be something more serious. However, if I didn't belong to the Club at all, everything was at risk.

 Over all, entertainers are not taken seriously. Young singers don't only suck the dicks of music industry people. They also have to please all kinds of high-level satanists; the so-called “elite”. Rock stars must do like they are told to. If records sell you can be controversial but not too much or in the wrong way. Lemmy Kilmister of Motörhead was a wrong kind of a rebel. He collected nazi-memorabilia and posed wearing a peaked cap. The Jews who run the music business didn't like this. Samuel O'Neill told that Lemmy had been tortured for 20 years for his nazi-fetishism.

 “That's one hard guy,” Samuel said.

 Finally Jews had let Lemmy be. Or did they? I doubt it. Samuel anyway had a habit of talking in an honest tone and yet lie. Then, if his stories were not convincing anymore, he admitted part of the truth “in the name of the truth”. Of the WTC-incident he said, it was known that “this kind of a thing” was on the way but nothing was done to prevent it.

 Truth is, 911 was altogether planned by Illuminati and conducted by CIA and Mossad. Buildings were full of explosives and airplanes some kind of missiles. It is absolutely clear that all the WTC-buildings were brought down by explosives.

 Of the Apollo program Samuel said that USA went to the Moon, but only manufactured footage was shown to the public.

 “Why would we want everyone to see what there is?” he said. As if they ever went there.
















 Hollywood is a creation of Satan worshipping Jews. Los Angeles a city of satanists. Where there is show business, there is satanism.

 Before anything else, the film industry is a business in Los Angeles. Secondly it is a way to manipulate and brainwash the masses. Thirdly an instrument to realize satanic rituals and to abuse people sexually. Hollywood is a “dream factory” that guarantees an easy way to exploit youngsters, who dream of working there.

 Only after all these satanic values come the artistic values. But also art is considered as business.







 Arty films are often pretentious and boring. Masses don't want to see them. They are not good business. Compared with book, movie is an art medium for dummies. A two hour movie can only scratch the surface. There is no depth. Different levels and meanings can be brought up with symbols and allusions, but it usually turns out contrived. Most of the things, excluding symbols, are finally easier to explain in words. If something goes wrong, a writer only needs some backspace. A film can and often goes wrong in some way. Then it is what it is. It would be too expensive to re-shoot it. The people involved are forced to promote a failure. It is embarrassing and even worse thing is that people waste time and money to see it.

 There is, however, often a deeper level in Hollywood movies. A level meant to affect the subconscious mind. Top-level satanists are eager to use audiovisual mass entertainment for clandestine “educational” purposes, i.e., mind control.

 Hollywood is also political. Jews use the movie industry to push the lie of the holocaust into the collective mind. In American movies, bad guys are always dark skinned - or Nazis. Zionist and NWO agendas are driven by favorable storytelling. As important as it is to declare the agenda, it is also to censor the unwanted views.






Casting Couch


 Without the Club membership it is futile to even dream about roles. Membership is the minimum requirement. Still, it only guarantees that you don't get downtrodden on the threshold. To get a good shot, you must be ready for human sacrifices and sexual services. Another option is to have contacts.

 Movie stars draw a lot of water in Tinseltown. They don't have to whore for everyone. In fact, most of the people whore for them. But they have to submit to people higher in the satanic hierarchy. Playing roles in movies make them more desirable and therefore there are lots of people wanting to use them.

 To get roles they also have to bring sacrifices. The game actually gets meaner at the top. Bruce Willis doesn't get roles because he is a good actor or a huge star. He gets them because he is willing to do whatever it takes to get them. The same applies even more to those who have just arose to the top. Alicia Vikander and Jennifer Lawrence don't get roles because of their merits or talents.

 If you are a Jew you don't have to be such a great cocksucker to get roles. Average would do. When two alike compete for a role, it goes to the Jew. Most actors and actresses are cocksuckers – it's a fact. Many of these Hollywood thespians see the “casting couch” - protocol as an opportunity to get ahead. Sucking an executive's cock is unpleasant, but it's still better than sucking the many cocks of lower-castes.

 In general, actors are treated like cattle. Only a few can pick their roles. Even the biggest of stars are eventually at the mercy of “wayward” producers and studio executives. Money talks. A peculiar choice of role can be a fatal mistake if the movie falls flat financially. The same goes to more conventional movies. If it is a flop, everyone involved suffer. One wrong role can destroy a whole career. Refusal of sex or some satanic deed might lead to severe consequences. Winona Ryder was manipulated to become a shoplifting drug addict. Then media kept the thing up for years. The wanted effect was achieved. A warning example. Actress Rose McGowan should have got more then the 100 thousand dollars she received from producer Harvey Weinstein. She lost that amount of money and more multiplied by the roles she didn't get because of the bad reputation she got from the case.






Satanic Sex Slaves


 Some actors commitment does not help. Nothing gets them ahead. They only give head. Olivia Munn doesn't get major roles, because she is too good at sucking dick. The bigwigs don't want to let her go and become a huge star, who'd be less dependent on them. They fuck her on monthly basis. She can't do anything about it. She attends these rape meetings being unable to break out of the mind control programming. For example, Alicia Vikander and Jennifer Lawrence have also done a lot of dick-sucking, but unlike Munn, they profited of it.

 Many actress and actor are unofficial porn stars. They are programmed to act as lascivious sex maniacs who can't get enough of sex and who submit before their abusers. Perverted sex sessions are also videoed and spread around the elite. Most of the movie stars involved know about this procedure. They can't do anything but to accept it for what it is. Once you are part of the machine, you must act accordingly. Otherwise you are considered a threat. Sexual favors for the elite are part of the deal in Hollywood. You accept it or you do something else. The same goes for juice. Not everyone likes juice but they abide. Certainly it is tough for many people. That's why they drink alcohol and use drugs to numb themselves. Especially kid actors who in the adolescence come to realize they have been sexually abused.

 Top-level satanists can instill sexual themes in their victims. Themes can be executed right away or at a later given time. They can be subtle or blatant. The victim could carry out the program with awareness of misconduct, yet being unable to resist it. This is a common procedure in the porn industry where actresses are programmed horny.

 “It brings a new perspective to watching porn,” Samuel O'Neill said.

 Adding the sexual programming to satanic hypnosis tricks, people can be easily abused and raped. With the aid of these means Chris O'Neill had fucked numerous entertainers. She had fucked everyone from Rihanna to Scarlett. When there was a movie (Made of Honor) based on him, Chris decided to fuck all the bridesmaids in the movie. He laughed how actress Whitney Cummings had been going after him on all fours around the room.

 “It didn't seem to bother her,” Chris said.

 In Los Angeles, actors and actresses are procured to act as programmed sex slaves in orgies for studio heads, executives, producers, and people of the top-level satanic elite. The same procedure applies to models, singers, and other entertainers. Whoever is found desirable.

 Some entertainers know and some don't know about their role as sex slaves for the elite. Some don't have to be part of it. The programming follows the same protocols what CIA has used in their MK ULTRA and Monarch mind control programs.

 Sometimes the victims of these programs break out of their mental chains. To the public it looks like they are going mad, even they would actually get sane. Naturally this is not tolerated. What happened with Britney Spears is a good example of mind control programming failing.


 It's not easy to be a child actor in Hollywood. They are being pandered. Abuse is systematic. When young stars reach the threshold of adolescence, they can choose whether they want to continue their career to the adulthood. This would require more systematic whoring. Those who refuse to be part of the machine are being thrown aside. They are also being cursed, jinxed, and poisoned, so that their appearance changes in an unpleasant way. They lose their looks. According to Sofia Coppola, this was done to Haley Joel Osment.

 In 2010 I got a lot of information from Sofia Coppola. She is a very well networked person. She knows a myriad of people and has many friends but also many enemies too. She warned me about Actress Lea Seydoux, who I was admiring. People who have made fast headway are often the worst satanists, Sofia said. The most ruthless. They have made their career by the aid of some bleak bloodbath. Their success is paid in the blood of numerous innocent people.






Directors and Producers


 Movie directors and producers must belong to the Club. Succeeding is otherwise impossible. As a layman too many things can go wrong.

 Director's main job is to be in charge and to respond to the producer. Both are chained to timetables and budget. Making a movie work depends on many fields and sectors. There are numerous things that can go wrong. That is why the movie business is a lot to do with luck. In this wheel of fortune, satanism rules.

 Before she starts to shoot a movie, director Sofia Coppola destroys secretly one young intern. After Coppola has seen videoed interviews of the interns who wish to work in the movie, she picks one victim. This victim is someone specifically promising. Coppola not only annihilates the intern's career but destroys the person on whole. Not necessarily kill him, though. In the most likely scenario the intern "does it all by himself". He is being manipulated to act in a self-destructive way. Not only Coppola, but also Ridley Scott and Sylvester Stallone do the same thing. Probably many others, too. They all are sacrificing someone innocent for their own benefit. And it doesn't have to an intern or other rookie. Directors and producers can mentally torture just anyone involved in the movie. They have the power. To let someone "mysteriously" die could also give a production a needed satanic boost. 

 The tasty appeal of Steven Spielberg's films is based on satanism. When a Spielberg movie is in the making things just happen to click. Circumstances are beneficial and people succeed at their work. It would be unexplainable if it wasn't satanism.

 Without the Club Spielberg is nothing. Fundamentally he is a nondescript guy. He is neither a visionary nor an intellect. He is an occultist. I was told how Spielberg was a zero when he started. But he had a way.


 Financiers and corporate executives add their own seasoning to the soup. Expensive productions must break even, so in the end director's vision doesn't mean anything. Financiers know what they like and make the final calls. When they make a right decision, they are right. When they go wrong, they are just spending their own money. Executives and other corporate representatives must protect the interest of the company share holders. Therefore, they also try to reduce financial risks at the expense of artistic values.

 Huge productions are always financed by several people. No-one wants to take a risk on their own in this unpredictable business. No-one wants to become a target on their own. If your enemy knows that you are financing a project alone, they can easily attack on you by sabotaging your project. There are many ways to do that. Instilling trojans, causing distraction, manipulating people...


 No matter how powerful they might be, the bigwigs of movie industry are accountable to Illuminati-level satanists. The satanic elite commands. You can say things about people like Hillary Clinton or George Soros and get away with it. But if you risk the Zionist and NWO agendas, or turn against the Cabal on whole, you can forget about working in Hollywood. The Club conducts and methods like satanic hypnosis tricks are naturally a taboo. One simply does not talk about the Club.

 There are also famous satanists that refused to obey the satanic elite. Stanley Kubrick moved to Britain, kept his mind with his art, and got killed because of this. “The Shining” is about the Apollo 11 mission. How Kubrick was part in the operation of staging moon landings.

 The original cut of Kubrick's swan song “Eyes Wide Shut” has never been shown, but I would suppose it's somewhere in safe. Perhaps it will come out in 50 years, by accident. In EWS Kubrick depicted the way satanic elite is programming people and using them sexually.
















 Most of the top athletes are satanists. They have to be. Otherwise making it to the top is too difficult and staying there even harder. Satanism alone doesn't make anyone a winner but it helps on developing your talent. Training is effective, leading faster to results. Healing of injuries speeds up. In brief, satanism is a short way to happiness.

 One big factor in satanism is the self-confidence you get from it. Faith in what you do. It doesn't matter how artificial this self-belief is. After all, everything is artificial. Guided training full of technical tricks, not to mention doping. Professionals use all the means they can to win.

 At professional level, team sport dynamics demand savoir-faire and psychological eye. You have to know what you want and what you can. You have to find your spot and protect your turf. Competition for the places in the starting line-up generates secular and satanic sabotage. You don't have to be great, as long as others fail. If someone is in a good flow, it might only be because of the sacrificial victim he has delivered to Satan. Suddenly skating is slick and shots reach the net.

 Without satanism it is very difficult to play in a professional league. It depends on the player too. Like all the best ones, most of the mediocrities, too, are satanists. Otherwise they couldn't succeed at the top-level to begin with. The best individuals can get to the top, but cannot stay there, because of all the jealous sabotage. Teemu Selänne would have been a great player even without satanism, although he had retired before he hit 30 years of age. Ville Nieminen, however, would never have made it to NHL without satanism. Then again, Selänne is an orc. I'm not sure about Nieminen.

 Not only athletes and players are satanists. Also coaches, managers, and other professionals are required a Club membership. Deeper you are in satanism, more possibilities you have in getting ahead in your career. Leading a team full of conceited satanists is impossible without being in the Club. Among the top satanists, laymen are not considered professional at all. They lack the credentials of the Club and therefore they lack the credibility in the eyes of satanic players and staff.

 How many of professional athletes are “orcs”? It is a very good question. I will get back to it in a few years.





Satanic Owners


 Professional football and other sport leagues interest people worldwide. For example, English Premier Football League is followed widely in Asia and Africa. North American hockey league NHL is popular in northern Europe. More money involved, more satanists around. Smaller national leagues attract satanists as well. Those with less money to spend.

 Owning a football club is not considered a good business. Because of the huge surprise factor it is difficult to make longtime business plans. The biggest of clubs use vast amount of their income on players' salaries. Top players are a sought after resource, but their value is only as good as their last season. Injuries occur and insuring players is expensive. Without stars, a top club loses its appeal. Also, the best players are better than the average ones. You need them to win trophies. The problem is, when you have in the team many players with star status, it is difficult to keep them all satisfied. That is where star status managers step in. Let's not forget that star players are most often also the worst satanists. Therefore, to guide them you need a hard-boiled satanist. Someone with authority and know-how.

 Managers' salaries are not as big of a burden as players' salaries. Still, hiring the right manager is difficult. When manager fails, the club fails, and business is ruined. Perhaps for years to come, if the club gets relegated into lower divisions (leagues). It is hard to run a football club consistently, if the manager is constantly changing.

 All these reasons make you wonder: Why would some billionaire want to have such a burden on him? Wouldn't it be easier to settle for supporting a football club? Well, perhaps so, but football clubs are not bought because they are a business on their own. They are acquired for other reasons.

 Owning a football club offers opportunities for betting frauds. You can make “secret deals” with owners of the other clubs. Or you can advertise and lobby your other business ventures. Also, it is a way to get established. To gain conspicuousness and visibility in the social field and in the business circles. To become influential.

 Further, football clubs are toys to play with. A satanic real-life LARP. Supporters are passionate about the football clubs they support. It is an  emotional thing. Therefore the satanic owner can make these people suffer through ruining the club. He can subjugate people to whom he would otherwise have no control over. Through satanism, supporters' frustration benefits the owner .






Orcs as Professionals


 Talking about new players coming into his team, one Finnish hockey fan told me, how he can always tell right away, who's going to do well and who isn't. He said that in the practice sessions some might still do well, but in the games not so much. I don't think he meant, who is a satanist and who a layman? I'm pretty sure that he could see. He could detect an orc. There is more about the features of orcs in my writing “The Conspiracy of Orcs”.

 Perhaps orcs have conquered all the sports. Most of the professional athletes could be orcs. I don't want to say anything too strong about this, because I can't see them. But it would make sense that professional hockey players are orcs, who can easily play injured.

 I also remember Lady Lynn Forester mentioning, how NBA is especially in their favor. And she mentioned Ukrainian Klitshko brothers when talking about athletes who just look like humans. Well, it's no wonder if bodysnatchers want to live the life of top athletes. It is by far more interesting than working in a factory or office.






At Junior Level


 When the media are drumming up some young future star, he is most often a satanist. If the features are otherwise fine, satanism adds a needed boost to the youngster's career. A talented athlete falls flat without satanism. He's too easy to sabotage. He can't protect from the terror of jealous and competitive satanists.

 Support of satanic family is also important for younglings. When a child athlete is still too young to sabotage his competitors by satanic means, his parents can do it for him. This way the becoming star gets more space and satanic benefit from the sabotage of others.

 Satanic parents can also trick other players of the team to always pass the ball to their kid. That is how I was treated, when I played junior football at the age of ten. My parents were not in the Club, nor were they interested to attend my games, so it was easy to sabotage me.

 Before one game, a team mate Tommi's father Kalle yelled at me, as if I had done something wrong.

 “Come here! We need to talk,” he said. It was an excuse to get me separated from other people. Kalle guided me further to the side of the pitch, behind some spruces. There he tricked me.

 “Remember! Always pass the ball to Tommi. Always!” he instructed me.

 When we came back, someone asked Kalle what that was about. He told them he only gave me instructions. That it was necessary to rebuke me.

 So in that game and all the becoming games I always passed the ball to Tommi. Even if I had an empty net before me.

 And this is not rare. It happens everywhere all the time. Junior sports are full of the same kind of stories. Ambitious and satanic parents making way for their kids at the expense of laymen's kids.















What is it?


 Bipedal lizards; reptilians; are controlling human kind through a small group of people. This group is being widely referred to as “Illuminati”.

 The people involved in it don't use this infamous name. They talk only about “the Club”. It is useful not to give a name for Illuminati. It distracts those who are not supposed to know what it is about. By and large, concepts are mixed. Names coined for, and used about, many ultra secret concepts are also given to all kinds of trivialities. Like for example “Prism” (surveillance project and Katy Perry's album title). When people google “prism”, they get Katy Perry. If someone mentions “prism”, people would think that they talk about Perry's album.

 Belonging to the club of illuminated are many very well known characters like George Soros and Henry Kissinger. Then again, many people involved in it are relatively unknown. Rothschild banking family are known to be one of the most influential people on Earth. Most of them are in Illuminati. There are also other famous “bloodlines”. Names like Rockefeller and Warburg are closely associated with Illuminati.

 It is said that Rothschilds marry each other so that money and power would remain inside the family. More important and secret reason for this incestuous custom is that the same souls are “born again” in new bodies within the family. They transmigrate. You can only get into the inner circle of Illuminati by being born into it. Transmigration is conducted by reptilians.

 Illuminatis go through many human lives. Usually from three to five but no more than seven. When they get to adolescence they are being illuminated. They obtain a consciousness of their previous lives and what they had done in them. Little by little they attain all the old memories of their past lives. Also, certain information and a code are being instilled into these people. Knowledge they need in their post; performing their tasks. Things that are best not to be talked about. The code is a certain protocol and an attitude. Illuminatis have restrictions that prevent them from turning against their masters or doing anything stupid. They just can't. Due to this process, they are incapable of creative thinking. They already have all the data considered important. There is no need for inventiveness. The knowledge at their disposal is already from another planet compared with what the vast majority of people would ever get to know. Also, during a period of many human lives person inevitably attains a lot of wisdom. Reptilians don't want their minions to become too powerful. To make sure that illuminatis don't suddenly feel too humane and become compassionate, reptilians add their own DNA into them. It has an effect on these people. They lose some of their humanity and become more negative by nature. Also more bestial. Well, some say people are a lot worse than any beast on the nature to begin with. But after many human lives an illuminati is a human only on the surface. Some of them merely a human shell on a saurian body.

 Reptilians live of flesh. They eat humans. Tortured meat tastes better to them. It has the adrenaline flavor. All kinds of negative human feelings are a recreational drug for reptilians. They harvest of humans. This is why Illuminati promotes war and terror. To generate sorrow for reptilians' pleasure. Using illuminatis as proxies, reptilians ensure continuity for the things they want to promote. They need humans to control humanity. They can only manifest for short periods of time in daylight. Also, they like to remain beyond our consciousness. Less people know about them, the better. If mankind knew about reptilians, it would complicate the reptilian agenda. Bringing new humans in to their system is always a security risk. When an aged illuminati is able to go on in a new body, he is more motivated to act in the long run for reptilians' goals, the NWO. And he won't turn emotional or confessional on his death bed.








 Samuel and Chris O'Neill told me everything I know about Illuminati. Chris had been a sailor in his previous life. I asked him, how was it that he had happened to be born in the filthy rich O'Neill family? He said he was lucky. O'Neills are not one of the Illuminati bloodlines. They are a curiosity. Samuel O'Neill had been sent to reptilians' hellish underground bloodbath, but he had come back alive. That's why reptilians wanted to reward him. He is one in a million. It is extremely unlikely to survive the reptilian hell. What Samuel did was he started to imitate reptilians. He ate other humans alive and so on.

 Being a reborn illuminati, Chris couldn't come up with quips. His mind was pre-programmed. He asked jokes from me so he could shine in social evenings with his friends. I told him to say “Where do you think you're going, man? I gave you my best years,” when someone was leaving for home early. He had done so and it had caused the needed laughter.


 Nowadays some people say “yolo”, you only live once. It probably means that people should enjoy life, or whatever. Illuminati can live two, three, or even seven times. Is it nice then? Tragicomic fact is that illuminatis are not happy about their position at all. They live in a constant fear, hanging on at the limits of their mental tolerance. However, in these circles mercy is not known and therefore it's useless to ask for. On the contrary, reptilians and other satanic entities expect sacrificial gifts for their deceitful deity.

 Besides having extra lives, illuminatis prolong their single lives with bone marrow from spinal of little babies. It is enjoyed both, injected and orally. The stem cells of bone marrow have healing qualities. Also, illuminatis drink babies blood and eat the flesh. It is not only medical healing but also black magic. So the legend about baby-eating Jews is not unfounded. For most of the illuminatis are Jewish.

 Illuminatis also have their own stem cell donors who are well kept people. They are sort of like spare part cars.








 As aforementioned, reptilians get thrilled over everything negative and repulsive. People are livestock for them. Meat is eaten and feelings enjoyed by sniffing. Hate, fear, despair, and agony are stimulants to be harvested of the human population. And for this reason, Illuminati, controlled by reptilians, is waging wars all around the world as much as possible.

 Reptilians are a warring species with a blunt mentality. Their technology and science are a lot more advanced than "our own". They are physically superior to us but are also dependent on their technology. Without their little widgets, they are not much anything. They are balancing between letting people to technically develop and to maintain eager to kill each other. In satanism, a real development of human mind is arrested. Same applies to reptilians.

 Illuminati is pushing the NWO-agenda forward. NWO stands for New World Order. Global totalitarian control over mankind. A centralized ruling structure. Censorship of dissidents. Mind control by poisoning, propaganda, and technological apparatuses. All civil liberties curtailed. Science as a religion and transhumanism as a culture.

 One NWO-related agenda is depopulation. Illuminati reckons there are too many people. Too many to be systematically ruled and controlled. Apparently vaccine-programs, GMO-food, and such poisoning schemes just aren't enough to effectively kill and sterilize lots of people. Illuminati wants a new World War against Russia. This war would also boost the position of the USA as the leading superpower. For their military forces are by far the most powerful in the world. Illuminati uses the US Armed Forces as their main tool in controlling the world.

 Illuminati aims at a delicate mass-sterilization. Traces and evidence are being covered enough, so that the whole scheme would not become too obvious. This is conducted through the propaganda spread on by mass media. Things are turned upside down. Truth-seekers, -speakers, and dissidents are silenced by poisoning their brain activity, or in urgent cases by murdering them. Murders are framed as accidents or seizures. It looks suspicious, but that doesn't matter. Illuminati doesn't care about minor leaks and leads. As long as they control all the main medias, they can spread any kind of truth they want. Everything contrary to their truth is fake news and trolling. And their media machine can also handle its own waste. Occasionally, when backed against the wall, Zionist mass media has to tell stories that are against their own agenda. But these stories are stated as opinions. Even the critical parties have to form their opinions from what is accepted as real news. Otherwise they get labelled as crazies and conspiracists.

 So even facts are against vaccinating, in the mass media their objectors are being treated as quacks who don't believe in science. In western hegemony science is above everything else. That's why it is easy to use in the same way as religious propaganda is being used. Something that can't be questioned. Still, no-one smart would think that in the satanic world order we live, scientist are not corrupted satanists. They say what they are told to say. Because of the Club, anyone with an authoritarian position is corrupted. Almost anyone can be controlled by the Club.

 Transhumanism means basically utilizing technology to improve human body. But dentures and spectacles are not what it really means. The agenda behind this “movement” is to stupefy human. To turn a man into a robot. Tomorrow's digital world cannot happen without technology becoming part of human body. Within a few hundred years, human mind is run and aided by apps. Internet is in your brain. When things go wrong, mind shatters. That can be fixed with pills. All this turns human weak. A pale comparison to what he once was.

 The most important factor behind transhumanism is satanism. There are lots of people who can succeed without the Club. Who are mentally capable to detect orcs. Who are immune to satanic terror. However, these kind of people can utilize their abilities only when they stay natural. Abstain from antidepressants and other medicine, processed food, vaccines, and watching television.

 Sovereignty of the Club cannot withstand people like this. In the satanic world order one can only succeed by satanism. That's why everyone must be poisoned and dumbed down.








 The purpose of Illuminati is to keep countries and nations in order. The nature of reptilians is too different to humans, so that they could rule people without some proxies in the middle. Lizards need a mediator.

 When I was asked to join Illuminati in 2010, Samuel O'Neill said that then I would be partly a lizard. Reptilian DNA would replace some of my original genes. It didn't bother me. Let's be reptilians then. Even if only in part. At the same time, I was wanted to be Jewish. Otherwise I couldn't become stinking rich. Chris O'Neill told me, I could have some 20 million dollars as a gentile. Being worth hundreds of millions or billions, I would have to convert to Judaism.

 Besides to that, Illuminati was also ready give me a dispensation. I would have gotten straight to the inner circle. My life would have had been only a preparation for the transmigration leading to the first actual Illuminati-life, where I would have been in a decisive position. Or so they said, anyway. Probably they had killed me and replaced me with a clone.

 One of the top players in Illuminati, Lady Lyn Forester de Rothschild, told me that actually she would not want to be in Illuminati. But she had no choice, after she had joined in. She was another exception, just like Samuel O'Neill. Not part of any Illuminati family, not born into it. She was married into it. Her husband is Evelyn de Rothschild. Perhaps the second most influential illuminati, after Baron Jacob Rothschild.

 Samuel O'Neill said that earlier he, too, was interested in Lady Forester, just like he was interested in Anna Wintour. Neither of these women were paying any interest to Samuel, who was a pedophile, homosexual, sadist, and a massive cunt. Among other features like stinginess. All these illuminatis are running an interesting soap opera in their exclusive circles. After all, they are being born again and again into each other's families.

 Lady Forester had become a lizard-hybrid and there was no exit from this situation. Satanism; even at the top-level, in Illuminati; is not a good deal for a human being. To be able to enjoy satanism one must be an alien. An extra terrestrial. Yet, I don't think these satanic aliens are enjoying life much at all. They are only putting things into practice. They merely realize their essence. Like an ant or something. Free will exists in their life, but because they have strongly chosen the negative side, it doesn't hold much importance for them.

 A layman human being, however, is free to choose. It is an incredible advantage, but also very challenging. Especially since we are dumbed down and led astray. Still, even we are unintelligent compared with reptilians, in principle we can go further with our lives than them. Big part of reptilians' superiority is based on technological inventions. We humans would be at our best au naturel. Without any applications and such. This kind of life just doesn't seem to happen on a large scale. I guess most of us are already doomed.

 Anyway, I wonder if you have to born into Illuminati, did some Rothschild hijack Lady Forester and made her body a shell to live a new human life in? Or how is it? Lady Forester wasn't even a Jew before she married Evelyn. Plus they have no kids. Lady Forester seemed to come outside the inside circles, although she was of wealthy background. She got to choose but she chose wrong. She had chosen wrong a long time ago.

 Based on how critically and contemptuously Samuel and Chris O'Neill took Lady Forester, she seemed to be an un-wanted person among illuminatis. Perhaps this kind of reversed psychology made it all interesting for her. You often want what others are trying to deny you from getting. But above all, Lady Forester wasn't born in to the inner circle. How did she make her way to the top? Or was her body hijacked by some recently passed illuminati? Perhaps that is the most credible explanation. It would mean that illuminatis don't need to transmigrate into the chosen families, but they can pick a shell anywhere. After a few human lives you would probably want to skip the childhood on whole. It would also mean that Samuel O'Neill was quite possibly planning to hijack my body, for he was already an old man in his 70s. First make me rich and then jump into my skin. A problem was that I have small testicles and my name is mud. Well, neither was I born into Illuminati. I was asked to join in. I asked them why they wanted me? I was offered a sarcastic answer that it's good to get some fresh and positive people to the ranks. For Samuel O'Neill knew that I would turn against them. It was written all over me and the Looking Glass (future predicting device) had strong views on the case. After O'Neill heard he was going to get destroyed because of me, he wanted to get rid of me. But killing was out of question.

 “Someone somewhere really likes you,” Samuel said to me after finding out they were not allowed to murder me.

 I was ready for it, though. I don't really appreciate my life anyway. But now I would like to have revenge. At least tell people how it all went. It is my personal agenda, since the Club is concealing my life from me. I want to turn it all upside down. Make everything transparent.

 Samuel made too many mistakes with me. After he found out I could not be killed, he should had let me be. But he was too proud for that. He wanted to control me as much as possible. Six months later he catched a nasty cancer and soon met his demise. Or maybe he's still alive... On whole, the Club was really keen to include me in. Their "oracles" foresaw that I would be a serious problem for the Club, and so they went so far they were ready to include me in Illuminati. It was over the top, but something extraordinary had to be done in order to reverse the unwanted predictions. Had the Club just left me totally alone, I would never had become a problem. They couldn't better themselves in that way and outdo the odds. It is their lowishness that elevates me. Although the process on whole is not something I could enjoy of. But that's how it is here on Earth. Everyone must suffer.

 Initially I did join the Club. But the problem was, it had to be my voluntary choice. And I didn't want to be a satanist. It's not my piece of cake. Pretty soon I resigned, as I was expected to kill someone close to me. I can't stand my brother but I don't want to kill him either. It took me years to remember the whole thing. And I still can't remember all the details. They managed to erase my memories so thoroughly. There were days back in 2010 when I couldn't remember my own name.

 Now, in 2018 when I'm OK I can do what I want. I'm a problem for the Club. The Club doesn't own me. As a satanist I would have been their minion. Deeper into the satanism had I delved myself into, less of a problem would I have been. As an illuminati I might have had met a quick end. I would have had been replaced with a copy, a clone. That one which was already influencing in Finland. The clone so many people have actually seen and many had sex with. Perhaps I would have been reborn as a transmigrated illuminati. And maybe the body of the clone had been hijacked by some Rothschild who was seeking a new body to live in. That I don't know, for how long a human soul can wait between lives, before a rebirth as a baby or an adult.

 Losing humanity would not have bothered me. For I was deprived from my talents - a deeper vision and insight - already in the childhood by forcing me to eat fluoride tablets. Now the cruel fact is that I could never live up to the expectations of my position. I'm just way too stupid and conceited to get on with this project. This is why positive alien entities are controlling and helping me. They put words into my mouth and brush my way cleaner to walk. If I ever said anything smart it was just a mirage. Either it wasn't me or then people are being manipulated to get impressed with my bullshit. This way these ET:s are covering up the holes of this ridiculous story. They make it work the way it is supposed to work. I have to say I'm not convinced about their work so far. The whole thing seems like a b-movie. It's only funny coz it sucks.

 For me it has always been clear that humans are not very smart in general. All it takes is a look around. But what the hell, let's be humans then. It doesn't bother me. Still, for me it is extremely difficult to accept the fact that people are dumbed down. We are not civilized or properly informed about how things are. Yet some hyper-dimensional aliens expect us to rise above this inhumane jungle. We are being accused of wrong choices and stupid behavior. Why aren't we given a fair chance? I know it takes a lot of time and effort to bring up a human child to become a sensible adult. But that's just the way it is. Either that or then killing humans to extinction.

 Now we are being ridiculed and tread down. We are mere cattle. I have heard it has got to do with how we treat animals. We eat them, use them, and abuse them. ET:s see us as animals who don't deserve a better treatment. But how much can you really expect from an animal?















 Satan, also known as the devil, is a spiritual being, who can move between dimensions. Compared with a human, his powers are divine. Yet, he is not among the most capable beings influencing in our world. There is a reason behind his mandate to control the humanity and revel around like a drunken sailor. But this reason is too difficult for me to understand. It might be that he can master only one reality. It is his kingdom. Too bad to be in it.




 Satanic forces are also be represented by different kind of super-sensory entities: demons. They can move in forms that are visible to people, but usually they remain invisible. The physical essence of demons is beyond our understanding. They are not necessarily anything more than multi-dimensional entities, just like grays or some equivalent extra terrestrials. Are demons minions to Satan? Some are, some aren't. In a way, Satan is a demon too. Just like some other uber-demons, like Baal and Moloch, to name a few.




 It is an indisputable fact that humans are being kept down by these bipedal lizards, whose basic nature is malicious and negative. Reptilians use people as their physical sustenance. They also suck negative emotions of us to get high. Fear, hate, and grief are all negative feelings that reptilians and other demons can utilize for their recreation. Like all known extra terrestrials, also reptilians communicate telepathically. More about reptilians in my writing “Reptilians”.




  When people talk about aliens, they usually mean grays. These one meter high cone headed creatures are operating under the authority of reptilians. They are evil creatures who don't give much value to humans. Grays come from Zeta Reticuli star system. Even grays are highly intelligent compared with humans, it is said that they suffer from bad genetics and cannot reproduce. That's why they are all clones. This makes their health prone to all kinds of illnesses. They don't have natural genetic progression. Cool fact about them is that they enjoy their sustenance by rubbing it on their chests. UFO-abductions are often conducted by grays.




 These negative aliens, resembling mantises or Brundlefly, work for reptilians.




 Bodysnatchers. Without a body; a shell; they move hovering in the air like ghosts. More about orcs in my writing “The Conspiracy of Orcs”











 Many symbols on Earth are derived of extra terrestrials. Dragons of reptilians. Griffins of some others. Sphinx and lions relate to Feline-species, perhaps the most powerful creature in the universe. Owls to orcs and so on.














 Belonging to the Club is so common that it can only be considered normal. Hence, satanism is normal. From here it can be concluded that most of the people are doomed to the damnation. Their path is a downward spiral. It's a long way from being an active clubber to the salvation. Satanists won't get to enjoy the eternity. They have sold their soul, or it has been taken away from them. But it's all just normal. Those who have tarnished themselves are a majority. There are no places in heaven for everyone.

 What about animals? Do they have souls like humans? Can a damned human soul be born again as an animal? Or will he be born again as doomed to satanism? Without an opportunity to make up his mind. Perhaps we all get what we deserve. Or at least everyone will get treated like they treat others. Therefore, people having been born in satanic families can be assumed to have been satanists in their previous lives. That they already made their choice. Now their every re-incarnation is just making this choice stronger. This vicious circle is taking them deeper into a world, where eventually all energy is negative. Nothing positive brings any rejoice to these people.

 The human life is a bad deal. To strive and thrive, human must fight and compete against other people. This leads to mental and physical violence. Discontent and jealousness cumulate. A position of strength and high status lead to unnecessary and exaggerated use of force. They lead to prior restraint against anyone seemingly threatening. A weak position makes a person vengeful and bitter. He needs the Club to get ahead in life. All in all, balance is hard to find. This world makes people what it is, evil.

 Without the Club it is difficult for an individual to get on in life. Then when he is in the Club, carrying out satanic terror on laymen is so easy that he succumbs to that. Give the Devil your little finger, you will be taken entirely.

 So can a person be blamed for being a satanist? Perhaps not, but for carrying out bad deeds, yes. Generally speaking, it can be said that whether or not someone is a satanist, he is responsible for what he does. Is he at least trying to do anything else than using and abusing other people? A wise person helps others and creates an atmosphere of happiness around him. The Club is certainly an opportunity to thrive, a short cut to happiness. The end result is still always negative, because the biggest benefit is sucked up in the satanic power pyramid.

 Satanism is based on chaos. Nobody trusts anybody. Everyone are just pushing their own agenda; thinking about their own good. There are many of those who want to take advantage of others to feel good for a moment, without thinking about the consequences. As a satanist it is easy to fall into cruelty, but the world is also full of rotten laymen. Success and economic well-being requires either satanism or a cunty character. Preferably both. Not that satanism would guarantee success. In many cases, the salary is of mental kind. It is a negative mental high that you attain by the expense of others and what you get hooked into. The mind of an addict is automatically looking for excuses to get satisfied in the black glow.

 Some see that they have the right of the stronger to exploit the weaker. Some dispense justice by terrorizing wrongdoers. For many it is enough to know that they won't be accused of their deeds. But the times are changing, at least if it has anything to do with me.

 My agenda is to tell everything. Like Bobby Fischer, I want to tell everyone everything. It is my counterattack against the fact that my own life has been concealed from me and spread around on satanic Internet forums. Satanists know my things better than I do. Well, let's tell everyone everything then. All the Club - secrets too. What satanists know, must be told to everyone. What laymen want to believe is a different story. For me it is enough that everyone has an opportunity to know.






Life Is Like a Stage


 Existence seems meaningless. It seems there is no reason for it. Is life a competition or performance? Or are we here to be educated or maybe punished?

 Not only humans are lowly creatures. Also Satan and all his extra terrestrial minions are puppets for higher beings above them. Satan has free will, but like with humans, it could also be taken away from him. Satan is a hired actor. Humans are actors too, but where Satan is a star, most of the humans are reduced to a status of an extra.

 Satanism on whole is somehow so stupid, when it is based on human's free will to carry it out. What does free will mean to someone who can't understand anything? Not that I am somehow above this all. I don't know much and especially don't understand much, even I would want to. But think about it, what sense does all this make? People are being cheated and mislead. Entrapped and then accused that it is your own fault. If our lives matter, then why can't we even understand what is the best for us?

 We are not alone and we are being guided. Or at least someone is trying to guide us towards better decisions. The final decision is ours. This guarantees an interesting show and a general meaningfulness. Perhaps the journey of our souls, twirling in the vortex of life, is supposed to teach us something about ourselves. The universe offers lessons the hard way, for it is the best way to learn. Hardships are valuable part of life, if one tries to learn from them. Perhaps we are supposed to evolve and move forward. Perhaps the weight of our souls can be measured. They connect every moment on different platforms of the universe, being useful as part of something bigger.

 We humans are unfortunately too simple to understand these mechanisms. That is the way it is supposed to be, too. Just like Satan and other negative entities, also positive Extra Terrestrials want sacrifices. People must put time and effort into their projects. Then they might get helped. What people can do is not as significant as how much they try. ET:s make things work from the background, if they wish to. And they can rule over human free will, and make anyone shine or pass a muddy ditch.

 Human is not wanted to be self-sufficient. Even for positive ET:s it seems to be fine that people are poisoned and dumbed down. Better that way for everyone. We are easier to control, when we don't understand anything. Yet we must try hard. Sacrifice ourselves for greater good. Without knowing what it actually is. We must take leaps of faith and believe in humanity, even religions are lead by satanists, and even it seems like we are nothing more than warring apes.

 It could be that life is a game where ET:s - the so-called higher entities - measure how you perform your free will? Are you cutting corners and seeking self-interest with guile? Or do you treat others the way you want to be treated? Do you even sacrifice your well-being for the sake of justice? Do you make altruistic choices that don't seem to benefit yourself as much as working by the “rules of the Club” would?


 When it comes to religion, those who truly believe in grace are being helped. You have to dare to believe. Naturally it is easier for those who have grown into it. Whether God exists or not is not important. In any case, he would not have time for all the people. What is important is a sacrifice. A leap of faith. What else can a stupid human do?

 It is said that equality is only realized between equally strong individuals. That restraining the stronger individual to cut slack for the weaker one is not equality. When the stronger is deprived of his power over the weaker one, does he still have the obligations of the stronger? Is the weaker one allowed to seize an profitable opportunity? Is the satanic world order based on the big stick ideology, or is it based on the law of jungle: Eat or be eaten? When an agent big enough loses ground, he neglects the whole game. Instead of admitting his loss and retreating to the side to recover, he burns the ground behind him. He can afford it. But the right of might is not only the power of the stronger one over the weaker one. It allows also the weaker one's recourse to any means possible. If the end justifies any means, then why leave some means unused? All the means to practice: Sabotage, cheating, framing, stealing, murdering, hijacking... That is what human life is about. And when you play by the satanic rule book, eventually you get depressed. The ET:s of the positive side want to revenge those who gain benefit by other people. They make bad people suffer. Preemptiveness is not their thing. First you do what you want to do. Then you suffer the consequences. That is what human life is about. Mistakes and trying to learn from them. When you base your life on exploitation and then get hijacked by an orc, are you willing to learn from it? Or are all the hijacked people only the ones who have sold their soul, and are thus no more in charge of themselves?

 Personally, I don't resort to any means. It is my bliss to be too lazy to try much anything. I don't really care about anything either. It is my defense mechanism against satanic terror. More I care about something, more satanists work to ruin it for me. That's why I'm a surfer. When wind stops, surfing stops. Important is to keep the life flowing. Not to concentrate on single events, days, or moments. The guard has to be up at all times. Everything has to be equally unimportant. That guarantees the basic quality of life for me. Everything kinda sucks but whatta hell. That is just the way it is. So be it. It is not pessimism but realism.

 Satanists would want that I'd be serious about my stuff and bleed for the web page I keep. Then they would at least get that joy sucked out of me. My indifference helps me to bear and prevents them from enjoying. It is a shield. The bad thing is, it prevents me to really improve my act. I do as little as possible.

 I know my writings are condemned by satanists. Many clubbers find my accusations unfair, since they can't talk about the Club and thus can't defend themselves. For a Club member it is common to complain about unfairness of life which he still takes advantage of. But everyone knows, if life was fair it would be boring. God knows it and Satan knows it too. Although, often boring is good. Sometimes it is the best.






Divided World


 The world we live in is divided in two. To satanists who know and others who don't know. There are other kind of people too but they are in marginal. Satanism is getting more common all the time. Especially among common people. Most of the clubbers are average citizens. It is hard to know how they relate to their satanism? I would guess hypocritically. Just in the same way they would ridicule religious people. Many people in belief are prone to condemn the fellow human beings of things they let themselves to lapse. They forget their principles for a moment to later cling onto them even tighter. Many satanists are also laughing at their own evil deeds, but cannot bear the tasks the satanists at the upper echelons order them to carry out. They forget part of their life to be able to bear it. I would still believe that in the end we all have to do accounting and face our true selves.



 This world is ruled by satanists. But the satanic might is ostensible. We are living in a bubble. On a stage. Play is a cruel and bloody farce. Satanists playing the antagonist parts, expiation being one of the acts. A physical disorder can be an expiatory punishment, but also an opportunity to grow as a person. Mental ability is often a gift that should be respectfully dealt with. There is no one rule above everything. For some people things happen coincidentally. For some people nothing happens by accident. For some people things that appear to be coincidental are meant to happen and things that seem arranged are just accidents. Anything is possible.

 Even the so-called higher forces allow people to ruin each other's lives, they don't necessarily allow killing. They would think that ruining someone's life is a relative concept, because it might offer an opportunity to learn something otherwise impossible to learn. Whereas death is final and doesn't teach anything to the victim. Nevertheless, the mechanism of reincarnation would demand a new consciousness. Building a new life on the top of the old life is not allowed. People must go through the veil of forgetfulness. What sense does all this make? Well, there can be sense even if you wouldn't understand it.

 Perhaps this is the paradox of humanity. We are too much of an animal to reach harmony and yet too sophisticated to eat each other alive. Although who is and what? For human is what he has become. When you reach adulthood, you might have a hopelessly ruined personality, even you are just beginning to understand your own responsibilities.






Free Will


 ET:s tend to lead certain human lives over long periods of time, connecting them finally by seemingly coincidental ways. Usually, people have the final decision on their life. But not always. And often not entirely. Their choices can be directed as much as some ET wants to. Not all ET:s can direct human lives. Some of them are more powerful than others. All of them live normal ET-life as anyone. It is not special for them. But from ET:s point of view, humans are merely animals. The gap between us and them is wide. Then again, there are numerous species and beings above their reach. As above, so below. Everyone is in-between. It's universal to be incompetent.

 ET:s can also rewind time, if they want to prevent something from happening. This way they can give new opportunity for someone to act differently in a certain situation. Or maybe it's a way to prevent the happening of things that have not happened in “the official timeline”, if there is such a thing. Minimize the distraction in the time lines. For sure, I have lived the past again. I am certain that many things have happened to me more than once. I also remember schemes and situations that have not happened. I am confident that the famous Mandela-effect is a real phenomenon. Proving it is difficult. All the physical evidence of the alternative timelines is missing. It stopped existing. There are only memories.

 Because changing of the past is so common, I believe distracting the timelines is not difficult at all. ET:s just cut the timelines, attach them, blur the edges, and let it fade away. It's like editing a video. It's all atoms; all energy that can be controlled. Whatever has happened can be brought back. Whatever has happened does still exist. Traveling to the future is different. I don't understand how it works. Certainly the present is the future of the past. Still, it remains unclear, how one travels to the future? Except of course if we are now in the past. Permanently. Or maybe it's always now. Or whatever...

 Even though we people are being controlled from above, we can still also make our own decisions. Certainly we don't have enough information to make rational decisions. Especially us laymen have to work from intuition. Satanists have more knowledge. But their knowledge is not truthful and they are too contemptuous to see the big picture.

 With information there is a problem that when you know more than other people you might have a misconception that you know enough to be able to control your life. That is false. Human cannot fully control his life. He is like an actor without a script. Lines and action must be improvised due to what happens. And what happens is what ET:s make happen. Humans are not allowed to learn and grow by default. Life has to be dramatic. A show. A bloody mess. If humans were worthy, we would be bestowed with an understanding for the great questions in life. It seems most of us are not worth anything. Just puppets with an artificial intelligence. All stooges. Cattle for The Devil.


 This is our free will. Human lives the scenes of his life as he wishes to. Otherwise it would be a play already written. Pre-programmed activities. That wouldn't bring pleasure to the show viewers for they would know beforehand what is going to happen. Following a prearranged plan would not satisfy humans either. The whole thing would pretty soon become obvious. There is a plan and a script for the play. Stuff like The Book of Revelations. But it's only a rough outline. A sketch for the story behind human existence. Our life is here and now. There is no script for the present day. We create reality around us all the time. We write our part of the play with our action.

 It is somewhat same as if you ask your partner to fulfill a sexual fantasy. You get what you ask for. However, it is not that special because when you get what you ask for, you know how it is going to be. It would be better if the partner carried out the sex fantasy without any prearrangements. Surprisingly. Then it would have a greater effect. Staged fantasy is just an act played out. Of course one can ask the partner to improvise. But even then the frames are prearranged and only details ad libbed. Who knows but maybe human life is finally this kind of fantasy for some ET. Our life is improvising within a frame. Every human is Picasso of his own life. An artist creating his own “masterpiece” on canvas.

 In a way, ET-stories are stupid. I can process them only in a superficial way. All these issues remain vague, no matter what. This is the main problem with ET-knowledge. The human capacity is not enough to process the world beyond us. It is not our world. We don't belong there because we can't operate there. We can't operate there because the inhabitants of that world are too high above us. Should we interact, the encountering would not have any kind of equality. When two completely disproportionate agents are co-operating or fighting, the weaker one will inevitably end up subordinated. He will become a toy or a tool.

 People who write and distribute ET-stuff have often only a superficial understanding on the subject matter, if even that. To whom they are targeting their message understand even less. “ET-scholars” are being ridiculed because their arguments are in contrary to natural science and the scientific world order. It is easier to stick to the common truth than think about ET:s. There is not academically relevant information available on them. They are not on the news. And for many people the news are the main source of information. The official source. But who made the news official? And why is science the new religion? Just like religions, science is carried out by corrupt satanists with a subjective view on things.

 Whoever is pulling the strings doesn't want to mix human life with extra terrestrial life. Also, because of this the “ET-believers” are not bestowed with too much data. Because they would start to distribute their information. They feel that information must spread. Or they want to show off their knowledge. There are also lot of conspiracists who do not talk about what they know. Some boring people consider them smart. Isn't it great that people have an opportunity to know? This is how I see it.

 Our world is not an ideal place. Humans are in a bad position. As a human it is best to take it easy. It is the Human Part. A little bit like with a puppy. A little dog that can do agility if the master forces to. At the end of the day, the whole thing does not really make much difference to it. As long as there is a reward. As long as there is some food, shelter, and comfort. Who would want his pet to be smarter than himself?

 And about animal rights. If it was better that production animals did not exist, wouldn't it also be better if humans did not exist, since our existence is based on suffering? We all are exploited and suffering, just like cows and pigs.